Protecting vulnerable buildings from metal theft

Protecting vulnerable buildings from metal theft
Protecting vulnerable buildings from metal theft

Over a single night in August, thieves hit an industrial site in Livingston, Scotland, forcing entry and stealing a vast amount of high-value metal equipment, such as I-beams, tower bracing bars and anti-climb equipment, valued at around £300,000.

A Detective from Livingston CID said: “We believe whoever was responsible for this theft will look to sell the metal on for scrap and as such would require either one large vehicle, or a number of vehicles.”

Site CCTV would very likely have been a highly effective preventative against the theft but none was present and it seems there were no witnesses or anyone recalling any suspicious activity.

Clearway can greatly improve void property security by employing a CCTV Tower, a camera at the top of a 6m mast that is designed to work 24/7 in vulnerable, open-space areas, whether or not mains power is available. The tower is remote operated and, in its own right, acts as an excellent visual deterrent.

Metal theft continues to be a major issue across the UK with common targets including beer kegs, manhole covers, catalytic converters, air conditioning units, copper wiring and cabling, lead from roofs and bronze plaques and statues. Read more about our building security services here.

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