We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Year: 2023

Clearway inView Detect PID perimeter intrusion detection

What Does PIDS Stand For? PIDS security explained

PIDS is an abbreviation commonly used in the security sector and stands for Perimeter Intrusion Detection System. These advanced systems are designed to meet every risk around a property or site perimeter, focusing on the early detection of attempted intrusions to deliver proactive and preemptive protection. By raising the alarm immediately, PIDS reduce the likelihood…

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What is Smart Building Technology?

Tomorrow’s World…Has Arrived If you’ve seen Minority Report, Iron Man or any of the Matrix films, you’ll have experienced scenes of mind-boggling technological creativity. Awe-inspiring, of course, but just fiction, you may think. None of this is real-life stuff. Not something we’d start using, anyway. Well, we may need to re-evaluate our expectations. In many respects, tomorrow’s impressive technology is…

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body camera

Why inSite body worn cameras are more than ‘just a bodycam’

Commercial-grade body-worn cameras are often regarded as a standard item of equipment deployed to security personnel – but the growing prevalence of incidents and abuses at high levels impacting highways and transport personnel have contributed to a new level of functionality and innovation. Standard bodycams are just that – standard! They offer limited functionality meaning…

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‘Tis the Season: Protecting Your Vacant Commercial Property in Winter

Actionable advice from Clearway to ensure that your unoccupied property stays safe, secure and in good condition in the colder, darker months.  As we look out the window, we can’t accurately say that the “nights are drawing in”. They’ve drawn in already. The clocks have gone back, and darker nights are well and truly here….

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long range CCTV benefits

The Benefits of Long-Range CCTV for Large Sites and Empty Spaces

CCTV cameras are commonplace in many commercial environments – they’re proven to be a highly visible, highly effective form of advanced security. However, a drawback of many standard CCTV cameras is that they have a limited scope of vision and may be unsuited to larger areas, expanses of land between a business and a perimeter,…

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The Industries Adopting Body Worn Cameras: Is a bodycam right for you?

Body-worn cameras have signified a step-change in organisational health and safety, protection from threats and abuse, and the way businesses log and record incidents and occurrences that require further action. As a protective asset that safeguards contractors and businesses from liability, delivers insights for follow-up risk assessments and evaluations, and as a tool that allows…

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self storage security

Securing Self-Storage: How to Secure Your Storage Units

A recent update from the Self-Storage Association indicates that organised crime groups are targeting self-storage facilities, particularly those without adequate security, leaving valuables exposed to theft. This guide security advice for self-storage companies, highlighting the key threats you should safeguard against and the best security features available to protect your customers, staff, property, business and…

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all about access control

All About Access Control Solutions

If you own or manage a commercial property and it becomes vacant, whatever its size or location, robust security is a must-have.  In addition to CCTV, wireless video alarm systems and manned guarding, Clearway’s access control systems offer outstanding protection for empty warehouses, shops, offices and construction sites. They maximise modern technology for a solution that’s high-level, streamlined and,…

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Which Security Products and Services Will Suit Your Vacant Property the Best?

  If you’re a commercial property manager or a landlord, there’s one thing we don’t necessarily need to tell you but feel like we should: At the end of a tenancy, as the last person leaves the building, without robust security measures waiting to take over, it could become a target. Almost immediately, news of its unoccupied…

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commercial tenant rights

Evictions: What are your rights as a commercial tenant?

Commercial tenants have various rights and legal protections – but these differ significantly from those relevant to residential leaseholders. It is important for both landlord and tenant to have full oversight of their rights, responsibilities and obligations within a rental contract to avoid any disputes or misunderstandings. Landlords should ensure their commercial rental contracts cover…

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Clearway's five pillars of vacant property protection

The 5 Pillars of Vacant Property Protection

Over our 30+ years of operating, we’ve gained a vast amount of experience in securing vacant properties and sites using our extensive portfolio of security solutions. One question we get asked all the time is: “What measures, in your opinion, should we focus on to maximise our security, given our limited budget?” It’s a very…

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empty retail property security

Vacant Retail Premises – An Important Update from Clearway

Bear with us. Before we tell you about securing your unoccupied retail premises, we need to throw some facts and figures in your general direction – and they’re pretty stark. According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), overall shop vacancy rates in the UK for the first quarter of 2023 were at 13.8%. And, the…

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will the pstn shutdown affect my alarm?

