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How to dispose of your business’ electrical waste

How to dispose of your business’ electrical waste
How to dispose of your business’ electrical waste

Technology develops at a rapid pace and businesses are continually required to upgrade their electrical equipment.

Using modern technology can help your business to become more efficient and keep up with competitors.

But once you’ve upgraded your phones, desktop computers or other electrical equipment, what do you do with the old ones?

Rather than leaving them in a cupboard to gather dust, or putting them out with the general waste, it’s important that your business knows how to dispose of them safely.

Items that are powered either by batteries or by plugging into the mains should always be disposed of carefully according to Waste Electrical and Electronic Waste (WEEE) Regulations and not put out with the general waste.

Just some of the commercial electrical items that WEEE regulations cover include:

  • Fluorescent tube lights
  • Medical equipment
  • Office telephone systems
  • Smoke detectors
  • PCs and mobile phones
  • Hot drink machines

There are a couple of reasons why it’s so important to take care when disposing of electrical items.

Firstly, to ensure the careful management of hazardous substances like lead and mercury which can sometimes be found inside electrical items. If these substances end up on a landfill, they can be hazardous to both health and the environment.

Secondly, because electrical items tend to be made up of many different materials, and so need to be disassembled to recover recyclable materials.

Clearway waste clearance services

Here at Clearway, our professional team have been clearing waste for businesses since 1991. We can professionally dispose of a variety commercial waste items including furniture, trade waste, and electrical items. We always dispose of electrical waste according to WEEE regulations.

For more information or to book for us to come and pick up your commercial electrical waste, give or team a call on 0800 085 8695.

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