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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at Great Yarmouth Air Show

With around 180,000 visitors, the Great Yarmouth Air Show presented the perfect opportunity to showcase Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit to remotely monitor crowds.

The mobile unit was delivered to Norse Security’s head office on the 15th June where the staff were trained by Clearway on how to operate the cameras and mast as security staff would need to be able to move and monitor the pan-tilt-zoom camera from inside the van or remotely via mobile phone.

Norse security setup and tested the unit on-site with the mast fully extended and tested all cameras to ensure they were fully operational and ready for the weekend. The van was put to work from 2pm Friday to 9am Monday, with all cameras recording 24/7, proving the unit is self-sufficient and power-independent, running from batteries and solar panels. Read more about CCTV tower hire.

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