The PSTN Switch-Off and Transition to All IP – What Does This Mean for Your Alarm Systems?

Plans to switch off the conventional, copper-wired PSTN phone infrastructure were first announced in 2017, with all transitions to fibre-based and digital phone lines expected to be complete by 2025 – when the network will be deactivated – but what will this mean for your security and fire systems? While most businesses and residential users…

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Clearway - squatters evictions service

How to Evict Squatters from your property or land

Finding that squatters have gained unlawful entry to your property and have begun living there without consent can be stressful – with untold damage to the fabric of the building, draining utilities if these are connected, and often stripping assets such as radiators and leaving hazardous debris. Properties that are targeted by squatters commonly attract…

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cctv laws

CCTV Laws Explained – What You Can and Can’t Do

This article about CCTV may surprise you. Why? Because when it comes to the legal requirements and laws surrounding CCTV for commercial use, there are more restrictions and rules than you may realise. Many more, in fact. Indeed, without the right CCTV policies, procedures and strict compliance, you could find yourself on the wrong side…

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Ronnie Coutts MD UK Clearway Group

Ronnie Coutts MBE, Clearway Group MD gives ‘Industry Leader’ interview for I Love Claims

Managing Director of the Clearway Group, Ronnie Coutts MBE, was recently interviewed by I Love Claims (ILC), a community of over 6,500 like-minded individuals and businesses that work within the Motor, Home or ClaimsTech claims insurance supply chain. During the interview Mr Coutts was quizzed on issues such as which areas of Clearway offer the…

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construction site security

How to Keep Your Construction Site Secure

Construction site security is a gritty and complex issue. They’re expensive to run, they’re constantly vulnerable and at risk – and they remain that way until the very end of the project. More than anything, construction sites need to be kept secure, particularly as the criminal underworld is conspiring against the sector all the time….

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Clearway Fire Detection

What Is a Fire Detection System? A Brief Guide

Fire detection systems are modern, advanced alternatives to conventional fire safety measures, which largely replace manual call points, relying on somebody noticing smoke, fire or heat and raising the alarm. Automation has greatly improved the speed and efficiency of fire detection, ensuring that any signs of fire are recognised and communicated immediately, even when a…

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what is a jersey barrier

What Is a Jersey Barrier?

Jersey barriers are dense, strong, specifically engineered concrete blocks used extensively in highway safety. If you’ve driven along a motorway or A-road and seen an interlocking line of concrete barriers forming a blockade between lanes or between the road and the verge, they are almost definitely Jersey barriers. The primary application is to separate lanes…

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Clearway Construction Site Security Services

Insurance Risk Reduction: Can a Security Firm Help?

Insurance risk can vary significantly between businesses and buildings while making a big difference to the insurance premiums you are offered – and the number of insurance providers willing to extend coverage. Whether you own a company, a plot of land or an investment property, any insurance subject that is considered high-risk will be trickier…

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For lease property risk management

Assessing Property Risks: The Importance of Property Risk Management

Property owners commonly need to manage a wide variety of risks, whether they own or manage a commercial, residential, investment, or industrial property. Those risks might relate to security, liability, environmental hazards, loss of value or the threat of tenant disputes or non-payments impacting their profitability.   Risk management is a prevalent concern, where property…

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keyholder banner

What Does a Keyholder Do? 

If you own or manage a vacant commercial property, or if it’s empty outside regular working hours, its security may always be on your mind. It may even keep you awake into the wee, small hours. Not least if you live or work some distance away from your premises. That’s where keyholders come in –…

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Clearway Winter Security

How secure is your empty site or vacant property in the winter?

