How much damage can fly-tippers do in nine days?

How much damage can fly-tippers do in nine days?
How much damage can fly-tippers do in nine days?

Hundreds of tonnes of rubbish were dumped by fly-tippers at a disused business park in south London in just nine days.

Vandals broke-in to every single building, mindlessly vandalising the property and ripping-out cables and other metals to sell as scrap metal.

The site was patrolled by one security guard and a dog unit but this was clearly insufficient as the guard, who wisely chose to back-off, was threatened and intimidated by the intruders.

The mountain of rubbish left by the intruders will have cost thousands for commercial rubbish removal, in addition to the cost of repairs to the damage.

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If you own or manage site and buildings that need protecting, here are some guidelines on securing it against intrusion, fly tipping and vandalism:

  • Thoroughly assess the site and buildings, identifying all vulnerable access points (you can also engage a qualified property inspector to carry this out)
  • Carry-out regular (at least weekly) assessments of the site to satisfy yourself of the integrity of existing security
  • Check all gates, ensuring locks and chains are fit for purpose
  • If appropriate, harden security with concrete barriers or collapsible bollards to physically prevent access
  • Cut-back overgrown bushes and foliage and maintain hoarding and fence lines
  • If the site is at high risk it may be worth considering remote CCTV or a guarding presence on site
  • Finally, if you’re alerted to a problem, respond quickly. As the above example indicates, every day that the problem is not addressed will lead to higher clear-up and fly-tipping removal costs.
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