We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Year: 2024

xl block being transported

There’s a Brand-New, Ultra-Heavyweight Concrete Block – On the Block

Sometimes, more is more. Introducing our latest interlocking concrete block: It’s a super-substantial 4.7 metric tonnes. And it could, for example, be coming to a vacant commercial or building site near you. More to the point – your vacant site, land or property perimeter. There are concrete blocks, and then there are these concrete blocks – supplied by Clearway. Specifically,…

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A Stitch in Time: The Importance of Property Inspections 

Securing your vacant commercial property between tenancies is essential. However, that’s not the end of it. Ensuring “shut down” is just a part of the process; the first important thing you do, rather than a complete set of measures. In other words, not quite the whole nine yards. In Clearway’s opinion and experience, regular property inspections are an ideal…

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cctv GDPR

CCTV and GDPR / Data Privacy Regulations: Are You Compliant?

As experienced suppliers of a vast range of commercial and domestic CCTV installations, the Clearway team often deals with privacy queries. There are laws to be aware of whether you are: Installing a new CCTV surveillance system. Verifying whether an existing installation is compliant. Planning to add new cameras or reposition your current ones. To…

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What is Extreme Cleaning? And Why You May Need It One Day

Did you know that, as well as expertise in safeguarding vacant commercial properties, Clearway also offers high-standard extreme cleaning services? Extreme cleaning. Not for you, you may think; that’s firmly outside your radar. Hopefully, you won’t need us. But – one day, things could look quite different, and you may need to know who to…

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Concrete barrier in use

How Much Do Concrete Barriers Weigh?

Concrete barrier blocks are a versatile, straightforward physical safety and security measure available in various configurations. Our concrete barriers weigh anything from 1200kg to 4700kg per block and are capable of withstanding heavy impacts, including traffic collisions. The weight and strength of dense interlocked or stacked concrete blocks mean they cannot be moved or shifted…

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does cctv record all the time?

Do Security Cameras Record All the Time? Options for 24/7 Security

Do security cameras record all of the time? This is a popular question amongst security-conscious site operators and business owners who are keen to make sure their security measures are working around the clock and don’t miss a beat so to speak. Yes, conventional CCTV systems do record constantly if they’re programmed to do so…

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Superhero Surveillance: What You Need to Know About Mobile CCTV Towers

If you’re a commercial landlord or manage empty property of any type, your needs are clear: everything must be in secure lockdown—as safe as possible, with the exception of authorised access. In this article, we’re all about CCTV, but not the “normal” kind you may already know. Depending on your needs, mobile CCTV towers could…

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Metal Theft - how bad in the problem

Metal Theft: Understanding the Severity of the Problem and the Best Preventative Solutions (Update)

Updated for 2024. Metal theft costs the UK economy around half a billion pounds per year – it’s a serious problem that isn’t going away. The resale value of certain commonly used metals continues to make metal theft a highly prized activity for adventurous, risk-taking thieves in the UK and across Europe. While some businesses…

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What Is an Addressable Fire Alarm System? Addressable vs Analogue

Analogue and addressable fire alarm systems are two of the most-used solutions for businesses and public access spaces, and we often consult with clients unsure of the best options for their premises or how these systems differ. In this article we’ll clarify the contrasts, explain how each fire alarm system works, and share some guidance…

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Squatting: If It Can Happen to Gordon Ramsay…

…It could happen to you. Commercial squatters – they know the law, and they’re going to use it. Widely reported in the press last week were the travails of one Gordon Ramsay. Everyone’s favourite sweary executive chef has had a few problems with squatters. And these folks are not to be trifled with it, it…

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Vehicle Barrier Systems: How to Restrict Vehicle Access

Controlling vehicular access to your business, premise or property is an important aspect of security – whether you have a company site that backs onto open land, manage an agricultural business or construction site, or want to prevent criminal activity such as trespass and fly-tipping. But what is the best way to restrict vehicle access?…

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How to Secure Unoccupied Land

Facts and Figures Let’s start with an interesting fact or two about land. More specifically, our land. Over two centuries after the poet Willliam Blake wrote the lyrics to what went on to become Jerusalem, we still have our green and pleasant land. Prepare to be a little surprised. Why? Well, according to government statistics, despite our…

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construction site weak point

What are the Weak Access Points at a Construction Site?

Building Our Economy It is often said that the state of the construction sector reflects the health of our economy as a whole. What’s more, it’s a pivotal force behind growth; lots of cranes looming over the urban landscape – and we’re doing well. Not much construction going on? Things may not be quite as…

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fuel theft

Does CCTV Work When There Is No Light?

Conventional CCTV cameras have limited functionality during the evening and overnight, often producing grainy, blurry footage – if at all. However, the newest generation of CCTV surveillance provides a vast array of features that outperform older camera units multiple times over, with infrared night vision, crystal clear captures, and efficient camera bursts when movement is…

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best CCTV for farmland and agricultural land

What Is the Best CCTV for Farmland and Agricultural Land?

