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300 million odour receptors can’t be wrong

300 million odour receptors can’t be wrong
300 million odour receptors can’t be wrong

A request for us to provide a drug-detection dog unit demonstrates how no two days are the same at Clearway. Our client, a college, requested the sniffer dog to scout-out both the site and pupils in search of illegal substances and, in a single six-hour session, the dog found 15 separate indications of drugs on site.

The dog started the morning by greeting pupils as they came in and then continued the day searching around the entire college. The dog sniffed out 3 or 4 finds as well as herb grinder in some bushes. One of the finds included specks of cannabis in someone’s bag and again in someone’s locker. Another strong indication as the dog continued to search the college was someone’s jacket.

Sniffer dogs have incredible sensitive sensitive odour receptors are in their noses – some 300 million compared to humans having around 30 million. Trained sniffer dogs are able to identify individual scents when there are dozens of other scents in the same area – perfect for sniffing around a college where there are thousands of pupils.

The dog handler and dog work closely as a team and, on this occasion, the handler also spotted someone with nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas)!

Overall, the day was a huge success and Clearway received positive feedback as usual:

“…please pass on my thanks with particular credit to the team who backed the dog 100% and were very instrumental in the success of the indications/finds”

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