Fly-tippers caught on CCTV

Fly-tippers caught on CCTV
Fly-tippers caught on CCTV

Illegal fly-tipping remains a major issue for councils and private land-owners across the UK, and those responsible will go to any lengths to avoid paying for waste removal services. They will dispose of their unwanted rubbish and possibly hazardous waste, despite the risk of being caught on CCTV.

Recently a CCTV installation company in West Yorkshire captured, on their own CCTV security system, clear footage of fly tippers, including the vehicle registration and the identities of those involved, as they off-loaded waste material, mattresses, foam and bedding parts on the road.

In the video footage the driver is seen edging the vehicle forward to allow more and more waste to be dumped onto the road.

Ironically, the camera that caught these fly-tippers was hidden, suggesting the perpetrators were avoiding all the cameras they could see. This highlights the point that having CCTV cameras on full view is, in itself, a highly effective deterrent.

It is frustrating that as the land is privately owned, there is little the authorities can do, but the company posted the camera footage on social media and this has prompted the council to investigate further. Incidents like this can be handled by specialized fly-tipping removal companies.

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