Agricultural landowners, from farmers to stable owners, developers, and private homeowners, commonly report an increasingly diverse range of security issues. The nature of remote land covering larger open spaces often means they become a target for organised and opportunist criminals, who look for machinery, vehicles, equipment, and materials often stored in these areas. For example,…

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Fire alarm regulations in the UK

A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Alarm Regulations for Commercial Buildings in the UK

Are you trying to figure out the fire alarm rules for your commercial building? Every business owner has a legal responsibility to protect the safety and welfare of their workforce, and all visitors who may attend their commercial premises – but the fire alarm systems you choose may depend on the nature of your organisation…

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steel screens

Why Steel is THE Perfect Choice for Security Windows, Doors and Screens

Leaving any property vacant, even temporarily, can be risky. But, if you own or manage a commercial property, it’s even more vulnerable; it signals its empty status at 50 paces. Why? Because once occupied by busy people, it now looks disjointed and out of place. Shops, factories, offices, restaurants and so on are meant to be used…

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a type of security fencing

Types of Security Fencing for Maximum Security

Security fencing is a great way to deter opportunist intruders, prevent members of the public from inadvertently trespassing, and reinforcing other security measures – actively showing that your premise, land or business is well protected. But there are a number of types of security fencing to consider.  For many of our clients, whether commercial organisations,…

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How to Protect Your Vacant Commercial Property from Anti-Social Behaviour

This article tackles antisocial behaviour in and around vacant commercial property. We’ll examine what it is, and how it can affect your portfolio business. Also, offer sine actionable advice on how to safeguard your assets and investment. We’ve been there. With over 30 years’ experience in buildings and land security, there are almost no disruptive…

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A Rise in Crime Rates Over Easter: Is Your Business Ready?

While the Easter bank holiday often provides a much-needed break and offers business owners two consecutive days off either side of the weekend to relax with their families, this time of year doesn’t only mean Easter services, chocolate eggs, and novelty bunny ears. Unfortunately, the nationwide business closures so common over the bank holiday also…

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vacant property checklist

Ultimate Vacant Commercial Property Security Checklist

Unused, unoccupied commercial properties are more common than they used to be. This comprehensive checklist to protect your investment will help safeguard your property and minimise potential losses.   Guarding the Ghost Towns Post-pandemic, the WFH culture (working from home) has almost become the norm – or so it seems. Economically, it’s also been incredibly…

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How to protect the public and your workforce during construction projects

Managing safety and security on a construction site and adhering to safety laws and requirements can seem a daunting task, but it must be one to be taken seriously, especially as there is human life at risk. A busy work site may have multiple teams of tradespeople, constant vehicle movement, commercial machinery and potentially dangerous…

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Shining a Light: Does More Lighting Mean Less Crime?

Not everything feels particularly good in the dark. Most humans naturally fear it, most likely dating back to our ancestors’ phobias about night-time predators when sleeping in the open. And, it’s a normal part of childhood development that many adults never completely leave behind. Let’s flick a switch and illuminate the situation. Regarding security at an empty…

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Back to Basics: Your Easy Jargon-Buster for Vacant Commercial Property Security

Practically every area of business seems to have a degree of “sector speak”:  Words, phrases and acronyms that mean a great deal to the people who use them every day. And not so much for those coming to an industry for the first time. Or sourcing essential services within it, such as security for a…

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workers carrying out a construction site risk assessment.

Safety for Construction Workers: Keeping Your Site Workers Secure on the Job

Construction site managers and supervisors have a duty to protect the welfare of their employees, which can be a complex task given the number of risks, heavy-duty equipment, and potentially hazardous tools in use within any development site. So what security measures should you put in place to keep your site workers safe?  The starting…

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Do fire alarms need servicing? - A Clearway blog

Do Alarm Systems Need Servicing?

You’ve invested in the latest alarm system technology for your business – that’s great. But if the system is offline due to poor upkeep, your alarms are rendered ineffective. That’s why any alarm you have fitted within your property, business or site should be serviced regularly as part of an ongoing schedule of maintenance. This…

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How to Protect a Vacant Building From Fire

How to Protect a Vacant Building From Fire

It’s no surprise that vacant buildings and empty commercial units are at an elevated risk of fire, break-ins and criminal activity. Many reported fires that occur in an empty building are caused either by deliberate arson attacks or because of an issue such as faulty wiring sparking a blaze. Protecting a vacant property from fire…

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Clearway perimeter security

What is perimeter security? Here’s why it’s so important for your site or empty property

Traditionally, site owners and business managers have concentrated their security efforts on physical buildings, entrance points, and doors or windows – leaving a wide area of opportunity between a building and a perimeter that is unguarded and unprotected. But what about perimeter security?  Relying solely on internal security alarms can create unnecessary vulnerability where outbuildings…

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Your Complete Vacant Commercial Property Risk List

As a landlord, investor, or commercial property manager, we hold this truth to be self-evident: Your clear-cut worst-case scenario is the premises becoming vacant – even temporarily. It costs you money in deferred rental income, but there’s more: unplanned financial outlays due to potential damage and theft can rack up substantially. Without robust protection and…

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Commercial Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm Grades Explained: Which Alarm Grade Is Right for You?

