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Gideon Reichental re-elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection

Gideon Reichental re-elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection
Gideon Reichental re-elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection

For the third consecutive year, Gideon Reichental, Commercial Sales Manager at Clearway Services, has been elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection.

As the landscape of property security has changed so has the need to provide a wider, more sophisticated range of security solutions, tailored to individual properties.

The Vacant Property Protection section of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) was started in April 2015. The need to form a new section was driven by BSIA member companies with a specific interest in vacant property protection who wanted to place greater emphasis and focus on this area. They wanted to highlight the risks to vacant property and the difference that using the high-quality services provided by these BSIA members can make.

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA said “The BSIA’s membership and the very important contributions it makes to the industry is something that the Association is extremely proud of. Our members are committed to working collectively to ensure that the industry continues to advance and many of the key developments in the sector have been largely down to their expertise and commitment.“

In 2017 BSIA members unanimously voted to re-elect Gideon as their section Chairman for a further year. In response to his re-election, Gideon remarked;

“the Vacant Property Protection section is keen to maintain the momentum it has created over the last 12 months. We have been working with advocates of best practice within property, infrastructure and construction, and those involved with vacant property insurance, to understand the value and benefits of the professional services offered by our members.

A recent example of this work has been with the Housing Committee of the London Assembly which has begun inviting all stakeholders to get involved in a consultation on the emerging property guardian sector. The VPP section members are proud to support and contribute to this process to ensure the providers of this service adhere to the highest standards”

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