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Government confirms: Ban on evictions to be extended by 2 months

Government confirms: Ban on evictions to be extended by 2 months
Government confirms: Ban on evictions to be extended by 2 months

All evictions from social, private and commercial landlords save for trespass claims in England and Wales remain suspended until 23 August 2020.


  • Suspension of evictions from social or private rented accommodation extended by 2 months.
  • New court rules will ensure vulnerable renters will be protected when the suspension of evictions ends.
  • Government committed to ensuring that no one is evicted from their home this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement takes the moratorium on evictions to a total of five months to ensure that renters continue to have certainty and security.

Where tenants do experience financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic, the government has been clear that landlords and tenants should work together and exhaust all possible options – such as flexible payment plans which take into account a tenant’s individual circumstances – to ensure cases only end up in court as an absolute last resort.

The article also suggests that with the easing of lockdown continuing the government are also looking at ways to lift restrictions on the housing market so that people can move if they need to.

Today’s announcement builds on the radical package of measured taken during these difficult times to protect both renters and landlords affected by coronavirus, including:

  • The introduction of emergency legislation so landlords won’t be able to start proceedings to evict tenants for at least a 3 month period which will remain in place until at least September.
  • Extending mortgage payment holdings to include landlords whose tenants are experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic.
  • Supporting businesses to continue to pay their staff through the furlough scheme, as well as strengthening the welfare safety net with a nearly £7 billion boost to the welfare system and increasing Local Housing Allowance.
  • Delivering £180 million in Discretionary Housing Payments to councils across the country to support renters with housing costs in the private and social rented sectors.
  • Guidance which helps landlords and tenants to work together to resolve issues at the earliest opportunity.


Many commercial landlords are facing an uncertain future. Covid-19 has caused some tenants to lose their jobs, meaning, in turn, they may struggle to pay rent.

Besides the mortgage holiday option, some landlords are confused now, as to what financial support they can claim to stop their income from drying up during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government has launched various financial packages to help businesses, but nothing yet that will help landlords with non-paying renters.

If you are a landlord and unsure of what your rights are during the Coronavirus pandemic, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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