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Clearway helps Calabar Alumni and Friends UK

Clearway helps Calabar Alumni and Friends UK
Clearway helps Calabar Alumni and Friends UK

Clearway bikes finally find a home!

The Calabar School in Jamaica is an all boys school, that ensures the best possible outcome for all their students through efficient use of resources. The core of garnering support for the high school is the Calabar Alumni and Friends Association UK, a not-for-profit organisation, set up by ex students of the school.

The Alumni and Friends Association’s mission is to “Mould Boys into Good Men and Responsible Citizens.”
Clearway Services has donated over 30 bikes to the school to help the young boys. The bikes will be a great asset to the boys encouraging sports as well as their own projects to work on. Sports plays an important part in the life of the school, so the bikes are extremely valuable.

Kevin Palmer, an ex student of Calabar High School and a representative of the Alumni and friends charity, had a few kind words to say about Clearway:

“Many thanks to Clearway Services for supporting our charity by donating a range of different bikes, this will help the students massively by giving them a sense of responsibility and independence. The Calabar School will benefit from the bikes as will the local community, farmers and young entrepreneurs. The bikes will be used for transport to and from school, leisure and training.”

The bikes have been shipped to Jamaica so will arrive in a few weeks. We look forward to receiving an update on how the bikes have helped the locals.

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