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Our comprehensive CCTV installation Checklist

Our comprehensive CCTV installation Checklist
Our comprehensive CCTV installation Checklist

Installing a commercial CCTV system for your business can be an excellent way to bolster security and ensure your staff, premises, and equipment remain under rigorous surveillance to prevent criminal activity.

However, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you are compliant with data protection legislation in the UK.

In this checklist, the Clearway team summarised all the vital tasks when installing CCTV to ensure you are up to date with all of the requirements!

Risk Assess the Threat to Data Privacy

Identify potential privacy risks.Yes / No / In Progress
Document any potential impacts your CCTV will have on an individual’s privacy.Yes / No / In Progress
Evaluate where the CCTV can be adjusted or adapted to avoid personal privacy risks.Yes / No / In Progress
Set up a policy for regular review of your CCTV installation and privacy impacts.Yes / No / In Progress

Appoint and Register a Data Protection Officer

Register your CCTV with the Information Commissioner’s Office.Yes / No / In Progress
Appoint a manager or owner to be the Data Protection Officer.Yes / No / In Progress
Pay the data protection fee to the ICO.Yes / No / In Progress

Create a CCTV Usage Policy

Nominate a person responsible for operating the CCTV system.Yes / No / In Progress
Identify procedures for activating, using, recorded, disposing of data and maintaining the CCTV.Yes / No / In Progress
Draw up a policy outlining the CCTV system usage and who is responsible.Yes / No / In Progress

Managing Personal Data Requests


Decide how individuals or organisations can request copies of CCTV footage containing their information.Yes / No / In Progress
Identify how those requests should be made and how they will be responded to.Yes / No / In Progress
Establish a process or guideline covering how you will manage personal data requests.Yes / No / In Progress
Seek advice from the ICO if any uncertainty remains.Yes / No / In Progress

CCTV Staff Training

Decide which staff will be involved in the operation of the CCTV installation.Yes / No / In Progress
Draw up training protocols for managing personal data requests.Yes / No / In Progress
Create a training policy identifying those staff and what training will be delivered.Yes / No / In Progress
Deliver training to the appropriate personnel.Yes / No / In Progress

Information Retention Policies

Confirm how long CCTV will be retained.Yes / No / In Progress
Create a policy identifying the retention period for all CCTV footage.Yes / No / In Progress
Implement a system for routine deletion of data past this period.Yes / No / In Progress

Data Quality Inspection

Examine CCTV capture quality for image clarity.Yes / No / In Progress
Make any adjustments or improvements to ensure the CCTV quality is high.Yes / No / In Progress

Information Security Protocols


Decide where and how your organisation will store CCTV images.Yes / No / In Progress
Implement access controls to ensure only authorised staff will be able to access the stored footage.Yes / No / In Progress
Create systematic, regular checks to verify that the CCTV is working correctly.Yes / No / In Progress

Put Up Appropriate Signage

Order or create signs advising of the presence of active CCTV systems.Yes / No / In Progress
Place signs in appropriate places around or outside the building, depending on where recording takes place.Yes / No / In Progress
Ensure all staff, visitors and neighbouring properties are informed about the presence of CCTV or have a clear sight of signage to that effect.Yes / No / In Progress

Once you have worked through this checklist, you are in an excellent position to continue with your CCTV security surveillance, safe in the knowledge that you have implemented all the necessary controls, communications and policies to ensure it is being used appropriately.

Note that registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK is compulsory and carries an annual fee. It is, therefore, vital to ensure you complete the registration as soon as the CCTV installation takes place.

For more information about CCTV regulations and compliance, please contact the Clearway team for more details about safeguards and checklists in place.

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