When you purchase an intruder alarm for any premise or property, you’ll see a grade designated to the alarm system. These intruder alarm grades are used to advise on the types of risk the alarm system is designed to protect against and help businesses and private consumers understand which alarms are most suitable for their…

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Purpose of Sensors in Perimeter and Building Security?

What Is the Purpose of Sensors in Perimeter and Building Security?

Security alarms, CCTV cameras and perimeter security systems all have one thing in common – they are designed to prevent intruders from accessing your property or site. To function, alarms need to have a form of sensor which triggers the alarm or alert based on a movement or activity, such as the presence of a…

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The Importance of Physical Security at Your Empty Commercial Property

Less…Is More In a challenging business environment, not least a tough time for retailers and higher inflation rates, it would appear that there has been an increase in vacant property rates since the pandemic. Perhaps the working-from-home preference has contributed, too. Having hit a low of 4.6% in the first quarter of 2020, in early…

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types of fire alarm systems

Types of Fire Alarm Systems: Which Commercial Fire Alarms Are Right for Your Business?

Fire alarm systems protect against the risk of a fire breaking out, causing extensive damage or impacting the safety of personnel and visitors. However, there are multiple types of fire alarm systems incorporating different technologies, sensors, detection methods and alarm signalling features.  The type of alarm you need to protect your business will very much…

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can you monitor CCTV remotely

Can You Access CCTV Footage Remotely? Remote monitoring explained

CCTV surveillance cameras capture unusual movement, suspicious activity, event logs, foot traffic, and vehicles approaching or navigating your premises. But can you access this information remotely? The answer is yes – with a remote CCTV monitoring solution. Having immediate, on-demand access to that footage may be imperative to site owners and security teams. While conventional CCTV…

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does cctv need electricity?

No mains power? Does CCTV Work Without Electricity?

CCTV cameras provide the best possible protection for businesses, properties, construction sites and compounds – but do they work without electricity? In short, CCTV won’t work without electricity. They depend on having a reliable, always-on power source to function, however, this doesn’t have to be a main power source. CCTV can be powered wirelessly, through battery…

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What is a Commercial Property Inspection

A commercial property inspection is a thorough evaluation of a commercial property by a trained and licensed professional, typically conducted before a property sale, lease, or transfer. The purpose of a commercial property inspection is to identify any existing or potential issues with the property, including structural defects, building code violations, and environmental hazards. What…

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Safety Risk Mitigation

Safety Risk Mitigation: 5 Ways to Mitigate Property Safety Risks With Security Systems

Did you know that the installation of safety risk mitigation technology in commercial property can have a huge impact on your insurance premiums? Security systems cover a range of functions, from automated motion detectors to physical barriers, surveillance networks, alarm units and security doors. Picking the right options is essential, based on the risks your…

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concrete barrier blocks from Clearway

Types of Perimeter Security

Perimeter security is a key priority for thousands of businesses, organisations and private facilities, ensuring intruders cannot gain entry. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of perimeter security types or more importantly – understand what type is right for your risk profile. The solutions we recommend may depend on your objectives…

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insurance sector

What Is a Security Risk Assessment?

Security risk assessments follow a similar process to conducting a fire risk assessment for your building or business – but focus on every aspect of your security, from locks to alarm systems, CCTV surveillance to access controls. The primary goal of a security risk assessment is to assess how well your security provisions meet your…

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Perimeter Security

Setting Boundaries: What You Need to Know about Perimeter Security

In this article, we’re writing about the outermost edges of your vacant commercial property. And, why you need to ensure that everything at its margins is as safe and sound as possible. In Clearway’s experience, exceptional perimeter security is more than important. It’s crucial. Stable, reliable measures will minimise any threats to your business and protect your…

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Clearway inView Detect PIDs with engineer

What Is an Intrusion Detection System and Which Businesses Use Them?