With the clocks being turned back, daylight hours getting shorter and the shops starting to stock Christmas decorations – the winter is nearly upon us. But have you thought about your security? The winter months bring several safety concerns and security risks to empty sites, vacant properties and building sites due to the darker nights…

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Clearway and Secure Empty Property

Clearway welcomes Secure Empty Property into the Group

The Clearway Group (“Clearway”) is delighted to announce the acquisition of Secure Empty Property Limited (“SEP”). Headquartered in London, Clearway is a leading commercial security services provider specialising in protecting people, property and assets. Clearway delivers solutions that are tailored to its customers’ needs, utilising an extensive range of specialist services integrated with market-leading technology….

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what is crar?

What is the CRAR law? A quick guide for landlords

Landlords should take care to ensure that they understand how and when it is appropriate to implement CRAR. But what exactly is CRAR? Commercial rent arrears recovery (CRAR) is a valuable law that came into effect in April 2014. It enables commercial landlords to collect rent owned to them by taking goods from the property….

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what makes a good security guard

How to hire security guards

Hiring on-site security is an excellent way to reinforce your current security systems and introduce a visible, robust presence to deter opportunist criminals and reduce your risks of break-ins, thefts and antisocial behaviour. But what is the best way to hire a security guard?   Did you know that there was a spike in security…

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Rural property security by Clearway

Rural Security: Is your rural property or site at risk?

The 2023 rural crime report makes for surprising reading, with a 22% increase in rural theft recorded between 2022 and 2023. However, this increase in crime will come as no surprise to farmers who are bearing the brunt of costly machine theft and the severe disruption caused as a result.  While general crime rates tend…

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Going to Extremes: Your Guide to Heavy Duty and Crime Scene/Trauma Cleaning

Trauma cleaning and extreme cleaning are highly specialised services. In many respects, they go above and beyond our natural human call of duty, not least because it’s grim work, and those who do it are highly trained and made of stern stuff. As you can imagine, therefore, this article covers the distasteful, sadder and often…

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fly tipping guide

From Mucky to Immaculate – Cleaning Up. Everything You Need to Know About Waste Clearance and Fly Tipping Services

From Mucky to Immaculate – Cleaning Up. Everything You Need to Know About Waste Clearance and Fly Tipping Services In this article, we’ll take you through the different types of commercial waste that exist – trust us, there is more to this than you may think – and address the disagreeable issue of fly-tipping. And,…

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Clearway helmet cam monitoring

Security Installers: Is third-party CCTV monitoring right for you?

You’ve made the wise decision to invest in high-quality business CCTV or alarm systems to safeguard your property. But what comes next? When it comes to monitoring your newly installed security system, you have a few options: stick with your current supplier, handle monitoring in-house, or consider the advantages of outsourcing this critical task to…

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void property security

What Is a Void Property and Why Do They Need to Be Protected?

Void properties – as opposed to vacant premises – are those without tenants, normally during the period of time between when a previous tenant leaves and a new rental agreement is entered into between the landlord and a new tenant. There are several challenges associated with a void property, not least because rental units between…

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how to evict a commercial tenant

Commercial Landlords: How Much Rent Arrears Should You Consider Before Eviction?

Rent arrears are a common issue for commercial landlords, whether a tenant is persistently late, has several weeks of unpaid rent or is experiencing significant financial difficulties. Knowing how to react can be complex, where a landlord is unlikely to be able to evict a tenant following one late payment – but may need to…

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An end of tenancy checklist for landlords

When a tenant is due to vacate a property, there are plenty of tasks the landlord must complete to ensure that the end of tenancy goes smoothly. Preparing for the handover well in advance will preempt any potential delays or misunderstandings, ensuring the property has been thoroughly cleaned, the keys handed back, and any repairs…

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how to serve notice to a commercial tenant

How to Give Notice to a Commercial Tenant

Providing notice to a commercial tenant may seem simple – but it is essential landlords correctly give notice to ensure they end a lease legally and in accordance with the terms and clauses included within the rental agreement. A commercial landlord may wish to remove a tenant for many reasons, from wanting to sell the…

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video verified alarm systems

