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Setting Boundaries: What You Need to Know about Perimeter Security

Setting Boundaries: What You Need to Know about Perimeter Security
Setting Boundaries: What You Need to Know about Perimeter Security

In this article, we’re writing about the outermost edges of your vacant commercial property.

And, why you need to ensure that everything at its margins is as safe and sound as possible. In Clearway’s experience, exceptional perimeter security is more than important. It’s crucial. Stable, reliable measures will minimise any threats to your business and protect your investment.

Here’s what we think.

Circles of Security

If you’re concerned about the limits of your property, we hear you. This area may be more vulnerable than you think.

And the reason is this:

Imagine, if you will a series of four decreasing concentric circles. A sort of onion, perhaps. The largest one (the outer layer) is a perimeter circle encapsulating the others: there’s a buildings circle, then an internal rooms circle, and finally, in the middle, a central zone.

This last one may contain business-critical equipment or materials – perhaps IT servers, safes, or even hazardous substances.

The perimeter, therefore, is the most defenceless by dint of its size.

It’s longer and bigger. It takes up more space. In brief, there’s a lot more to protect. This means that intruders could gain entry where they find a weak spot. Perhaps the site lighting is poor, there’s a blind spot, or the barriers to entry are inadequate. Plus, incomers may be harder to detect. This is especially true when considering an unused factory or a series of warehouses over several areas.

This type of security is your shield and where you need your first and best possible line of defence.

Why Is Perimeter Security Important in Vacant Commercial Properties?

Two key reasons.

  • It keeps your land and buildings safe, and,
  • It helps to control the flow of traffic in and out. If there are regular visitors and deliveries (for example, to a construction site), perimeter security can be highly effective. It will manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians and can measure who and what comes in and goes out – and at what time.
  • Actually, there’s another reason: does your building store potentially dangerous goods? The right prevention and deterrent measures will go a long way to blocking thieves or those intent on damage. Likewise, saving an unwitting public, including urban explorers, from harm.

What Does Perimeter Security Do?

Perimeter Security delivers 3 Ds.

It deters trespassers, invaders and criminals from accessing the premises. It can also detect intrusion. And, with the right mix of combined technologies, boundary security can delay any unauthorised attempts at access; at least for the time it takes to action the most appropriate security response.

By building a series of solutions, you can layer your defence systems. In other words, boost and strengthen your boundaries. How? By combining physical, human and technical measures that work together. At the risk of using a business cliché, the approach should be holistic.

That is, it is not just about barriers or fencing but rather a customised, all-encompassing solution that ticks all your security boxes – in different ways.

Your Perimeter Paybacks

Any other benefits?

Well, yes.

  1. Proactive and pre-emptive. The right series of systems and processes will detect illegal activity and, with a swift response, can bring it to a shuddering halt – before it starts.
  2. Business continuity isn’t perhaps a “plus” that immediately springs to mind, but it’s significant. And, essential. If you thwart disruptions on the outside, you enable your core operations on the inside to remain undisturbed and untouched. Everything keeps going.
  3. You maintain trust with your clients, suppliers and other stakeholders, preserve your reputation, look after your bottom line, and keep your staff happy.
  4. And, relax. Peace of mind is vital. The difference that this makes may surprise you. Knowing that your assets are locked down brings a sense of reassurance and a positive work environment that fosters productivity.

What is Perimeter Security?

No two commercial property sites are the same, and each space will have its own challenges. As you would expect, your ideal security configuration will depend on various risk factors and your security priorities.

There is no standard solution.

Location, size, layout, and environmental conditions must be considered.

Also, if and how intruders have found their way in before. And, what does or did the site actually do? A construction site, derelict industrial property, or unoccupied warehouse, for instance?

Therefore, to find what will work best, Clearway would always advise an initial in-depth risk assessment as part of our early engagement with you. Carried out by a highly experienced security consultant, this will identify any exposed or susceptible areas. And, the actions, services and products to employ for maximum “keep out” vibes.

Your perimeter security package could include the following products and services:

  • Physical barriers to prevent access
  • Manned guards
  • Technologically sophisticated monitoring systems to assess and respond to any potential issues

The best choice could be a combination of security systems, each one doing a distinct but collaborative “job” to ensure that your boundaries stay safe and unbreachable. Again, think: layering.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Security gates

These are your solidly made suits of armour for the perimeter. They have an intimidating presence and can also act as access control systems to manage the comings and goings of vehicles, staff and visitors.

Perimeter Security Systems from Clearway

Barriers and bollards

Consider them your ultimate in perimeter security control. Automatic and manual barriers and bollards can stop unwanted access – particularly vehicles. Plus, offer several features to deliver an impenetrable obstacle where you most need it.

Clearway concrete barriers

Manned guards

Highly trained security personnel will screen visitors and patrol regularly to identify any attempted intruders. You can read more about manned guarding here.


Mobile CCTV towers are an outstanding option in an inaccessible location with no mains power or WiFi. They’re standalone, easily transportable and simple to set up. Plus, they will automatically alert you to any unauthorised access.

construction site cctv camera being set up

Access Control

Choose from a turnstile cabin, keycard reader system, biometric control or several other high-level systems to monitor, measure and control comings and goings.

Clearway access control solutions

Open and Lock-Up Service

In our experience, unused commercial premises are most vulnerable when they are being opened or locked up. Clearway deploys highly trained staff to manage both tasks, with all security protocol checks, including alarm setting and securing access points.

protect vacant property with locks

We also offer trained security dogs (who work with guards)commercial electric fence installation and cutting-edge alarm systems designed explicitly for perimeters.

Of particular note is Clearway’s inView Detect, our cutting-edge intrusion system that creates a virtual boundary around your site. It actively monitors disturbances and triggers alerts for a prompt response.

Clearway inView Detect PIDs with engineer

The Clearway View

  • We believe that many businesses fail to recognise the value of perimeter protection until it’s too late. By installing a comprehensive protection system, you’ll be looking after the infrastructure as a whole: all of your valuable land and buildings. In addition, you’ll safeguard any authorised visiting third parties.
  • Correspondingly, for adequate empty commercial property insurance cover, your provider may need to know about the security measures you’ve taken, or plan to install.
  • These days, security around the periphery of your premises has the edge, if you’ll pardon the pun. The level of technology involved is quite staggering and well worth a look at.
  • Want to see what it’s all about? You will be impressed, relieved and reassured – all at once. Contact Clearway for more information about perimeter security.

Finally, Did You Know?

Perimeter Security isn’t a new concept.

Indeed, for any collectors of fairly interesting historical facts out there, its roots stretch back a long, long way. The most obvious illustration is the Great Wall of China. Originally built to withstand nomadic invaders from the North, it apparently had mixed results.

However, it still stands today, and it’s the only structure you can see from space, so it wasn’t all bad.

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