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Concrete Barrier Blocks Cost

Concrete Barrier Blocks Cost
Concrete Barrier Blocks Cost

How much do Concrete Barrier Blocks cost?

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The Clearway team is often asked about pricing for concrete barrier hire – but it’s challenging to calculate precise figures without running through all the variables.

The great thing about concrete barriers is that they are hugely versatile, with multiple uses, sizes, construction configurations and lengths of hire, so we’ll explain how those factors impact the cost to help you get an indication as to the right budget. Read more about concrete barrier block costs below.

What Factors Will Impact the Cost of my Concrete Barrier Block Hire?

As we’ve seen, there are various types of concrete barrier blocks, each with properties that make them ideal for protecting against criminal activity, traffic collisions, fire and water.

The type of concrete barrier blocks you hire is only one factor in assessing what the hire cost is likely to be – other considerations include:

For how long you need to hire your concrete barrier blocks?

That might be for one weekend, to help with crowd control at a large event, or it could be for a year, to protect a work crew for the duration of a construction project.

How complicated are your assembly requirements?

Concrete blocks can be configured in limitless ways, from low-level barriers to taller supporting walls or vertical constructions.

Clearway concrete blocks are designed to be bolted together to form a robust barrier. We also supply M24 heavy-duty steel bolts fitted inside recesses for easy configuration.

Where do you need your concrete blocks delivered?

We offer delivery services, including a lorry mounted hydraulic crane and a Moffett M8 30.3 trailer mounted forklift, to deliver concrete barrier blocks to any location or site across the UK.

That ensures our teams can reach even tricky areas, using the forklift for more complex sites where a lorry-mounted crane would not be able to reach. Our teams also offer out of hours services where you need a bespoke delivery service adapted to your working patterns and security needs.

Clearway delivers throughout the country from our base in Kent. Every delivery is carried out by a qualified and experienced team who meet our codes of practice and safety standards for safe transport, handling and installation.

Therefore, when budgeting for your concrete barrier hire, the cost considerations include:

  • The type of concrete blocks you need.
  • How long you need to hire them.
  • Whether you need Clearway to erect your concrete barrier for you.
  • The total number of blocks needed.
  • Your delivery and location requirements.
  • Whether you require specialist surveyor advice.

Other concrete block cost factors

How will the concrete Barrier Blocks be Used?

Concrete barriers are used for hundreds of applications, from construction site safety to traffic management, crowd control, and vacant property security.

Some of the popular ways to utilise these temporary safety barriers include:

  • Creating an impassable boundary to secure a perimeter, roadway or area off-limits to unauthorised visitors or where vehicles are restricted.
  • Guiding traffic around sites, with barriers used to mark out parking spaces, exits, entrances and pedestrian areas.
  • Traffic management and workforce protection where works are taking place alongside roads, busy carriageways or access points.

These are just a few of the many applications. Concrete blocks can be hired for short-term use, for example, to help control the flow of traffic during a public event or for longer-term use as a construction site safety precaution.

Each venue will be unique, so it’s vital to work out how many blocks you need, what purpose they will serve, and how long you need to hire them to work out a cost estimate.

What Types of Concrete Blocks do you need?

Another variable depends on the type, size and number of concrete blocks you need to hire.

Again, this relies on your specific project, safety requirements, and regulatory standards, such as the maximum load-bearing capacity of your temporary concrete blocks.

Clearway supplies delivers and assembles hired concrete barriers with multiple options to choose from:

  • Jersey barriers are ideal for traffic control or construction teams working in high traffic areas or adjacent to roads.
  • Temporary vertical concrete blocks (TVCBs) are used in many ways, including flood defences, high impact vehicle security barriers, and to secure wide entranceways.
  • Heras fencing concrete barriers are a powerful perimeter control, securing open land or sites and safeguarding them from intruders.
  • Interlocking concrete blocks are often used to build retaining walls, for example, during excavation works or as a fire defence solution.

If you are unsure which concrete barrier blocks are best suited to your budget or for your intended purpose; please contact Clearway for professional recommendations.

For any further information about any of these factors or help estimating your total concrete barrier block hire costs, get in touch with the Clearway team at any time.

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