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CPD Workshop – Commercial Rent (COVID-19) Bill Initial Questions & Answers

CPD Workshop – Commercial Rent (COVID-19) Bill Initial Questions & Answers
CPD Workshop – Commercial Rent (COVID-19) Bill Initial Questions & Answers

The Government has brought forward its proposed legislation dealing with Covid Rent arrears and the arbitration scheme to resolve Covid Rent arrears disputes. The Bill will now be subject to the usual parliamentary scrutiny and may change as it makes its way through Parliament.

We will answer some of the initial questions that the real estate industry will have.

Clearway are a leading industry voice on CRAR, SCAR and the management of commercial void properties. As restrictions through the pandemic are lifted and adjusted, we are committed to keeping you fully informed on how they will impact your business and how to plot your way through them. Check back regularly for updates..

We have created an online portal, The Clearway CPD Hub.

Clearway has established itself as a renowned thought leader in the commercial debt, eviction and void property management spaces. It acts as a knowledge hub, bringing together the specialist expertise of other leading UK companies in the fields of commercial debt recovery, evictions, void property management and security. These advisory services bring clarity and depth of information, allowing a balanced and practical strategy to be undertaken on behalf of our clients on any debt ledgers, and in the management of their void and vacant property portfolios.

Our range of off the shelf CPD surgeries include:

Government updated COVID legislation on Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) – the latest updates and what the latest restrictions tell us.

Focus on CRAR and commercial debt positions in light of the pandemic, plotting the way back to the ‘new normal’.

smartPROP – creating the simplest way to manage and secure void properties. Incorporating:

Keyless digital access control technology.

Smart building monitoring technology, to facilitate effective plant and facility management.

Smart connectivity, future proofing office communication.

Effective presentation of vacant properties to enhance and protect branding.

Intelligent water monitoring safety systems.

Travellers & Squatters – what the law states and the options available to you.

Former tenant recoveries – debt ledger purchase.

Our CPD Surgeries offer a virtual registration facility and enable you to access our dedicated e-library to access our pre-recorded CPDs. This feature will provide a range of topical CPD’s available when required and at no cost.

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