Video-Verified Alarm Systems – Your Complete Guide

As a landlord, business owner or facilities manager, it’s likely that you have invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money into your property. Whether you’re involved in a retail premises, a warehouse, factory, or any other commercial building, if it’s empty – large or small, it’s vulnerable. In fact, according to the FSB*,…

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keyless door guide

Your Ultimate Guide to Keyless Steel Doors

Getting In… Is Easy Imagine. If you were a burglar targeting an empty commercial property, what would be the best way to gain entry, would you think? No, we’ve not lost our minds. Bear with us. Put yourself in the shoes of an intruder. Perhaps you’d find somewhere out of sight – a hidden rear…

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What Is A Section 146 Notice? (S146 notice)

If a landlord wishes to bring a lease to an end for breach of covenants that don’t include rent then a Section 146 Notice of the Law and Property Act 1925 is served on the leaseholder prior to the commencement of forfeiture proceedings. Example situations where landlords may be entitled to serve a Section 146…

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Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC - 24 hour monitoring

Do You Need 24-Hour Security? How to Keep Your Property Protected Around the Clock

Did you know that around 60% of all break-ins and thefts happen during the night (view source) so it’s not enough to keep your site or property protected during the day when your site is at its most active.  Yes, security systems provide protection, surveillance and alerts whenever unauthorised activity takes place – but what…

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What is security management

Security Management – What is it and what are the key objectives?

Security management is a process in which businesses and property owners audit all of their assets, risk-assess the threats to security affecting people, buildings, inventory and equipment and take proactive steps to ensure their strategy is always sufficient and up to date. Effective security management includes ongoing monitoring to determine where certain parts of your…

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what to do when a commercial tenant isn't paying rent

Commercial Tenant Not Paying Rent? Here’s What You Can Do

Commercial landlords can be severely impacted by tenants who continually fail to pay their rent or fall into ongoing arrears. Many landlords rely on their rental income to cover the costs of running or financing rental properties and may need to act quickly if they have a tenant who does not seem willing to make…

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how long does it take to evict a commercial tenant?

How Long Does it Take to Evict Commercial Tenants?

Evicting a commercial tenant can take time – but using a professional enforcement agency is essential to avoid unnecessary delays. The financial impacts of a long and drawn-out eviction process can also add further pressure when landlords are dealing with ongoing unpaid rent and the costs of pursuing legal action. The correct steps – and…

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Security Dog Patrol

How to Implement Effective Physical Security Measures

Physical security measures are diverse and varied. They provide the assurance that a property or site is suitably safeguarded against illegal entry, theft and trespass. The correct actions depend on the nature and layout of the premise, such as the size of the perimeter, the number of potential entry points, and areas of greatest risk….

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concrete barrier blocks from Clearway

Everything You Need to Know About Concrete Blocks

If you own or manage a commercial property that becomes vacant, concrete barrier blocks may not necessarily spring to mind above other essential security measures. At least, not immediately. You may not even have considered them a thing. Yet, they are a thing. Quite a big thing, actually. Concrete Barrier Blocks – In a Nutshell…

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personal evicting a tenant with legal grounds

What are the legal grounds for evicting a tenant?

Whilst landlords cannot and should not taking evicting tenants lightly, situations do sometimes arise that make it the best course of action. To evict a tenant, you will need to have legal grounds for doing so, it is not something that can be done on a whim. If you have reasonable grounds, then you will…

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Security screen in use

All About Steel Security Screens and Steel Sheet

While we’re not in the business of alarmist statistics, we know that the facts speak for themselves.  In the previous 12 months, figures from the 2022 Commercial Victimisation Survey show from show that an estimated 28% of business premises experienced some sort of crime, with 9% of this percentage being victims of burglary and…

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remote monitoring from Clearway

Remote Surveillance – What Are the Benefits to Your Business?

CCTV surveillance is an established way to reduce the risks of break-ins, thefts and illegal intrusions. The use of CCTV itself is nothing new, however, all too often, the footage is not reviewed in real-time, meaning that business owners can only rely on their surveillance systems to try and identify intruders after the fact. Cameras…

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storage unit security

Warehouse security threats – how to secure your warehouse

Warehouses are exposed to myriad safety risks and security threats, where prospective criminals will be well aware that the building is used to store inventory, materials, equipment and tools – and when the premises is empty overnight or at the weekend. As a business or warehouse owner, you’ll know that warehouse theft can really disrupt…

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an empty building with graffiti

What is Vacant Property Security?

