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Can You Access CCTV Footage Remotely? Remote monitoring explained

Can You Access CCTV Footage Remotely? Remote monitoring explained
Can You Access CCTV Footage Remotely? Remote monitoring explained

CCTV surveillance cameras capture unusual movement, suspicious activity, event logs, foot traffic, and vehicles approaching or navigating your premises. But can you access this information remotely? The answer is yes – with a remote CCTV monitoring solution. Having immediate, on-demand access to that footage may be imperative to site owners and security teams.

While conventional CCTV systems channel footage and transmissions through static desktop feeds or video recording equipment, advanced CCTV monitoring provides the functionality to ensure you can see what is happening in real-time from any device.

In this article, we’ll explain how remote CCTV access works, how it can augment your site or property security, and why tamper-proof signalling offers the option of implementing robust 24/7 protection for any premise.

Advanced Features of Modern CCTV Surveillance Solutions

Innovations in the world of technological monitoring have come a remarkably long way over recent years, and gone are the days where you’d need to be logged into a security desk or sitting watching a live feed to spot something untoward.

Our CCTV solutions are adaptable and varied and incorporate cutting-edge tech that can eliminate the need for around-the-clock manual surveillance, outsourcing the initial security surveillance to a fully functioning camera system.

Here are some of the many features you may find beneficial:

  • High-definition cameras equipped with infrared sight to maintain surveillance day and night, in any weather conditions, with a crisp, clear definition.
  • IP CCTV setups capture audio and images, compress them into compact data files, and transmit information instantly through internet connections or internal networks.
  • Thermal imaging, facial recognition and vehicle number plate detection cameras use AI-enabled technology to track people, known individuals and vehicles.

Added to these features, remote CCTV transmissions provide additional assurance, sending alerts to your nominated security personnel, on-site teams, or to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Depending on your requirements and risks, your CCTV can be programmed with specific operating times or installed with set areas of coverage, with systems raising the alarm whenever an incident occurs within your defined parameters.

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How Does Remote CCTV Access Work?

We provide multiple types of CCTV systems, from wireless, solar, or battery-powered systems to fixed, temporary, and specialist vacant property surveillance alarms. These units are integrated with your communications, internet connection or cellular networks, ensuring that signals, alarms and alerts can be instigated on demand at any time.

Depending on the surveillance systems you select, that could include a short burst of video, a connection to a live stream, a pre-recorded footage segment, or CCTV that features both audio and video recordings.

You can specify how and when these signals or alerts are transmitted, whether you’d like your CCTV to notify site managers immediately when suspicious activity is detected or divert all alarms to our purpose-built ARC facility.

The outcome is that any events, unexpected movement or unauthorised activity outside of operational hours is logged and recorded, and the appropriate people are notified right away – ensuring your response times are rapid, targeted and relevant.

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What Are the Main Applications for Remote Access CCTV Feeds?

There are countless scenarios where property owners or site managers are not likely to be on-site and available throughout the day and night. Some of the many use cases for remote CCTV camera systems include:

  • Monitoring residential and commercial vacant properties at risk of vandalism, trespass, fly-tipping and squatting.
  • Surveilling higher-risk business sites and commercial premises, ensuring any intrusion attempts are handled quickly.
  • Businesses that use CCTV during weekends, overnight or over holiday periods, where there will not be personnel on-site to respond to any incidents.

We also work with private landowners and property managers who need a way to remain aware of anything occurring on their property or land while away.

This could, for example, apply to landlords and managers responsible for security at multiple sites or those with inventory or assets at risk of theft where there isn’t a stationed security guard available to respond.

CCTV remote access is facilitated through a secure-access app or online password-protected account, where only approved individuals can receive alerts, access the footage or alert and identify the cause of the alarm.

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How Can Remote Access CCTV Surveillance Improve Site Security?

Like every security system, CCTV surveillance is only as effective as your ability to verify the cause of the alert and respond. In many cases, a static CCTV system that saves footage to a video drive is less viable since you may only become aware of a break-in or incident after the fact – when the damage has been done.

Remote monitoring is often integrated with intelligent analytical software, which ensures that false alerts, such as alarms triggered by wildlife, are disregarded. In other cases, a trained responder based at the ARC will investigate the cause and determine whether further action is required.

When a live incident is recorded, logged, and verified, our response teams will react based on our established protocols, which depend on the nature of the alarm and the severity of the event.

That might, for example, mean contacting the emergency services to request an urgent response from the local police force or fire and rescue team, liaising with your security guards to advise on the situation, or communicating with staff on-site to direct them to a place of safety.

Proactive responses prevent any severe incident from unfolding without a swift response and can also help stop criminal intrusions, break-ins and thefts in their tracks.

We often use audio warning responses embedded into CCTV equipment, where response supervisors can advise intruders they are being monitored, their actions are being recorded, and this information is being shared remotely with security personnel or the police. This robust deterrent is highly effective.

Have you considered outsourcing your CCTV monitoring?


It’s not always possible for you or your security team to keep an eye on your CCTV systems at all times. Clearway offers an outsourced NSI Gold CCTV monitoring service that can provide numerous advantages to businesses and organisations:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing CCTV monitoring allows businesses to avoid the costs associated with hiring and training in-house personnel to monitor surveillance systems. Instead, they can pay a service provider for monitoring services on an as-needed basis, potentially reducing overall expenses.
  • Expertise and specialised skills: CCTV monitoring service providers often have highly trained staff with expertise in surveillance technology and security protocols. By outsourcing, businesses can benefit from the specialised skills of these professionals without having to invest in extensive training programmes for their own employees.
  • 24/7 monitoring: We offer round-the-clock surveillance services, providing continuous monitoring and response to security threats. This can be particularly beneficial for businesses that require constant monitoring but may not have the resources to maintain a dedicated in-house surveillance team.
  • Advanced technology and equipment: Outsourcing CCTV monitoring can give businesses access to the latest surveillance technologies and equipment without the need for large upfront investments. Our NSI Gold Monitoring uses cutting-edge technology to ensure the effectiveness of our surveillance operations.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Outsourcing CCTV monitoring allows businesses to scale their surveillance operations up or down as needed, depending on factors such as business growth, seasonal fluctuations, or specific security concerns. This flexibility can be especially advantageous for businesses with dynamic security needs.

If you’re interested in an outsourced CCTV monitoring service, get in touch with Clearway today on 0800 085 8695 or fill out the contact form below.

Implementing Remote CCTV Access at Your Property or Site

Whether you own a vacant property, need to protect an empty commercial unit, or manage a premise that has elevated risks, remote access CCTV provides faster responses in an emergency, better real-time risk management, and the peace of mind that you can see what is happening from any location, and on any device.

For more information about remote CCTV footage and secure transmissions or the types of CCTV cameras that may be best suited to your property or site, please contact one of the Clearway security experts.

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