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How to hire security guards

How to hire security guards
How to hire security guards

Hiring on-site security is an excellent way to reinforce your current security systems and introduce a visible, robust presence to deter opportunist criminals and reduce your risks of break-ins, thefts and antisocial behaviour. But what is the best way to hire a security guard?


Did you know that there was a spike in security guard hire in the UK in 2022 according to Statista?

how to hire a security guard

Did you also know that there are a number of ways a security guard can be deployed to maximise your security? Many businesses choose to post a guard at an entry point or reception space, screening visitors and ensuring every individual who enters their facility is authorised. Others opt for roaming security patrols or perimeter guarding, keeping a close watch for disturbances or suspicious behaviour.

We often speak with clients who have long felt that a team of security guards, in some capacity, would be a worthwhile investment in their security stack, but are unsure of the right way to go about it, what qualifications or experience to expect from a guard, or how to ensure their guards have the skills they need to protect their staff, property and assets.

Clearway explains all you need to know about hiring security guards and having absolute confidence that they will fulfil their duties to your expectations.

Independent vs Full-Time vs Agency Security Guards

If you anticipate needing a full-time team of security guards or a rota system to ensure there is always a guard present on your property, you may need to choose between employing a guard as a permanent member of staff, hiring an independent guard in your local area, or working with a larger agency.

We provide accredited guarding services nationwide, and we believe this service offers a number of compelling advantages in terms of cost, quality and reliability:

  • Working with a reputable and long-established security provider allows you to outsource vetting and background checks.
  • We can allocate guards on a flexible basis, increasing the security presence during periods of elevated risk and reducing your guarding when you need a more baseline level of security.
  • Should a guard become unwell or be on leave, we prearrange cover with zero disruption to your security protocols and plan in advance to meet your requirements.
  • Our pricing is competitive, and we often combine varied security services such as on-site guarding, advanced CCTV surveillance and remote alarm monitoring, providing further economies of scale.
  • Service standards are defined by our commitment to outstanding customer support, providing you with access to our multi-skilled security coordinators and advisers whenever you need help, support or advice about how to handle an emerging threat.

Clearway can organise complimentary site risk assessments to ensure your security provisions are adequate and targeted, often highlighting unrecognised risks or unguarded entry points and suggesting the best resolutions to fit your budget and risk profile.

We offer a full range of physical security services, from mobile patrols and K9 units to manned guarding. During events, open days, conferences or other important occasions, we can also deploy larger teams of guards or dog patrol units to supplement your security.

What to Consider When Hiring a Security Guard

It is common for businesses operating outside of the security sector to call on our experts for recommendations when setting up a physical guarding service, and we are always happy to offer the benefit of our expertise to help you make strategic decisions.

Here are a few of the elements we’d suggest you analyse before deciding how best to introduce security guarding to your premise:

  • The duration of the hire period – do you need an on-site guard during key events or movements of goods, for specific dates, or on an ongoing basis? Long-term guarding is generally the most cost-effective, but temporary guarding can be invaluable when you need flexible security.
  • Specialist skills you need a guard to have – if you are expecting a large visitor footfall or have a complex layout, you can request guards with events and crowd control training, with the knowledge to disperse disturbances or de-escalate potentially volatile situations.
  • The number of guards you require – would you prefer to have one guard stationed at an entry or checkpoint? Alternatively, do you need roaming patrols safeguarding your perimeter, or would a combination of guards work better throughout your site?
  • What budget do you have – setting a budget from the outset can be useful, particularly if you need advice about the most cost-effective solutions, often combining digital surveillance with manned guarding or deploying a K9 guarding team to cover broader areas with fewer guards.

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From there, we identify the most suitable guards or guarding teams that can fulfil your objectives and provide the necessary services. For example, a client may wish to hire security guards with plenty of experience working on construction sites to comply with health and safety requirements.

Others may need a guard to provide keyholding services alongside patrols and respond to alerts flagged through your alarm or CCTV networks – the best solution is to structure your guarding around your priorities from day one.

Checking the Experience and Qualifications of Security Guards for Hire

All Clearway guards are thoroughly vetted, certified and licenced, with Security Industry Authority (SIA) credentials, professional uniforms and remote communication devices for liaison when responding to incidents. We also deploy mobile patrol guards, using badged vehicles to clearly show the presence of a professional security team on site.

Experience is important since you may need a security guard to have specific knowledge, such as how to operate keyless entry barriers, utilising facial recognition software, or how to challenge suspicious behaviour without escalating the situation.

How to Hire Security Guards in the UK

The easiest way to organise swift, efficient and professional guarding is to contact the Clearway specialist team; we offer rapid response services wherever possible and when there is an urgent need or business-critical risk.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Around-the-clock guarding 365 days a year, as required.
  • Standalone security guarding or more robust security strategies to cover all entry points, using advanced technological security assets alongside physical guarding.
  • Specialist event security or vacant property mobile patrols.
  • Manned guarding, crowd control, K9 dog patrols, keyholding services and stewarding.

With decades of expertise, a reputation for first-class service, and a network of accomplished and trustworthy guards, we can cater to any requirements, regardless of whether you need short-term security, ongoing protection, or a full team of guards to cover higher-level events.

Please get in touch at any time to discuss your security guarding needs or complete our user-friendly enquiry form to arrange a call back from one of our security advisers.

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