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How to secure your rental property over Christmas

How to secure your rental property over Christmas
How to secure your rental property over Christmas

Landlords should up security at their rental property over the festive season to prevent crime from ruining Christmas.

Over Christmas you may find that your rental property is left standing empty more frequently than usual whilst tenants take festive trips away and visit family and friends.

Crime rates tend to peak around Christmas, making it more important than ever to ensure that your property and tenants are protected.

Use the tips and advice in this blog to secure your rental property this Christmas.

Ask if your tenants are planning to go away

Communicate with tenants prior to the festive season to find out whether they plan to take any extended holidays at Christmas. Once you know of any dates when the property is going to be empty you can work with your tenants to ensure that the property is secure during this time by offering to go and check on it and pick up the post if required.

Check or update security systems

It’s a good idea to check that all security systems are in full working order and that your tenants know how to operate them before the Christmas period comes around. Security lights, CCTV systems and burglar alarms can all be excellent criminal deterrents.

Provide tenants with security advice

Educate your tenants on how to keep the property and their belongings safe and secure by sending them a useful security checklist during the festive season.

Useful tips and advice to include:

  • Always closing windows.
  • Always setting security systems.
  • Keeping valuables out of sight.
  • Contacting you immediately about any repairs required to entry points.
  • Avoiding posting details on social media about when they will be away.
  • Putting lights on timers when leaving the property vacant.
  • Switching off and unplugging Christmas lights before leaving the property.

If you require help or advice with updating your property’s CCTV system, speak to our team of experts.

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