Detecting intrusions along your perimeter or at an empty property as soon as they occur could prevent a larger and more serious crime such as squatting, fly-tipping or theft. As the name suggests, intrusion detection systems are advanced security devices that do just that – detect intrusions. They can be set up to monitor specific…

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commercial fire systems

How Do Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Work for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings and workplaces must have a fire alarm system or alternative fire detection system in place to raise an alert if the facility needs to be evacuated and identify any security or safety threats, including fire and smoke. There are multiple options and system structures, but the purpose remains to protect anybody on site…

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vacant property

Everything You Need to Know About Vacant Property Insurance Compliance

Essential, But Are You Resentful? Insurance is, in many ways, a bit of a grudge purchase. Whatever you need it for – your car, your home contents, or for just-in-case or longer-term health scenarios, you know it’s a good idea. Yet, being super-sensible regarding insurance doesn’t exactly bring you unbridled joy. The truth is that…

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escape of water

Reducing the Risk: How to avoid ‘Escape of Water’

Escape of water is an insurance term that refers to any leaks, flooding or water damage caused by internal faults. For example, a burst pipe would constitute an escape of water, whereas flooding originating from a nearby river or reservoir would not. EoW presents a huge problem for both commercial building owners and insurers. Most…

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Clearway Property Risk Assessment

Commercial Landlords: Can a Property Risk Assessment Lower Your Insurance Risk?

Professional risk management can actively lower the risk exposure an insurance provider associates with your business, property or premise – but following through on the actions identified by a formal risk assessment is essential. Insurers levy premiums based on complex computations, incorporating aspects such as the grade of locks you use on your doors, the…

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commercial squatters

The Rise of the Commercial Squatter – And What To Do About it

Please note: this article is for general information purposes and should not be considered an alternative to professional legal advice. That Was Then, This Is Now Squatters in non-residential properties have become a bit of a knotty problem. Why, exactly? Well, most probably, as well as challenging economic circumstances for many, it’s down to a…

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NSI Gold remote monitoring

What Is an Alarm Receiving Centre?

An Alarm Receiving Centre, or ARC, is a professional, controlled facility that manages alarm responses from a variety of security and fire safety systems, ranging from fire and intruder alarms to panic buttons to advanced CCTV surveillance networks. There is a huge added value for clients, who have the assurance that any alarm or motion…

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vacant properties in the uk

How many vacant properties are there in the UK?

The UK housing crisis continues to worsen, as widely reported in the media. Yet, as many as 1 in every 25 homes in the UK is Empty according to A baffling correlation exists between the volume of vacant properties and increasing housing demand that has spurred the government to call on private developers to…

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CCTV Timeline - when was cctv invented

When was CCTV invented?

CCTV cameras have become part and parcel of everyday life. We see them on the tube, in shops, offices, trains – and surveillance is now so commonplace we often don’t give it a second thought! However, the history of CCTV is extraordinary, and the technical capacity of cameras has innovated substantially since this form of…

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fire alarm

In the Event of Fire: Your Essential Guide to Clearway’s Life-Saving Fire Alarms

Did you know Clearway is a leader in tailored fire systems and alarms for commercial and rental properties? You can’t compromise on safety. You literally can’t. So, here’s everything you need to know about our range of services to help monitor and detect a fire and save lives, livelihoods, bricks and mortar.   Saddening Statistics…

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how are security body cameras used

What Is the Purpose of a Body Worn Camera? How and When They’re Used

Body worn cameras are increasingly common in any setting or environment where the wearer is responsible for security, dealing with issues or managing potentially aggressive behaviour. But how are they being deployed and used to improve security? It’s very common to see body cameras used by the police force and emergency services, security guards, airport…

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Clearway fire sprinklers

How to Reduce Fire Risks in Commercial Properties

The most recently published government statistics show that the Fire and Rescue Services in England responded to over 3,700 fires at commercial or non-residential properties in just one quarter, from April to June 2023. With over 300 fires occurring every week, it is essential businesses and premises owners look closely at how well they manage…

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Clearway Commercial fire alarms

UK Fire Alarm Testing Regulations For Commercial Buildings Explained

Every business, public facility and commercial space in the UK must have a suitable method of detecting fires and alerting people on-site – but they are also legally obligated to test their fire alarms regularly to verify they remain in good working order. UK fire alarm testing rules vary depending on the nature of the…

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The Five Services From Clearway You May Not Know About

Almost certainly, you’ll recognise the Clearway brand. We have over 30 years’ experience in vacant commercial property security, and our distinctive signage is up and down the UK. Our business helps to protect untenanted shops, offices, warehouses and factories – for however long they are unoccupied. In short, we’ve got you covered if you’re a…

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Clearway adds German-based SECONTEC Group to its Portfolio

The Clearway Group (“Clearway”) is delighted to announce the recent acquisition of SECONTEC Group (“SECONTEC”).

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empty commercial property

Five Incredibly Actionable Top Tips To Protect Your Empty Commercial Property

If you own a commercial property or are responsible for managing one, and it’s empty right now, is it an asset or more of a liability? Is it offering the return on investment you deserve? Your vacant office, shop, warehouse, factory, pub or restaurant, or construction site could be causing you more trouble than you…

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