Year: 2022

empty property vs unoccupied property

Unoccupied properties vs vacant properties – what is the difference?

Although we might use the terms ‘vacant’ and ‘unoccupied’ interchangeably, they are not the same from an insurance perspective – and you need to know the difference if you own or manage any empty building! In this article we look at the difference between an unoccupied property and a vacant property for landlords and insurance…

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Vacant Properties

Which City Has The Most Vacant Properties?

A recent insurance survey has reported the staggering number of empty homes in London – equal to nearly 90,000 unoccupied sites, worth £130 billion to the owners. Although the capital has the most vacant homes of any location in the UK, this statistic isn’t limited to London. Hundreds of thousands of sites without tenants pose…

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The Clearway Group office

The Clearway Group appoints Ronnie Coutts as UK Managing Director

The Clearway Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Ronnie Coutts MBE MA as UK Managing Director. The UK Group is formed of three business units – Clearway Services, Clearway Technology and Clearway Debt Squared with headquarters in London. Clearway is a leading commercial security services provider specialising in securing vulnerable properties, sites and assets….

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Construction Site Theft

Material Delays Increasing Demand for Security Measures

Vacant property security has always been crucial, with the risks of materials theft, illegal trespass, vandalism and squatters an ever-present threat to empty dwellings. However, extreme material shortages have put further pressure on property owners and commercial landlords and construction projects, resulting in huge price rises and a corresponding spike in thefts. There is widespread…

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The Clearway Group office

The Clearway Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of Sitewatch Fire and Surveillance Ltd

The Clearway Group enhances its service capability through the addition of specialist fire and security technology business.   Headquartered in London, Clearway is a leading commercial security services provider specialising in securing vulnerable properties, sites and assets. The Group delivers solutions that are tailored to their customers’ needs, utilising an extensive range of specialist services…

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The Clearway Group office

The Clearway Group appoints Simon Waterfall as General Manager for its new Highways Division

The Clearway Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Waterfall as General Manager (Highways), who will take overall responsibility for the company’s development in the highways sector. Mr Waterfall joins Clearway after spending the last few years with highways and transport solutions provider Clearview Intelligence where he held the position of Client Relationship…

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vacant commercial property

Empty Commercial Property – Things to Consider

The volume of unoccupied business premises in the UK has risen sharply, primarily due to companies relocating or switching to a remote work structure following the pandemic. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to retain your site value and preserve the integrity of the structure, whilst preparing it for a new tenant or…

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utilities for vacant property

Utilities and Water Rates on Empty Properties

With ever-increasing energy prices, it’s essential for landlords, commercial owners and investors to keep up to speed with the costs of paying for utilities for their empty properties. As the vacant property experts, the Clearway team has compiled this short guide to recap everything you need to know, with a few pointers about avoiding unnecessary…

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self storage security

Securing Self-Storage: How to Secure Your Storage Units

A recent update from the Self-Storage Association indicates that organised crime groups are targeting self-storage facilities, particularly those without adequate security, leaving valuables exposed to theft. This guide includes advice for all self-storage companies, highlighting the key threats you should safeguard against and the best security features available to protect your customers, staff, property, business…

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Vacant Property

Buying a vacant property checklist

If you’re a property developer and you’re planning on buying a vacant property to renovate, there are a couple of things you’ll need to bear in mind before making the purchase. Unlike buying a property that is already occupied or ready to be occupied, a vacant property will require lots of work, renovation and financial…

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