Antiviral Fogging Costs

Antiviral Fogging Costs
Antiviral Fogging Costs

How much does Antiviral Fogging cost?

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Anti-viral fogging is a superior method of deep cleaning essential for schools, hospitals, medical facilities and businesses in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This is a critical safeguard, whether opening closed doors for the first time or eliminating infection risks following a positive alert.

Professional cleaning crews have employed fogging techniques for many years. Still, this option has become increasingly popular as a viable way to eradicate contaminants and particles more profoundly than any manual cleaning intervention.

Here we’ll explain what costs are associated with anti-viral fogging, why it’s a more efficient investment, and which premises are most likely to benefit.

How Much Does Anti-Viral Fogging Cost?

Every premises or building will be different – which is why fogging is such an adaptive cleaning regime! That means it is difficult to give a ballpark figure as to how much a professional anti-viral clean should cost.

As an indication:

  • Fogging services can range from the low £100s to thousands – it very much depends on the scope of the project.
  • Pricing factors include the number of rooms, size of each room, number of stairwells, passageways and entrances that the deep cleaning crew must clean.

The benefit of using fogging over any other cleaning method is that it effectively coats every surface, corner and grating with safe anti-viral disinfectants.

Properties are clear to return to within just an hour or two and will be virus-free if all the surfaces are cleaned.. For workplaces or medical centres where a Coronavirus infection has broken out, this is one of the most superior ways to ensure your premises are restored to safe operation.

Anti-viral fogging isn’t only suitable for a COVID-19 containment exercise but will remove any dangerous viral particles of any description from your building.

Is Anti-Viral Fogging More Efficient Than Traditional Cleaning Techniques?

Many businesses or premises managers opt for anti-viral fogging for a multitude of reasons. Benefits include:

  • Cost savings on business closure times with a quick turnaround anti-contamination service.
  • The ability for staff or visitors to safely return within just a couple of hours.
  • Efficient cleaning even in hard to reach spaces, ensuring that workforces can have confidence that the building is entirely virus-free.
  • The lack of a need for additional cleaning or partial business shutdowns to facilitate a complete deep clean – usually carried out one room at a time if using a manual cleaning technique.
  • Safety, with anti-viral chemicals being suitable for use in any premises, posing zero risks to health when the property is declared safe to resume service.

The costs of decontaminating a property after a viral infection goes far beyond the cleaning routine itself. Manual deep cleans can take several days or even weeks for large organisations, during which time no staff or visitors are permitted to access the site.

Harsh chemicals may require multiple days to disperse, with the risk of airborne irritants should any workforce enter the building before an appropriate time has passed.

Businesses may be required to remain closed for any number of days once a visitor or staff member has been positively diagnosed as a virus carrier. After months of lockdowns and trading closures, this additional inconvenience can be crippling to companies just getting back on their feet.

Thus, anti-viral fogging provides a same-day solution, with almost immediate site safety and a comprehensive way to remove every infectious virus in the quickest possible time, reducing the costs to your business.

Would Anti-Viral Fogging Benefit my Business?

Anti-viral fogging is almost certainly the most effective and affordable option if your business, school, healthcare centre or venue has to close due to a COVID-19 infection.

Clearway teams use a professional grade anti-viral disinfectant to sanitise every nook and cranny of your building, quickly and thoroughly destroying both viral contaminants and any other biological agent that may be present.

Viruses are deadly yet invisible, so we recommend anti-viral fogging even for larger organisations with in-house cleaning crews.

We cannot overestimate the risks inherent with potentially fatal viruses. Our deep cleaning crews are fully equipped with sanitising facilities and professional-grade PPE to ensure that nobody is exposed to any additional health hazards.

Why Professional Anti-Viral Fogging is the Best Defence Against Virus Transmission

As we’ve touched on, anti-viral fogging isn’t something the Clearway team would advise any untrained operative to attempt.

Professional deep cleaning includes skill, training, and experience. Every crew uses chemical suits, ventilators, sealed masks, and precise disinfectant concentrations, with chemicals approved and tested to BS EN 14476 standards.

The mist produced by the fogging equipment must remain undisturbed for an hour or two, as advised by the cleaning operator, to ensure that the fine layer of fog has effectively dispersed and is no longer present.

There are no harmful by-products and no sensitivities. Anti-viral fogging is suitable for any premises or property, eradicating contaminants and ensuring the thorough eradication of any and every viral particle present. Read more about our antiviral fogging service here. 

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