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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at Bluewater Christmas Lights & Fireworks display

It’ll be Lights! Camera! Action! Tonight as Clearway works directly with Bluewater Shopping Centre, in Kent this evening for their annual Christmas lights & fireworks display, which is due to attract a large crowd. The Clearway mobile CCTV unit will be in operation from the start of the event at 5pm to help with public safety, traffic management and crowd control.

Fitted with a powerful pan/tilt/zoom camera mounted on a 6m adjustable mast, and multiple fixed cameras, the mobile CCTV unit a highly effective visual deterrent with its striking graphics.

Clearway will also be providing other security services in the coming months for Bluewater Shopping Centre such as fixed site CCTV for the Christmas grotto and ice skating rink.

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