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Year: 2021


CPD Workshop – Commercial Rent (COVID-19) Bill Initial Questions & Answers

The Government has brought forward its proposed legislation dealing with Covid Rent arrears and the arbitration scheme to resolve Covid Rent arrears disputes. The Bill will now be subject to the usual parliamentary scrutiny and may change as it makes its way through Parliament. We will answer some of the initial questions that the real…

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Clearway CCTV Tower Camera

What are PIR cameras and how do they work?

PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detection is a technology used in security systems to detect movement or intruders by recognising light emitted from nearby objects. PIR is the result of years of product innovation as security companies find new and innovative ways to detect the presence of intruders in commercial and domestic facilities. Over the years, PIR…

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Construction Site Theft and supply chain issues

The impact of supply chain ‘shortages’ on UK construction and why we need to protect our assets.

The BBC said it best: “Shortages seem to be the only thing we’re not running out of in the UK in 2021.” Interruptions in the supply chain have negatively affected every industry, from cars and technology to food and fuel.” Unfortunately, the construction industry hasn’t been immune from these shortages. In fact, suggests that “the construction…

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Clearway pre risk survey appointment

Recovery of rent and forfeiture in commercial leases

It is well known that the pandemic has had a serious impact on landlords and tenants alike, in particular with regard to the commercial sphere. Following the introduction of various COVID-19 related legislation, landlords have been restricted in their ability to seek enforcement of commercial leases and to recover rent. One of the principal areas…

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Beyond Lockdown: Retail and Leisure Markets

VACANCY RATES BY LOCATION TYPE In line with the net change results, shopping centres saw vacancy rates increase the fastest of any location type in H1 2020. Vacancy jumped from 15.6% in H1 2020 to 19.4% in H1 2021, an increase of 3.8% in the six-month period. This is the largest half-year increase tracked by…

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When should you contact a business debt collection agency?

Getting help recovering unpaid invoices from a debt collection agency can be seen as a last ditch attempt. However, it is always best to act quickly if you are owed commercial debt. Leaving any debts outstanding for too long increases the risk that you will lose your money for good. Below are some examples of…

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Government Consultation outcome

Call for evidence on commercial rents: responses and analysis Plan Your Route Out Of Lockdown with the market experts. The government will be introducing a binding arbitration process that will be put in place between landlords and tenants. This will be a formal legally binding agreement that both parties must adhere to. So what are…

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Construction Site Theft

Construction Site Theft is at an All-Time High

The ongoing shortage of building materials has pushed construction site theft to an all-time high, forcing a greater need for 24/7 site CCTV security. The Construction Equipment Association recently reported a 50% surge in construction site crime rates last year due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. But now, these figures have been exacerbated further due…

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Illegal traveller occupation of land and golf clubs

Golf Clubs Facing the Threat of Invasion from Travellers

The next few weeks may see an upsurge in the travelling community trespassing onto the land of several golf clubs in and around the northwest of England. Travellers are certainly not there for the golf. In 2021, Royal Liverpool Golf Club at Hoylake, which hosted the British Open in 2014 and is due to again…

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temp and fixed

The different Types of CCTV Camera explained

There are many options when it comes to choosing suitable CCTV cameras for your premises. Clearway recommends security installations based on site-specific factors, such as: Key entrances and exits. Access points such as loading bays or roof lights. The size and layout of the site. Mains power accessibility. Potential security threats. The situation and style…

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how much does CCTV cost

How to position CCTV Cameras

CCTV is doubtless one of the greatest preventatives to avoid illegal entry, thefts and damage to your property. However, it remains crucial to identify the best positioning to ensure you cover all of the highest risk locations at your premises and have sufficient lines of sight to capture activity in and around your entrances. You…

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knotweed_montage final

Japanese Knotweed is dominating gardens this summer

Japanese Knotweed can wreak havoc on a building’s infrastructure, growing into basements and causing structural damage to buildings, which can devalue properties and lead to the refusal of mortgages. The invasive plant can grow more than 1m in height in three weeks with the complex root system going down 3m and out 7m, spreading so…

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Screenshot 2021-06-11 155825

Vacant Railway Arches – An Open Invitation for Illegal Activity

Network Rail, the owner of Britain’s railway infrastructure, hit the headlines at the end of 2018, when it was announced that Blackstone, an American private equity firm, and Telereal Trillium, a multi-billion pound property management and development company, would be purchasing a 150-year lease on Network Rail’s 5,261 rental spaces for £1.46 billion, becoming the…

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Eviction protection extended for businesses most in need until March 2022

Sorting out commercial rent debts will be key to enabling businesses to plan ahead with certainty and build back better from the pandemic. New rules to be established to ringfence COVID-19 commercial rent arrears and guide tenants and landlords to agree repayment plans. Measures to protect commercial tenants extended until new rules come into force….

