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How much does a security system cost?

How much does a security system cost?
How much does a security system cost?

How much does a security system cost?

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One of the most common questions we’re asked with regards to security systems is ‘how much will a security system cost for my business?’ The difficulty in answering this is that it very much depends on the type of system you need, what services you require, and the risks that your business or property faces on a day to day basis. 

Let’s explain some of the options available, how the different types of security systems impact the cost, and how to protect your sites in a budget-friendly way.

Choosing the Right UK Security System for your business

First things first, you’ll need to work out what sort of security system is best suited to your premises. 

You might already know that you’d like CCTV surveillance, perimeter security, or an intruder alarm – but the optimal solution for your property will depend on multiple factors:

Where your most significant vulnerabilities or intrusion risks lie.

  • Whether there are broad open-plan areas that require protection.
  • How valuable and exposed your assets or buildings are.
  • Location of your site, and what security breaches you need to guard against.
  • Whether you need long-term, permanent security, or a short-term solution.

The reason we always offer an independent security risk assessment consultation is that your security systems must be relevant to your risks and priorities. Every property is unique, and so too are your liabilities.

For example, you might invest £500 in a state-of-the-art intruder alarm, but if you have vehicles parked outside that pose the most significant opportunity for thieves, a CCTV tower might be a better solution.

Intruder alarms are ideal for vacant properties and create a visible deterrent to hold off intruders. 

Types of Security System for Businesses

Once you have established your most significant security hazards, the next step is to think about what level of safeguarding support you require.

  • Automated Services: Work autonomously, with minimal maintenance or ongoing costs. This type of security solution is ideal for electronic passes, digital surveillance that is triggered by pre-identified occurrences, or standalone alarm systems for low-risk scenarios.
  • Security Equipment: This element of your security system is the hardware you select as most appropriate for your site. If in any doubt, we’d always recommend consulting an independent expert who can make suggestions. Hardware can include surveillance installations, concrete block hire, property alarms and hard-wired or wireless solutions. Wireless is optimal for remote premises, or those without reliable mains power, for a year-round solution.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Businesses are not just at risk from criminal activity, but also environmental factors – such as flooding, fire, gas leaks and smoke damage. Sensors and alarms with environmental monitoring capacity as well as intruder detection technology are ideal for covering all primary risk factors.
  • Physical Security: For higher-risk premises, or businesses with increased exposure or high-value assets, physical security operates alongside security equipment to deliver an advanced level of protection. Physical security is wholly adaptable, from mobile patrols to remote monitoring, manned guarding to crowd control.
  • Professional Monitoring: Even the most innovative security equipment is only as valuable to your business as the monitoring service behind it. Once installations are complete, it is vital to consider how you will manage activations, how quickly key personnel can respond, and who will deal with actual criminal breaches. In many cases, professional alarm monitoring is essential to provide rapid response security deployments to protect the safety of untrained staff.

As we can see, there are multiple elements to a security system, and by creating a tailored, blended package of safety solutions; you can adapt your security to the challenges of your business.

How Much Should I Budget for a Business Security System?

Given the versatility and multiple variants between security systems, it is impossible to give a ‘ballpark’ average.

However, there are a few questions you can explore to identify what sort of budget might be suitable to provide the safeguarding and protection you need:

  1. Do I need 24/7, year-round security, or support out of hours or at weekends when my property is unmanned?
  2. Where are my most significant risks, and which breaches or criminal activities would cause business-critical damage – and therefore form the key security priorities?
  3. Is my site easy to access – on foot and by vehicles? Are entranceways and roads secured or blocked when not in use? Are there unused access points that could be effectively closed off?
  4. What is the value to my business of protecting against a security breach? Consider staff safety, lone working instances, materials, assets, vehicles, property perimeters and the impact on operations of recovering from an intrusion.
  5. Are there insurance aspects to consider? Professional level security and surveillance is often a cost-effective option to protect against intruders, with the added benefit of providing insurance savings. Many insurers will revise premiums in line with evidence verifying the standard of security protection in place.

Once you have identified your most critical security risks and the areas that pose the greatest vulnerability to your premises, you are in an excellent position to decide what type of security system would be most suitable.

By eliminating exposure points, for example, by constructing secure perimeters and installing concrete blocks to restrict vehicle access points, you can reduce your total security spend by highlighting only those areas that require advanced protection.

For help with risk assessing your premises, identifying the security solutions that match with your budget, or to request a bespoke quote from our market-leading UK team, contact Clearway today.

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