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Arbitration ends and forfeiture in Wales returns to normal.

Arbitration ends and forfeiture in Wales returns to normal.
Arbitration ends and forfeiture in Wales returns to normal.

We can confirm that the government restrictions during the pandemic period have now ended.

Arbitration ended midnight 23rd September 2022.

If you did not use the arbitration process:

If you have not taken advantage of the arbitration process to recover ‘ringfenced rent arrears’ accrued during the pandemic, the deadline to do so has now passed without extension. Rent arrears are no longer protected and can be recovered using CRAR in the normal manner.

If you used the arbitration process:

Arrears included in an agreement made under the arbitration process continue to be protected for the duration of that agreement.

If you used arbitration but now have further arrears

If you entered into an agreement using the arbitration process, but now have arrears which were not covered within that agreement, those arrears are subject to CRAR in the normal manner.

Moratorium on forfeiture in Wales ended midnight 24th September 2022

Restrictions on commercial evictions (forfeiture) for non-payment of commercial rent in Wales have now ended and forfeiture can be used in Wales once again, in the normal manner.

Forfeitures from Clearway Debt Squared are standalone to other Enforcement Agencies. As part of The Clearway Group our extended smartPROP services will include – clearVIEW360 takes 270MP HDR virtual tours, creates 98%+ floor plan accuracy and will provide the highest resolution virtual tours for future new tenant viewing.


Friday 30th September 2022

CRAR process can begin. Notices of Enforcement giving tenants 7 days to pay will be sent the same day (if received by 3pm).

Monday 10th October 2022

First date our agents can attend on instructions remaining unpaid.

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