We’ve put together one of our “essentials” blogs: full of clear, jargon-free information about keeping the buildings you own or manage, the assets in them, and the people who may access them safe and free from harm. Welcome to vacant property security – streamlined. Your Building is at Risk You know already that your vacant…

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Clearway NSI Gold Cat II ARC exterior

How does CCTV Monitoring work? The 3 stages of alarm response

One of our most frequently asked questions is ‘how does CCTV monitoring work?’ CCTV monitoring is as the name suggests, a service whereby security cameras installed on your site, land or property are watched by trained staff in anticipation of any criminal activity. Having a CCTV system is said to reduce crime by as much as…

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what are rent arrears?

What Are Rent Arrears?

Rent arrears refer to unpaid debts, where a tenant has failed to pay the rent owing for their rented property. This type of arrear is known as priority debt because rental arrears of two months or more can be a legally justifiable reason to evict a tenant in the worst-case scenario and where all other…

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how to evict a commercial tenant

How Much Notice Do I Need to Give at the End of a Tenancy?

The notice a commercial landlord needs to give their tenant depends on the structure of the tenancy – a lot relies on the clauses and features within the lease agreement. With the introduction of the Renters’ Reform Bill in May 2023, many landlords are assessing their rights and obligations, but this new piece of legislation is focused…

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commercial tenant rights

Commercial Tenant Rights In The UK

Every tenant has statutory rights and protections against unfair treatment by their landlord – but these are substantially different between residential and commercial tenants. That said, every business premise landlord should be conscious of their tenant’s rights and entitlements to ensure they manage the lease agreement and other processes correctly, lawfully and according to the…

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how to evict a commercial tenant

How to Evict a Commercial Tenant

Eviction processes for commercial tenants occupying a business property differ from those related to residential tenancies, and landlords have varied options and responsibilities whether they wish to end a commercial tenancy early or evict a tenant. So how can you evict a commercial tenant?  In most cases, an eviction occurs because the tenant has failed…

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what makes a good security guard

What Makes a Good Security Guard? 6 Qualities every security guard needs

When we think of a security guard, we often think about the physical aspects required for the role. Whilst this is important, physicality is only one element of a security officer’s job. In fact, a good security guard will know that physical intervention is only necessary as a last resort. If you are considering hiring…

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Clearway remote CCTV monitoring

What is CCTV Monitoring and what are the benefits?

CCTV (closed circuit television) is a well-known and extensively used measure to record surveillance footage. However, even the most technologically advanced CCTV cameras have limited benefits without the provision for remote monitoring, where they become a passive rather than a reactive method to improve security and prevent criminal activity. Monitoring services provided by Clearway’s NSI…

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What does a security guard do

What does a security guard do? Security guard roles and responsibilities

According to Statista, there were over 300,000 people employed in ‘security occupations’ in 2022. They’re trained and licensed to carry out a number of activities in the defence of the public, property and personnel – and they’re very effective in doing so! We know that they’re an important part of our economy and work closely with…

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can a security guard touch you

Can a security guard physically detain or touch you?

Security guards are licensed to carry out a number of duties such as inspecting and patrolling premises regularly, monitoring entrances and securing exits and entry points and preventing crime. However, it’s inevitable that a security guard may have to get physical in the event of a security breach – but can security guards physically touch…

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Clearway inSite helmet camera

What Is the Best Helmet Camera? Features of our helmet cameras.

Clearway provides cutting-edge body-worn and helmet-worn cameras, with a growing demand for real-time site management, robust health and safety enforcement and liability protection. Helmet cameras are one of the most popular models, with lightweight casing and excellent visibility, without impeding the wearer’s range of movement. These slimline cameras simply clip onto a PPE-compliant helmet. In…

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LG8 Interlocking Concrete Lego Blocks

What Are L8 Concrete Blocks?

