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Body Temperature Detection System

Body Temperature Detection System
Body Temperature Detection System

With Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, how do you test large numbers of people for heightened body temperature as an indicator of the likelihood of infection? 

Businesses are creaking under the strain of unprecedented restrictions on the movement of people since Coronavirus changed everything about the way we live and work.

However, many companies and organisations still need key workers to continue to work normally as far as is possible, despite the increased risk of spreading the virus.

We know one of the first and clearest indicators that someone may be infected with Coronavirus is the increase in their body temperature but the process of determining this is, typically, painfully slow.

Handheld digital thermometers allow a faster throughput of people but still require operators to engage with individuals one-to-one in order to test them. But, where there is a constant flow of people into a building, such as with medical facilities or transport hubs, individual testing simply isn’t practical.

The solution is rapid, remote mass testing with the Body Temperature Detection System.

The Body Temperature Detection System comprises a thermal imaging camera and ‘blackbody’ calibration technology that instantly and remotely displays the face temperature of up to 40 individuals simultaneously from a single, standalone camera.

The camera can be set on a tripod for temporary or time-of-day peak flow environments, or fixed to a wall or ceiling for constant high footfall locations such as the entrance to companies, hospitals & medical facilities, train/transport stations  – anywhere large numbers or a constant flow of people is critical or unavoidable.

The Body Temperature Detection System will constantly scan a moving flow of people and will detect, visually highlight and alert operators instantly when high body temperature is detected, even when the individual is completely unaware of their symptoms, allowing personnel to approach and isolate the individual quickly and efficiently.

The need to keep the country running with essential services and key personnel cannot be underestimated, and this system will go a long way to aiding that cause in situations where the need is greatest.

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