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How to deter criminals from breaking into your commercial property

How to deter criminals from breaking into your commercial property
How to deter criminals from breaking into your commercial property

Leaving your commercial property vulnerable to a break-in puts you, your employees, and your business’ assets at risk.

Security should always be a priority for every business owner. If you’re not proactively preparing your business for a break-in then your business is in a precarious position.

Most burglars are opportunists, so a lot of crime can be avoided by investing in visual deterrents to make your commercial property appear to be hard work or pose a significant risk to break into.

Here are our top security tips for deterring criminals.

CCTV– Surveillance equipment is commonly used by businesses in every type of industry. Not only is it easy to customise and simple to install, CCTV is also an excellent deterrent and source of evidence in the event of a break-in.

Alarm systems– Alarm systems provide your commercial building with 24/7 protection for your peace of mind. Burglar alarms can scare burglars away and ensure that break-ins are responded to swiftly. Be sure to prominently display signs warning that your property is alarmed as a visual deterrent.

Lights– Ensure that the exterior of your property is adequately lit to discourage burglars from attempting to break in. If the property is in a dark area, invest in motion-activated lighting at every entrance point.

Burglar-resistant glass windows – Burglar-resistant glass can be particularly useful for shop windows at risk of ‘smash and grab’ crime. There are several different types available to suit different requirements and budgets including security film and laminated glass. Burglar-resistant screens and windows offer an extra layer of protection, making it more difficult to gain access to a building, even after the glass in a window has been smashed.

Hire a security guard –Businesses at high risk of falling victim to crime should consider hiring a professional security guard to patrol their commercial property and provide the highest standards of security.

To discuss your security requirements in detail, give our team of experts a call and we will help you to decide which security products or services are right for your business.

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