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Keyless doors: What every keyholder wants

Keyless doors: What every keyholder wants
Keyless doors: What every keyholder wants

Being a keyholder is a pain. You always seem to be called out at the most inconvenient time but someone has to control out of hours entry and access to or within buildings, or when a property is otherwise vacant and needs to be kept secure.

Of course there’s nothing like a good, solid security door and there are wooden doors, there are barred doors, reinforces doors, metal doors and all manner of security locks… but they generally require keys or a physical presence of specified or recognisable people to open them.

Steel keyless doors, on the other hand, are another matter, but not all are the same. The Clearway Toreadoor is designed, manufactured and tested to the rigorous Loss Prevention Standard LPS1175, giving it insurance approval. The SBD (Secure by Design) accreditation is a UK Police preferred specification which supports the principles of ‘designing out crime’ to reduce the risk of crime through design excellence.

The Toreadoor is a unique and gold standard system which provides a total sense of security for those responsible for the protection of a building or simple to restrict access to certain areas.

Imagine how useful a door would be if…

  • It was keyless and therefore prevented all unauthorised access
  • It can’t be removed by cutting-off the hinges
  • The door is reinforced stainless steel with a unique five-point independent locking mechanisms
  • Its multi-level pin code access is standard via a built-in keypad
  • You can programme your own entry codes
  • The build-in twin battery system provides unique fail-safe operation allowing for more than 150,000 door operations up to 9 years
  • Its manual internal mechanism allows for easy/rapid exit in emergencies- you can never be locked-in
  • Single use access codes are available for emergency services and unexpected visitors
  • The automatic locking and slam-lock system keeps the door locked at all times

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. Is it what all keyholders have been praying for? Can it be used also as temporary security doors? Absolutely. If you think it could work for your organisation or facility, and make your life easier, get a Toreadoor – exclusively designed and manufactured by Clearway.

Clearway’s Toreadoor is the preferred choice of Local Authorities, the NHS and other public and private sector organisations as well as a property management companies, facilities and security managers, not only for its many operational benefits, but also because it was the first and still is the only keyless security door approved by the Police.

Taken from the Spanish word ‘Toreador’, literally “to fight a bull”, the Clearway Keyless Toreadoor incorporates a range of security features simply not available on any other product. Call us today and see how our vacant property security solutions can help you.

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