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Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Blocks

Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Blocks
Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Blocks

If you own or manage a commercial property that becomes vacant, concrete barrier blocks may not necessarily spring to mind above other essential security measures. At least, not immediately. You may not even have considered them a thing.

Yet, they are a thing. Quite a big thing, actually.

Concrete Barrier Blocks – In a Nutshell

When deployed correctly, they can be highly effective.

Concrete blocks are an efficient, affordable way to secure the perimeter of your property, control vehicle access, and protect an empty building site or car park.

Also, they can manage “people movement” at an event and even offer a first line of defence in a flood.

Most likely, you’re thinking, “Heavy, secure, solid and immovable”. And, at around 2.5 Tonnes per block, you would be right. They’re a practical means to safeguard your land and property’s outer limits and borders.

In addition, you can use them in a broader range of applications, which we’ll talk you through.

Concrete barriers are quick to implement and install. Plus, they’re a simple, straightforward way to keep vehicles and people away from where you don’t want them to be, and especially from each other.

In this article, we’ll outline the types of concrete barriers we supply and install, their uses, and why they’re such a powerful way to protect and defend buildings and people.

What Concrete Barrier Blocks Does Clearway Offer?

Temporary Vertical Concrete Blocks

Otherwise known as TVCBs, and hirable, these strongly define space separation and present a physical barrier to unauthorised access.

BS EN 1317-approved, we can deliver and install them nationwide to private land areas, construction sites, car parks – and often to secure wider entrances.

TVCBs are incredibly versatile: as well as vehicle security barriers, they’re crash-tested to withstand high, heavy impacts, so can also be used for hostile vehicle migration (vehicle ramming attacks and so on). Importantly, they’re ultra-strong barriers, and are an ideal way to protect road workers – often employed close to fast-moving cars and lorries, plus people on building sites, and pedestrians.

TVCB Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier

Concrete Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers are end-to-end interlocking blocks of concrete that create a continuous, ultra-resilient blockade or wall of any length.

Designed and manufactured to offer supreme protection against collisions or crashes, they’re a perfect way to re-route and marshal traffic, looking after road workers and those on foot.

Also, when used as edge protection around perimeters, they completely prevent vehicle intrusion; virtually nothing will get past them. These are superhero-style security blocks available for hire. Clearway can install them quickly and easily through our lorry-mounted lifting arm and forklift option.

Clearway Concrete Jersey Barriers

Stackable Concrete Blocks

Stackable Concrete Blocks from ClearwayStackable concrete blocks are high-strength, immovable blocks that turn into formidable block walls, flood defences, storage bays, and free-standing or retaining walls. Think: industrial children’s toy building bricks. Using specialist equipment, our engineers slot them together in an offset position for the ultimate in stability and force.

Available in a range of sizes and weights to meet your needs, they can be used for external perimeters, and are a great way to prevent unauthorised vehicle access. They’re BS EN 1317 certified, too, so you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve regarding quality and standards.

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Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Outstandingly heavy and solid, interlocking concrete blocks, as the name suggests, stack together vertically and horizontally and can create an impenetrable wall of any size.

With fire and water-resistant qualities, they make mighty flood defences, block walls, storage bays or retaining wall solutions. Interlocking concrete blocks can also help manage vehicle and pedestrian access to the highest possible standards. You can hire these from us in various sizes and weights, with 2, 4, 6 or 8 nodes.

Clearway engineers can fit and install these in any direction, offering solid wall structures for several uses.

LG8 Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks

What Can Concrete Barrier Blocks Be Used For?

Unauthorised Access.

Often, concrete barrier blocks come into their own in preventing unauthorised access to your site, particularly from vehicles. For those determined individuals with harmful intent, or simply in the mood for a spot of free parking on your property, substandard security fences or gates are no match for their vehicles.

Concrete blocks are a visual and physical deterrent; they’re a solid, impassable barrier.

Boundary Demarcation

Using concrete blocks to indicate your property’s boundaries shows clearly where someone else’s land ends and yours begins. Equally, you can create internal exclusion zones, ensuring that only people with appropriate access rights can enter a specific area.

Prevent Trespassing

Unauthorised access can cause damage or destruction. Use concrete blocks to stop casual and nuisance trespassers as a simple, maintenance-free solution.

Guiding or Managing Traffic

Concrete barrier blocks offer an excellent temporary way to show drivers where to go. Quick to install and remove after use, they protect pedestrians, road and construction workers. They’re incredibly heavy. So, they’re not going anywhere, either through the actions of vehicle users or anything the weather can through at them.

Public Events

They’re a great way to block off areas or create walkways for open-air concerts, festivals, etc. Also, concrete barriers make practical, solid bases for fencing – ideal for large, lively crowds where less robust fences may not be strong enough.

Scaffold Counterweights

The wind and the rain can be more damaging and dangerous than you may think. Secure your scaffolding with concrete blocks for excellent stability and balance

Flood Defences

In the event of a flood, concrete barriers deliver a tough, defensive first line against the flow of rising water, thus keeping it at bay for longer, and the people or properties beyond, safer.

Ram Raiders

Substantial concrete barrier blocks get in the way – figuratively, visually and literally of ram raiders. It’s why modified versions are installed at strategic points throughout central London that experience high pedestrian footfall.

Construction Hoarding Barriers

Highlight your branding and protect your building site with hoarding barriers. Posts can be added during the manufacturing process for your hoarding to be secured. The site will be safe as the hoarding can’t be moved without machinery.

Terrorist Activity

Concrete barriers can restrict and limit terrorist attacks by protecting vulnerable areas. Likewise, they can create a secure perimeter after a significant incident, keeping the public safe and enabling first responders to do their job.

You can read more here: What are concrete barrier blocks used for? 

Quick Facts About Concrete Blocks

  • Available to hire – for short or long periods.
  • They’re inexpensive yet robust. There’s no need to worry about cracks or leaks.
  • Fully customisable; available in different shapes and sizes.
  • Multi-purpose. You can also use them as a counterweight for steel fencing, barriers and even scaffolding. Also, traffic management and crowd control.
  • An easy solution for simple installation and fuss-free maintenance.
  • Weather resistant. Come wind, hail, rain or thunderstorms, concrete barrier blocks are up to par.
  • Very, very heavy and ultra-durable. Trespassers, opportunist thieves and vandals cannot move these workhorse blocks without specialised equipment. They’re near-impossible to damage, too.

What We Think About Concrete Barrier Blocks

Concrete blocks are a major player in protecting your property and land.

They’re a flexible option, and we can recommend the perfect layout, configuration and numbers to suit your specific requirements. Used in conjunction with keyless steel doors, alarm systems and steel screens on associated properties, for example, they are a must-have in your site’s security strategy.

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