Concrete blocks are one of the most versatile and robust structural assets used for countless applications, from retaining walls to flood defences, physical perimeter boundaries and preventative security. But what are L8 blocks? An L8 or LG8 block is a short-hand abbreviation for an interlocking block configured in a standardised size. As the name suggests,…

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Clearway Intruder detection

9 Ways to Improve Commercial Building Security

Security is fundamental for every commercial building, whether a retail store, warehouse, factory, storage space or office. Enhancing security can significantly reduce the potential for break-ins, thefts and vandalism while reassuring your workforce and potentially reducing your insurance premiums. The challenge for many businesses is that security covers such a broad scope it can be…

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Core Highways and Clearway join forces to help improve safety and sustainability for roadworks

Clearway Group and Core Highways have agreed terms for a joint Memorandum of Understanding which will see the two companies work together on the development of new and existing traffic related products to keep operatives and road users safer – not just on their own works, but for the wider industry good.

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Clearway CCTV Tower

What Can CCTV Towers Be Used For?

CCTV towers are a flexible security solution, available for rapid deployment in countless settings. Functionality such as solar, wind and battery power enable CCTV towers to be used in remote and outdoor environments and for temporary or long-term applications. The visible nature of a CCTV tower means it acts as an effective deterrent for prospective…

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Peter Eglinton Clearway

Clearway announces Peter Eglinton as new Executive Chairman

The Clearway Group Limited (Clearway) has announced the appointment of Peter Eglinton as its Executive Chairman. Peter will take over the day-to-day running of the business from Ian Quinlan, Group Chief Executive, who has led Clearway’s growth and development over the past six years. Peter brings with him 20 years of experience leading six disparate…

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Construction site CCTV Tower

CCTV Towers vs Mast Cameras: What Is the Difference?

CCTV towers and mast-mounted cameras share much of the same functionality. They are erected at height to cover larger areas, can be equipped with advanced PTZ capabilities and movement sensors, and have autonomous battery and/or solar-energy power systems to remain independent from mains power. However, the contrast is in the duration of use and the…

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concrete barrier hire from Clearway

What Can Concrete Barriers Be Used For?

Concrete barriers are used in many scenarios where security, workforce safety, vehicular access and access management are essential. Interlinking precast concrete blocks can create a continuous blockade or be positioned in intervals to restrict vehicles and unauthorised visitors from trespassing or entering unsafe zones such as highway repair areas. As an effective, immovable and physical…

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steel security doors and screens

Making Life Difficult for Squatters – How to Keep Squatters Out of Your Empty Property

Finding out that squatters have occupied an empty property can be difficult to address. Landlords, residential homeowners and commercial property owners may find it complex to evict squatters quickly and return the premise to good condition. The ideal approach is to protect an empty building from intrusions, preventing unauthorised individuals from gaining access and reducing…

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hard hat cameras

Who Is Responsible for Providing PPE?

Almost every job has at least some risk, but in environments where the potential for injury or accident is high, employers and managers are responsible for issuing PPE that adheres to professional standards, quality controls and workplace legislation. Occupations with elevated risks, such as positions in construction (see construction site security), highways (see highway security)…

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PPE Detection

The importance of PPE in construction

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a crucial aspect of site management in any construction setting, as one of the sectors with the highest volume of annual reportable incidents that could be reduced, and in some cases prevented, with the correct usage of PPE. PPE refers to any device, item of clothing, equipment or accessory that…

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PPE detection for construction

What Does PPE Stand for in Health and Safety?

