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How Long Does It Take to Remove Squatters?

How Long Does It Take to Remove Squatters?
How Long Does It Take to Remove Squatters?

There is an enduring myth that removing squatters is a long painful and expensive process. This isn’t necessarily true and if you use a specialist eviction services company you can outsource the problem rather than have it take a toll on your time and possibly your health too.  

The main thing to remember about squatters is they are occupying either your property or land without your permission. Naturally, you have rights by law to remove squatters from your property and this will be achievable in a relatively short space of time if you do so lawfully.  

Where property owners have fallen foul of laws is often where the trouble begins with lengthy eviction processes.  

How long does it take to remove squatters?

A straightforward eviction should take no more than 4 or 5 weeks. It can take considerably less time if you are the occupier of your property and someone decides to move in while you are on holiday. In such cases you need only call the police when you return and remember you do have the right to remove squatters from your property.   

If the police can’t help then you can apply for a court order for possession which will cost over £1,000 and will be a fairly straightforward procedure. There are some rare cases where property owners don’t wish to pay this fee and allow squatters to continue to occupy properties.  

If you have problems with people camping on your land or gypsies parking their caravans, you may be better employing a company to remove them whilst adhering to current laws.  

One point to note is that tenants who remain in a property beyond their tenancy agreement cannot be classed as squatters and different rules will apply to their eviction.

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