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All About Access Control Solutions

All About Access Control Solutions
All About Access Control Solutions

If you own or manage a commercial property and it becomes vacant, whatever its size or location, robust security is a must-have. 

In addition to CCTVwireless video alarm systems and manned guarding, Clearway’s access control systems offer outstanding protection for empty warehouses, shops, offices and construction sites. They maximise modern technology for a solution that’s high-level, streamlined and, for want of another word, sleek.

These systems could deliver an additional, complementary safeguarding option at your unoccupied site. In our experience, their mere existence is a massive red flag to would-be intruders – an off-putting visual deterrent that proves your investment in the security of your premises. And, your commitment to its ongoing maintenance and care.

Worldwide, statistics* reveal that the growth of the access control market is on the up. Valued at $7,814.5 million in 2022, it’s expected to grow at a rate of 7.5% to reach $12,366.2 million by 2028.

This article takes you through the different kinds of access control solutions that Clearway offers, with all the information you need to decide which may suit you best.

A Simple Definition: What Are Access Control Solutions?

In brief, an access control system allows or restricts access to a property, a room or any other specific area. It’s an electronically-powered type of physical security that manages precisely who has the right to enter a particular location at a particular time. Plus, who doesn’t.

It’s an ideal choice if you only want authorised personnel to gain entry to your vacant property; in other words, an easy yet pretty sophisticated answer to something you most likely do want and do need.

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What Does It Do?

Ultimately, an access control system keeps an operation running smoothly. How? Through allowing the uninterrupted comings and goings of permitted individuals or vehicles whilst stopping anyone else before they have been appropriately screened – visitors, for example.

Let’s delve a little deeper.

Clearway offers:

Three Types of Access Control

Discretionary Access Control (DAC). DAC enables you, or your security provider to direct and manage exactly who has access to each entry point. Each door’s card reader has programmed into it a list of authorised people, and only these staff have access to the building or area.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC). This is all about centralised control based on what a security policy administrator decides. It may, for example, be used at larger sites where several individuals, for whatever reason, could be coming and going. Or, for locations with specific security needs. Also, it can standardise a security strategy across more than one location.

Role-based Access Control (RBAC). RBAC denies or approves entry based on particular roles. For instance, it enables access levels so that only people with specific responsibilities or sufficient seniority may enter the property to carry out their tasks.

Access Control in the Real World

How does everything come together?

As with all Clearway products and services, everything happens from the bottom up.

We start with a tailored, in-depth risk assessment of your commercial property. This will help us identify the right access control solution for your property in terms of who has the right of entry, where and when. We aim to future-proof our recommendations, too. If the premises will be vacant for some time, your requirements may change. So, we’ll enable you to use your new system for as long as you need.

It’s likely that your unoccupied premises could benefit from other security measures, such as CCTVvideo alarmskeyless steel doors and screens, and so on, and we’d be happy to discuss these options with you.

clearway commercial access control

Access Applications – And Alerts

The infrastructure here is cutting-edge, yet simultaneously relatively straightforward:

It may involve electric locks, card readers, door status for traffic monitoring and request-to-exit devices. They all report to an access control panel set up at a remote location – see below – and then to a server, where data and permissions are stored.

Installations can be integrated with existing security networks, or standalone set-ups and can be configured for remote access

Standalone or PC-based? Let’s touch on the tech.

Either installed at a single point or several access points, with a standalone system the individuals you nominate can enter via a number code or present a proximity token.

A PC-based system works well in more complex environments and allows the user to send commands to all access points, and provide access only to specific people. It also offers movement activity and full management information.

For attempts at unauthorised entry or any other intruder activity, we link to Clearway’s access control alarm monitoring system. It’s located at our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is accredited to Gold Standard by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate. The monitoring system squares the circle. Operated 24/7, highly trained staff oversee all alarm activations; once confirmed as legitimate, the notification is escalated, and staff will contact the emergency services and send out security personnel if required.

High-Tech Entry – Or Not

A number of Clearway’s modern security systems are quasi-James Bond.

They can draw on a wide range of metrics, including:

  • Facial recognition
  • Biometric scanning
  • Secure key fobs
  • Key code entry systems
  • Number plate detection

Access Management Options

Visitor Management Systems. As well as standard access control, we provide state-of-the-art visitor management systems. There may be occasions to welcome third parties to your unoccupied construction site or empty property. Equally, you may need to monitor people on-site and maintain essential health and safety standards should a prompt evacuation be required.

With optional accessible touch-screen interfaces, arrival notification functionality and even Ts and Cs acceptance prompts, your visitors are offered a positive experience rather than an awkward arrival.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Permitted vehicles may come in; non-authorised ones may not. This speeds up access, improving traffic flow during busy periods. A pre-approved database will check them and maintain a real-time log of vehicles on the site.

Audio/Video Door Entry. Designed to be vandal-resistant, this technology delivers a two-way communication panel to check someone’s identity before letting them in.

door entry systems for businesses

What Are The Benefits of Access Control Systems?

  • Obviously, it stands to reason that this simple yet vanguard technology goes a long way to impede burglars or those with harmful intent to the property or the site. Criminals sometimes wear suits, and access control solutions can frustrate all ne’er-do-wells, not just the ones you may generally expect.
  • As well as streamlining site-wide movement with clever “set and forget” routines, you can offer authorised individuals the freedom to work when needed – not least if it’s out-of-hours. Also, you’re keeping them safer and more secure.
  • You can keep track of who comes in and leaves. You have control. Not to put too fine a point on it, should there be, shall we say, an accident or an unfortunate incident, you will be more likely to identify its source.
  • Moreover, traditional keys – infinitely loseable, and vulnerable to theft and duplication – may no longer be needed.

Did You Know…?

  • We create bespoke network designs and technical plans for all our access control clients.
  • An experienced Clearway consultant will commission the best hardware and software for your needs and handle each step of its implementation.
  • staff will be offered full training to ensure they can use the new system with ease.
  • Value-added maintenance and servicing packages from Clearway and 24/7 emergency call-outs offer you peace of mind.

Learn how access control services can future-proof your business

What Clearway Thinks

Technology moves fast, therefore, access control systems will no doubt become increasingly sophisticated. Futuristic, even. Their integration with smart technology, already widely available, could become commonplace, with even machine learning and AI a part of the mix at some stage.

Right here, right now access control solutions are a powerful combination of prevention and measurement: authorised personnel are kept out, yet highly valuable information on “who”, “how many”, and “when” is a practical way to keep tabs on the doings of workers in and around a commercial property.

Access control systems could play a key role in your security strategy. Get in touch with Clearway for more information.


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