What does PPE stand for? PPE stands for personal protective equipment and refers to a broad range of clothing, tools and devices you may require to perform your role safely, effectively and following industry regulations. Employers and managers issue staff with PPE to adhere to risk assessments and health and safety obligations, normally to minimise…

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Dangers of abandoned buildings

Dangers of abandoned buildings: putting other people’s lives at risk

There’s nothing new about people’s fascination with exploring abandoned and derelict buildings, but the growing trend in posting videos of their exploits online is a problem. The videos encourage others, many of them young people, to set their own challenges of discovering and exploring. Sadly, they often explore dangerous buildings, putting themselves at risk and…

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common entry points

Common Entry Points for Burglars – Why Steel Security Screens and Doors Are a Must

When we consider the risk points of a property, whether commercial or residential, we might believe that covert entry routes, concealed rear entrances and scalable fences are primary factors. However, crime figures show that the vast majority of burglars simply enter through the front door. Steel security screens and doors are a vital, physical preventative…

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body camera

Do Body Cameras Work?

Body cameras can be used as a pre-emptive measure to protect the safety of workers, including security guards, construction teams and road workers, reducing the potential for incidents or abuse and keeping a clear record of any occurrences. But how effective is a body camera for security, and what difference will it make in the…

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are helmet cameras legal?

Are Helmet Cameras Legal?

Helmet cameras are becoming increasingly common, worn by construction workers and highways work teams exposed to threats, abuse and risks, alongside safety helmet cams for motorbike riders and cyclists – but are they legal?. These cameras have various functions, such as auto-recording, rolling storage capacity, cloud-based video uploads, and even auto-redacting, where footage is transmitted…

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The laws for Squatters in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the laws regarding squatters have undergone significant changes in recent years. The legal status of squatters is now more clearly defined, and property owners have more options for dealing with them. What are the squatter laws in the UK? Under current UK law, squatters have limited rights and can be evicted…

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Do Police Have to Wear Body Cameras?

Police forces increasingly use body cameras to log incidents, capture exchanges, and provide valuable evidence that can be used in a prosecution – but they are not mandatory, nor are they used by every officer. Many UK police forces are now issuing officers with body cameras, primarily patrol officers. Other road-based police use dashboard cams…

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risk assessment form

Why is a Risk Assessment so Important?

What do you think of when you hear the phrase bricks and mortar? Perhaps a solid, safe-as-houses building, resistant to all and sundry. The truth is that your vacant bricks-and-mortar commercial property is anything but secure. Theft, fire, vandalism, weather damage, and occupation by squatters – they’re all associated risks. Left unoccupied, the premises is exceptionally defenceless,…

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Clearway Concrete Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barrier Sizes and Dimensions

Concrete barriers are versatile and cost-effective, used in countless environments to protect people, vehicles and assets. Jersey barriers are a specific type of concrete block used extensively in road safety and traffic management, with one block weighing 1,450 kg. The advantage of precast concrete is that it is extremely heavy and immovable, resistant to all…

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Tips for Commercial Landlords now faced with rent arrears

When tenants find themselves unable to pay rent, landlords and affected parties must act fast. This article offers a range of solutions aimed at making the situation manageable for both sides. Even if your tenants cannot pay rent due to financial hardship, there are still ways for you as a landlord to protect the rental…

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Insite Wearable Safety Devices

Is It Legal to Wear a Body Camera in the UK?

There are countless benefits to wearing a visible helmet-mounted or body-worn camera, not least protecting yourself from the risk of violence, recording a real-time account of an incident and having evidence to back up future liability or insurance claims. Body cameras are used throughout the security, policing, and emergency response sectors. They are also worn…

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Commercial Property Landlords Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Commercial property deals have collapsed to their lowest level in more than a decade as investors reckon with higher interest rates, the prospect of a lengthy recession and the fallout from the Liz Truss “mini” Budget. The £7bn of deals transacted in the final three months of last year was the lowest quarterly total since…

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Does a slowdown in construction mean an increase in security threats to sites?

The Christmas construction shutdown provided a much-welcomed break from the anxiety and uncertainty faced by the construction industry over the last year. Sadly, when those based in construction find themselves on the wrong side of the holiday high this January, they are likely to see a bleak immediate future, as the ongoing issues from 2022 negatively impact…

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ANPR Camera

What are ANPR Cameras?

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are an advanced form of security surveillance technology that can register vehicles against a database or capture the identity of a car that has been recorded breaching a perimeter or committing a driving offence. As the security sector evolves, the use of AI-enabled CCTV has become more widely adopted….

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