One in ten homes in Cornwall is left empty

One in ten homes in Cornwall is left empty
One in ten homes in Cornwall is left empty

A new report has revealed that there are almost 30,000 homes left empty in Cornwall. One in ten homes is left vacant, this is 11.2% of the housing stock in the county. This will alarm the thousands of people of who are on housing waiting lists in Cornwall.

Anti-social behaviour,  vandalism or neglect often turn empty properties into an eyesore. Once an empty property looks neglected it can attract more anti-social behaviour.

Cornwall Council revealed that they have already loaned more than £2million to property owners to bring more than 100 formerly empty homes back into use over the past 4 years. Despite their offer to help to put some homes back into use there are still some cases where Cornwall council has had to revert to taking legal action. Cornwall Council have helped the local community in Looe, by auctioning a empty, neglected house that had been abandoned for many years.

Vacant properties are frequently deserted and can become unsightly. If the property needs to be secured Clearway provides vacant property solutions which better suit the local community by wrapping steel screens in bespoke printed vinyl.

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