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A Rise in Crime Rates Over Easter: Is Your Business Ready?

A Rise in Crime Rates Over Easter: Is Your Business Ready?
A Rise in Crime Rates Over Easter: Is Your Business Ready?

While the Easter bank holiday often provides a much-needed break and offers business owners two consecutive days off either side of the weekend to relax with their families, this time of year doesn’t only mean Easter services, chocolate eggs, and novelty bunny ears.

Unfortunately, the nationwide business closures so common over the bank holiday also correlate with a sharp rise in the risk of break-ins, thefts, vandalism and coordinated robberies, where criminals know that many commercial units will be empty and unsupervised for the full four days.

Businesses such as shops in busy city centres are also vulnerable, where rowdy behaviour partially attributed to extended opening hours of bars and clubs can contribute to spikes in criminal damage, such as smashed windows – all of which can make a pleasant bank holiday a nightmare for owners.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on making your premise less appealing to opportunist thieves and outline some of the many temporary security solutions that will ensure you can relax over the holiday without niggling security concerns.


Straightforward ways to avoid criminal break-ins over the Easter bank holiday

Our first advice would be to ensure you take all the necessary precautions if you are planning to close your business for the weekend. However, it’s wise to avoid complacency even if you are open – because it is highly unlikely the business will be staffed continuously, and the late-night escalations in anti-social behaviour remain a possible concern.

Depending on the location and type of business you own or manage, that could mean:

  • Discussing lock-up procedures with staff, ensuring every window, door, roller shutter or rear entrance point is fully locked, blinds lowered, and gates are closed.
  • Checking that all of your existing security arrangements are working properly – do any battery-powered alarms or devices have a full charge, is your CCTV footage operating correctly, and are there any gaps or signs of damage around your perimeter fencing?
  • Making arrangements for call-outs – if your alarm system triggers an alert late on Saturday night or first thing on bank holiday Monday, who will respond, and how will they react if they discover the alarm is genuine and there is a break-in underway?

Putting plans in place before a four-day closure is highly advisable and often means you uncover gaps in your security that may not have been obvious before. From there, you can make informed decisions about the scale of the security risk, whether you have opportunities to mitigate that threat, or whether it would be worth investing in short-term security measures.

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Protecting your business over the Easter bank holiday weekend

As commercial and empty property security specialists, we can recommend several solutions to reinforce your security protection – whether as a temporary fix for the extended bank holiday or on a longer-term basis to provide peace of mind.

While the most suitable recommendations will depend on the risks of criminal activity your business is most exposed to; we might suggest one or several of the following surveillance systems or security services.

Temporary CCTV Surveillance

Many businesses assume that CCTV has to be hard-wired and fixed, but there are several advanced, modern surveillance solutions that work independently or can be connected to a power supply for short-term usage.

CCTV surveillance is an excellent deterrent, with signage and highly visible cameras putting off intruders. It can be in the form of an autonomous CCTV tower that operates from battery or solar power for outdoor settings. An alternative is a temporary CCTV system that can be installed very quickly and provides around-the-clock coverage for the entire period your business is closed.

Perimeter Intrusion Detection – inView Detect

Clearway inView Detect PIDs with engineer

The inView Detect is a portable intrusion detection device that you can install anywhere on your premises, whether in a network around your perimeter, directly inside your fences or front entrances, next to high-value assets and vehicles, or within storage areas and warehouses.

Each device detects movements and vibrations that indicate an intrusion, sending an immediate alarm signal to your security responder, our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), or yourself, depending on your requirements and alarm response protocols.

Commercial Alarm Systems

intruder alarm Keypad

Just as CCTV cameras can be battery-operated and deployed rapidly for temporary usage, our range of alarm systems is also adaptable. Temporary alarm systems are often used for vacant properties that are empty for a limited period and are equally suited to periodic instances where extra security would be useful.

Alternatively, we can install a hybrid alarm and CCTV system called a video-verified alarm over the Easter bank holiday weekend. This system raises the alert when movement is detected, such as when a person breaks a window or door but also captures a series of images to verify the authenticity of the alarm.

Mobile Guarding and Security Patrols

Security Dog Patrol

A final suggestion may be to opt for guarding around your business during closures. You might, for example, opt for randomised patrols that attend on a changing timetable to ensure any potential intruders cannot map out their routine or guess when the security team will next arrive.

Mobile Patrols are particularly important for businesses at elevated risk or where there is a likely disturbance nearby during the bank holiday. Criminals and opportunist thieves are considerably less inclined to attempt to target a business that is being actively patrolled or guarded by a uniformed security professional – and their K9 guarding companion where necessary.

Vacant Property Security

Vacant Property Security

Please get in touch for more information about any of the services mentioned here or to learn about our comprehensive suite of security services relevant to vacant properties and empty commercial units.

If your business premises are expected to be empty even for a short period, it is highly advisable you review your security arrangements and have ongoing surveillance in place – ensuring that somebody will record an incident or alarm, notify the police where appropriate, or liaise with your security patrols to prevent an intrusion from continuing uninterrupted.

We provide a complete range of solutions, from temporary boarding, steel security screens for windows and steel doors to keyholding and open/lock-up services, around-the-clock alarm and CCTV monitoring through our ARC and 24/7 or randomised guarding and patrols.

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