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Steel Panels On A Bay Window

Emergency Boarding Up Costs

When you have broken windows, damaged doors, or irreparable locks, time is the most crucial factor in preventing further damage. Leaving visible signs of illegal entry exposes your property to further intrusions, leaves assets vulnerable to theft and presents a building open to trespassers or squatters. Moving swiftly to board up your windows and doors is essential – but how much should it cost?

The most common instance of emergency boarding up is where a premise is vacant, or is empty for a short-term period. This year, as a result of national lockdowns and business closures during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for boarding up and protecting vacant properties has never been greater. Organisations are looking to defend their property when trading is paused, or where empty buildings have become a target for criminals looking for an easy option.

Need a quote quickly? The quickest way to find out how much it will cost to board up your business is to get in touch with us with your details here. We can provide a no-obligation quote. 

Boarding up is invaluable for empty premises, and one of the fastest ways to protect property. Boarding up services are used in a number of situations:

  • Protecting properties following criminal damage, break-ins, or police forced entry.
  • Defending shop fronts and large glazing areas during public events or disturbances.
  • Providing temporary or long-term shielding for vacant properties.
  • Safeguarding residential and commercial buildings following insolvency proceedings.

Boarding Up Costs

Every property will have a different risk profile, so the cost of boarding up services often depends on your current circumstances. For example, you could be preventing break-ins which is often much cheaper than a post break-in service as you’ll need to factor in the cost of cleanup and damage repair. 

The cost of boarding up will also depend on the boarding solution used. Some of the most popular Clearway boarding up screens include:

  • Timber Boards: Timber boarding can be a fast, short-term solution to protect damaged glazing. However, timber is fallible and only suited to situations where a permanent option is being organised. Criminals can be deterred with tamper-proof screws and by using robust panels. Still, this cost-effective option is only ideal for minimal periods, with acknowledgment of the added arson risk. 
  • Steel Security Screens: Both as a short or long-term option, steel screens are ideal for properties requiring tough safeguarding. Clearway offers both folded and zinc-coated, perforated steel screens. Hand-cut steel means that even complex architectural properties can be quickly screened, with vandal-proof bolts and an internal steel frame protecting the integrity of the existing framework.
  • Security Doors: Another option for advanced level protection is a security door. These are optimal for damaged doors or primary entrances to high-value properties, or where it is essential to avoid further intrusions. Clearway steel doors are UK Police Approved, with our proprietary Keyless Toreadoor an innovative, industry-leading security solution for vacant premises.

With this range of boarding up options, it is essential to consider what sort of protection you need, and for how long.

For example, smashed glass being repaired in a short turnaround time can be temporarily protected with timber boards.

However, if the property is to be left unsupervised overnight, steel security screens are a more sturdy option, to remove the risk of criminal tampering.

What to look for in a Boarding up Quote

As well as multiple material types, there are several things to look out for in your boarding up quote:

  1. Delivery time. If the boarding is not available for rapid installation, another temporary solution may be required. Alternatively, search for a UK-wide boarding up services such as Clearway for reliable delivery and installation services.
  2. Material specification. As we’ve discovered, security boards come in several different materials. Each will have variants, including different gauges of thickness, installation methods, and environmental suitability. Ensure you know what type of boarding material is being used.
  3. Installation costs. Our quotations are always inclusive of all associated costs, but you should make sure that any quotes you receive elsewhere are comprehensive. This should include delivery, installations, fittings, removal (if required), and the material itself.
  4. Warranty or guarantee period. Many professional-grade security materials come with warranty periods, or guarantees about protection from water damage, for example. Check to make sure you know what assurances are on offer, and what recourse you would have if, say, you procure a security door that does not prevent further criminal access. 

Where a premise has been the victim of criminal damage, it may also be that additional security provisions are recommended alongside boarding up.

If there is potential to deter intruders, prevent criminal damage and take a proactive stance on safeguarding your premises, the Clearway team will always let you know.

The costs of managing ongoing retail security are often significantly less than the burden of carrying out repairs, managing downtime and dealing with insurance issues. Investing a little time and budget into property safeguarding can pay dividends in the future.

Additional Vacant Property Services

In addition to boarding up, the Clearway team may recommend:

  • Temporary Alarm Systems – ideal for safeguarding properties for short-term periods when empty. Our Solo alarm network is wireless and autonomous, so provides comprehensive protection against smoke, fire, water, gas, broken glass and intruders in even remote properties with no mains power.
  • Verified Video Alarms – to reduce the hassle and time spent dealing with false activations, a Clearway Verified Video Alarm enables property managers to identify the cause of a call-out, and direct our response team appropriately.
  • Concrete Barrier Blocks – if trespassers are unable to access a site by vehicle, the risk factor immediately decreases. Concrete barrier hire blocks off access points and roadways, ensuring that unauthorised vehicles are unable to gain entry to your premises.
  • Property Inspections – having a regular presence from professional security teams helps to manage ongoing property maintenance, identify potential hazards, carry out upkeep on alarm systems, and log checks completed.

If you require emergency boarding up services for any property or period, contact Clearway today. We provide a free security health check to risk-assess your business-critical exposure points, offer expedited boarding up in urgent situations and are always on hand to deliver fast, professional quotes to get your property protected.

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