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Data shows: Over 11,000 homes have been empty for at least 10 years

According to new research, by a Government organisation, more than 11,000 homes across the country have been lying empty for longer than a decade. This research also includes figures for both five years or more (23,000 empty properties) and again for two years or more (60,000 empty properties).

With such a high volume of properties being vacant it is more than likely that some have been broken into or squatted. Why? Because vacant properties will attract anti-social behaviour, therefore if you have a vacant property you should ensure it is protected against any intruders.

In 2017, there were two very sad cases of children dying as a result of playing in unprotected/ derelict vacant properties. This is a massive responsibility for property owners.

Vacant properties are also open to risks such as illegal occupation (e.g. squatting), vandalism, drug use, metal theft, fire and fly-tipping, incurring expenses for waste removal services. Vacant property specialists can provide services like cleaning vacant properties in these situations and prevent problems before they occur.

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