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Inside the world of Crime and Trauma Scene clean-up

The police often deal with difficult crime and trauma scenes.

They can include murder, suicide, undiscovered deaths, accidents and terrorism which usually leave behind: human blood, bodily fluids & tissue, chemicals and infestations from maggots and flies. Dangerous items, such as weapons and drug-related paraphernalia, are frequently left at the scene to clear too.

These scenes can be quite gruesome and gory requiring commitment, dedication and sensitivity towards the situation. Specialists skills and knowledge are required for this type of work which is why Clearway has provided crime scene and trauma cleaning services for the Met’ Police since 2009.

Our crime scene cleanup teams are trained to secure and clean crime scenes and fully licensed by the Environment Agency. No two jobs are the same and our teams are constantly faced with different challenges.

We work within strict guidelines ensuring all potential risks to human health are minimised.

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