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Ronnie Coutts MBE, Clearway Group MD gives ‘Industry Leader’ interview for I Love Claims

Ronnie Coutts MBE, Clearway Group MD gives ‘Industry Leader’ interview for I Love Claims
Ronnie Coutts MBE, Clearway Group MD gives ‘Industry Leader’ interview for I Love Claims

Managing Director of the Clearway Group, Ronnie Coutts MBE, was recently interviewed by I Love Claims (ILC), a community of over 6,500 like-minded individuals and businesses that work within the Motor, Home or ClaimsTech claims insurance supply chain.

Ronnie Coutts MBE, interview with I Love Claims

During the interview Mr Coutts was quizzed on issues such as which areas of Clearway offer the greatest possibilities and how Clearway are capitalising on them, how the business philosophy has evolved since Clearway began in the industry, and what were the greatest myths about the insurance industry and what was fact.

Ronnie discussed how Clearway were looking to blend latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), smart devices and IT platforms with more traditional strategies to help protect people, property and assets. Also how it was important to field-test these approaches to ensure they worked and provided true value in real-world scenarios.

Mr Coutts went on to add that Clearway have had to work ever closer with suppliers to understand their challenges and impacts on the business, and also increase the company UK geographic footprint to help reduce response times for clients.

He also touched on the changes in how the people at Clearway want to work, and how the organisation had adapted to accommodate their needs, whilst meeting the needs of both customers and the business.

In summary Ronnie highlighted how the insurance sector was changing to be more proactive in risk mitigation to reduce claims, and how Clearway’s risk prevention monitoring and detection services help insurers provide the best security solutions for their customers’ risks. How the industry was leveraging AI and data analysis to streamline processes, identify and mitigate risk, and how risk management to prevent losses is often more cost-effective than paying insurance claims.

To read the I Love Claims interview in full please click here.


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