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Do You Need 24-Hour Security? How to Keep Your Property Protected Around the Clock

Do You Need 24-Hour Security? How to Keep Your Property Protected Around the Clock
Do You Need 24-Hour Security? How to Keep Your Property Protected Around the Clock

Did you know that around 60% of all break-ins and thefts happen during the night (view source) so it’s not enough to keep your site or property protected during the day when your site is at its most active. 

Yes, security systems provide protection, surveillance and alerts whenever unauthorised activity takes place – but what about overnight? The stats show that security is actually most important overnight or during periods when a property is unoccupied and unsupervised.

Both organised and opportunist criminals routinely check whether an empty property is locked and secure or may scout industrial estates and other business areas during the night or over weekends and bank holidays when they have reasonable assurance nobody will be present. In this guide, we discuss the measures you can implement to ensure your site or property is protected around the clock.

What 24 hour security measures can you implement?

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There are many ways to implement 24-hour security coverage, and a lot depends on the nature of the property, where it is situated, and the types of risks that are most prevalent.

In the first instance, we would recommend commercial CCTV camera installation combined with remote monitoring as this allows trained responders to investigate immediately when an alarm or CCTV camera picks up on suspicious activity – without requiring a guard on-site around-the-clock.

Technological surveillance and alarm monitoring through the Clearway NSI Gold Cat II Gold accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is often an ideal solution for owners looking to balance their need for around-the-clock coverage but without the budget to hire a guard to remain on site.

ARC responders are highly trained and provide monitoring 365 days a year, using CCTV cameras to zoom in on the detected movement, determine when an active threat is underway, challenge intruders through audible warnings, and liaise with the police/emergency servcies and site owners as necessary.

However, some properties with greater risk exposure may benefit from this level of protection with options such as:

  • Static guarding, where a certified security guard remains in situ, usually at a main entry point, verifying the identity of any visitors or challenging unauthorised intruders. Physical 24/7 guarding also means that a guard can conduct spot checks either to investigate unusual noises or movements or as part of a patrol routine that ensures there is a visible and active security presence on site.
  • Patrol guarding, with or without a K9 security dog, strategically manning property perimeters and responding quickly to any perceived threats or attempted breaches. Security dogs not only provide a strong visual deterrent, but they’re also adept at picking up on cues for potential breaches that we humans cannot!
  • Mobile patrols, where fully equipped security vehicles visit the property at random intervals throughout the night without establishing a pattern that criminals or intruders could intercept.
  • Some of the most severe risks to a property are environmental and can occur with little warning. Examples such as electrical malfunctions, gas leaks and fires can be catastrophic if undetected and mean that by the time the nearest responder arrives, a considerable amount of damage has already been done. Intelligent alarm monitoring systems can pick up on environmental changes to detect leaks, fires and flooding as well as movement.
  • Keyholding services can be useful where a mobile patrol, on-site guard or local security team is tasked with responding to alarm signals and alerts to investigate the cause and initiate the appropriate protocol, such as calling the emergency services or verifying that the alarm was a false alert.

The right solutions rely on a thorough risk assessment to help the Clearway team recommend the 24-hour coverage that will be most effective in keeping your property and assets safe. The outcome from a property owner’s perspective is that they have a rigorous degree of protection against any risks, whether a criminal attempt to break into their premise or heavy rains causing flooding that needs to be addressed quickly.

what is manned guarding?

Advantages of 24-Hour Property Security

There are numerous benefits, from reducing the risk of becoming a victim of a break-in or arson to potentially reducing your insurance premiums.

Deterring Criminals Through 24/7/365 Security

Whichever approach you choose, a presence around your property day and night is a great deterrent, either with prominent security cameras and signage or a physical guard patrolling the grounds or manning a station.

Security coverage 24/7 means you can prevent opportunistic criminals from attempting to break into the property and deter organised gangs who look for properties that are easy to access and have very little likelihood of being under surveillance.

Challenging Suspicious Behaviour

Either an on-site patrol guard or a remote monitoring team can swiftly challenge anybody who appears to be acting unusually, whether trying the door, checking whether windows are locked, or approaching a property overnight trying to see whether anybody is present or whether they can gain entry.

Detecting these incidents immediately can de-escalate the potential for a break-in to proceed, limiting your exposure to damage and loss and assisting the police with apprehending attempted intruders.

Reducing Insurance Costs Through 24/7/365 Security

As we’ve mentioned, it is often possible to reduce the costs of insuring a property and its contents – residential or commercial – when you have an around-the-clock security provision that significantly reduces the potential for your property to become a criminal target.

Insurers all have different policies but usually provide a guide as to the standard of locks, surveillance, alarm systems or on-site guarding they consider appropriate to reduce the risk profile of your property and offer a lower insurance rate.

Peace of Mind for Property Owners

Finally, the presence of a skilled guard, or the knowledge that an accomplished surveillance team is monitoring your property day and night, offers you the peace of mind that your property, and the assets inside, are fully protected.

Keyholders can respond to alarms, or the ARC team can verify whether an alert has been falsely triggered by wildlife, avoiding any callouts at unsociable hours or the concern that when you lock up your property for the evening or weekend, there is a potential you will find it in any condition other than how you left it.

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