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How to protect a vacant property – combining physical and technical solutions

How to protect a vacant property – combining physical and technical solutions
How to protect a vacant property – combining physical and technical solutions

Vacant properties are regular targets for criminal activity, whether it’s an empty residential rental or a commercial unit between tenants.

The presence of valuable raw materials and running utilities combined with easy access can cost landlords and property owners thousands in repairing vandalism, evicting squatters and replacing stolen fixtures, roof tiles and copper piping.

Fortunately, there are several ways to defend a vacant property and ensure your premises remain safe from unlawful entry. So how do you protect a vacant property? Let’s run through a few of the tips from the Clearway security experts to ensure you mitigate all of the common risks inherent with a vacant property.

How to Protect Vacant Property From Break-Ins

Let’s start with the physical security measures that act as a criminal deterrent.

The ideal scenario is to have a shield around all of your vulnerable entry points, meaning that any prospective intruder is deterred from attempting illegal entry.

Steel Security Doors for Vacant Properties

Most properties are easiest to access through conventional entry points, and security locks often aren’t robust enough to deter persistent criminals.

Wooden door frames can be quickly crowbarred open, screws removed, or windows smashed.

Clearway provides bespoke steel security doors that comply with the highest insurance standards and UK policing recommendations, with an LPS1175 rating that makes them the ultimate protection, even against repeated intrusion attempts or high-impact damage.

A steel security door with keyless entry is perfect if you have authorised contractors working on site, since they and any other authorised personnel can gain entry with a simple security code.

Installing Temporary or Long-Term Security Screens

Another way to prevent your empty property from being targeted is to install security screens available for windows and doors of any size.

Features incorporated into our engineered steel screens include:

  • Flush fitting around the frame of the door or window.
  • Tamper-proof bolts to prevent vandalism or illegal removal.
  • Perforations to permit natural airflow and ventilation.
  • Customised options, hand-cut on-site for unusual shapes and structures.

The internal framing system ensures your frames and brickwork remain in good condition, with steel being far superior to traditional wooden boards used for boarding up.

Steel security screens are also arson-resistant and reduce any fire risks present at your site.

Erecting Concrete Barrier Blocks to Protect Empty Buildings

Vacant properties in remote areas, industrial sites, or retail parks are commonly hit by ram-raiding or fly-tipping if criminals can gain vehicular access.

Concrete barrier blocks, available on a hire basis, are extremely effective at ensuring that any unauthorised vehicles cannot breach your property perimeter and any rear access routes or pathways are restricted.

We also supply concrete barrier blocks with anti-climb Heras fencing to create a strong, impenetrable boundary to prevent a wide range of potential intrusions.

Defending Empty Properties with Alarms and Advanced Monitoring / Alarm Surveillance

The next step in securing an empty residence or trading unit is to consider the alarm systems and alerts you have in place.

If a break-in occurs, or you suspect an environmental issue (such as flooding, fire or a gas leak), you need to know what the problem is quickly in order to deploy a security response or appropriate personnel. Clearway provide a range of security alarms, including fire and intruder, which can all be remotely monitored by our team of specialists at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Learn more about our vacant property alarms and our industry accredited Alarm Monitoring Service.

Video-Verified Vacant Property Alarm Systems

Every landlord will be familiar with the stress of responding to alarm call-outs at unsociable hours, only to find that the trigger was something harmless – usually local wildlife!

Video verified alarms solve the issue in one swoop while allowing you to respond fast when a genuine break-in is identified:

  • Every alarm activation prompts a 10-second video filmed in real-time.
  • Your videos are transmitted instantly, either to your device or our accredited Alarm Response Centre.
  • Signals utilise the mobile network with no reliance on Wi-Fi or broadband.

Our outdoor PIR cameras incorporate day and night visibility and provide a fail-safe way to assess the cause of the alarm and determine the correct actions.

Temporary CCTV for Empty Buildings

CCTV surveillance is a highly successful criminal deterrent, and often the signage alone is enough to prevent a wide range of undesirable behaviours!

Clearway offers short-term temporary CCTV hire tailored to your needs to defend vacant properties for as long as required.

Remote CCTV is excellent for empty properties. It operates independently from mains power with commercial-grade long-life battery packs that won’t cease to work in a power cut or where wiring has been tampered with.

Live video streams and instant recording triggers act as a permanent security guard, on-site 24-hours a day.

Advanced Surveillance Through CCTV Towers 

If your vacant property includes a large land area or comprises a car park or forecourt, a CCTV tower may be the best solution.

Mast-mounted CCTV towers are efficient deterrents, with a six-metre mast height to watch closely over larger sites or outdoor spaces.

Solar-powered energy packs with high-capacity performance create flawless surveillance, recording, storing and transmitting all relevant activities in high-definition.

Regular Vacant Property Inspection Services

Our final recommendation to protect vacant property is to consider contracting your security provider to conduct regular property inspections.

While it is crucial to defend against unlawful activities such as thefts and vandalism, many threats to an empty premise are environmental.

Clearway vacant property inspections include:

  • Checks on utilities, including meter readings and drain-downs, to avoid build-ups of stagnant water and other health hazards.
  • Detailed logs of the site condition, identifying potential issues of concern to preserve the property and assess necessary repairs.
  • Exterior property checks to verify whether any intrusions have been attempted, looking out for fly-tipping or key maintenance tasks.

Regular inspections are beneficial for many reasons, not least that they can mitigate any possible insurance issues and create a permanent log of your property’s condition.

Finding the Right Solutions to Protect Vacant Property

If you’re unsure how to defend a vacant property or a business premise with key vulnerabilities, please get in touch for more advice about the measures available.

Our security consultants have decades of expertise supporting property owners of all types. You can read more about our empty property security services here. We also provide vacant property management services.

We can recommend and install the right vacant property security solutions for you and your business, whether for a short-term or long-term period, and you can rest assured that your assets will be secured, monitored and protected by a trusted security partner.

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