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a restaurant with people and waiters, with large windows, the interior in a modern style

How Can Technology Help Your Staff Feel Safe as Businesses Return to Normality, Even Beyond June 21st?

As the UK’s roadmap successfully meanders towards June 21st, more people are travelling, shops are reopening, and many offices are beginning to come back to life. However, the need for social distancing and the wearing of face masks remains in place, and may continue to do so for some considerable time even beyond June 21st….

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The Return of Large Events Across England

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, the return of all in-person events is closer than ever. However, security measures may need to be put in place at these events to counter anti-social behaviour, manage traffic and help with crowd controlling. On February 22nd, the government outlined the Spring Roadmap 2021, introduced as four steps to ease lockdown…

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Is Copper the New Gold?

Clearly, copper isn’t as valuable as gold, but its increase in value is catching the attention of thieves, resulting in stories of copper theft hitting the headlines. The world is shifting towards clean-energy solutions and several long-term trends are driving the need for more copper, including the demand for electric vehicles, the consumption of electronics,…

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cctv installation checklist

Our comprehensive CCTV installation Checklist

Installing a commercial CCTV system for your business can be an excellent way to bolster security and ensure your staff, premises, and equipment remain under rigorous surveillance to prevent criminal activity. However, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you are compliant with data protection legislation in the UK. In this…

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How to Safely Reopen Your Business Premises (A Checklist)

Millions of British businesses have been closed for much of 2020. Whether working from home, limiting customer access, or being shut altogether, the roadmap to exit lockdown restrictions is excellent news that many companies are beginning to reopen their doors. However, it can be daunting to know which safety protocols you need to implement to…

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Electronics waste concept - Garbage electrical waste ready for r

Disposing of Business waste – what are the rules?

Every business will produce trade waste of some kind, and it’s essential to understand the rules and responsibilities around safe disposal. Below, we summarise what you need to do and how to ensure your company is fully compliant with the UK business waste regulations. If in any doubt as to your obligations or whether you…

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The Battle Between Commercial Landlords and Business Owners

Landlords with multiple occupied properties have never had to consider what they need to do when their properties remain unoccupied for long periods, as they are likely to be now. Due to the pandemic, the majority of retail, hospitality and leisure businesses were closed, either in part or completely, during 2020 and the first quarter…

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Minneapolis protest riots turns violent interior of a burnt by fire building

Are Your Vacant Properties Safe from Arson Attacks? How to limit the risk of arson attacks

Vacant properties are significantly more vulnerable to arson attacks than occupied properties, with up to sixty fires occurring in, or adjacent to, an empty property in the UK every day. An empty property that is not regularly inspected or monitored becomes an easy target for vandals, squatters and arsonists. Learn more about void property inspection….

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The Impact of Fly-tipping Over Lockdown

Fly-tipping has always been a major issue and is not only extremely damaging to the environment and wildlife, but it also costs UK taxpayers. In 2019 more than a million incidents of fly-tipping were reported across the UK, costing tax-payers an estimated £60 million. Due to the closure of community household waste recycling centres, cases…

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How do CCTV Cameras work?

Closed-circuit television, CCTV, is a vital part of a modern security surveillance system and something commonly found on public transport, in offices, protecting businesses, and in retail spaces. However, have you ever wondered how it actually works? The concept is relatively simple. A camera records activity, streams it to a monitor, and then stores that…

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cctv sound

Can CCTV record audio?

There are two frequent questions the Clearway CCTV team answers, and they are: Can my CCTV system record sound? And, is it legal to capture audio through CCTV? Here we’ll run through the options available if you require an audio-equipped CCTV system and the factors to consider when deciding if this is the best option…

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Concrete Barrier Blocks Cost

The Clearway team is often asked about pricing for concrete barrier hire – but it’s challenging to calculate precise figures without running through all the variables. The great thing about concrete barriers is that they are hugely versatile, with multiple uses, sizes, construction configurations and lengths of hire, so we’ll explain how those factors impact…

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Commercial rental moratorium extended by three months

Property Week have reported that the government has announced that the ban on commercial evictions has been extended by three months until 30 June. These measures build on the government’s action to provide financial support as restrictions are lifted over the coming months – extending the furlough scheme, business rates holiday and the Universal Credit…

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Why is CCTV important for businesses?

There are a number of ways and reasons to use CCTV – but predominantly, it is a security measure adopted by businesses in the UK who wish to protect their assets, stock, equipment and premises from criminals. British business statistics show that, in the wholesale and retail sector, criminal theft and fraud impacts over 10…

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history of CCTV in UK

What is NVR in CCTV?

Installing a new CCTV system is a great decision. It’s an instant safeguard against theft and contributes to the protection of your properties from any number of potential risks and intrusions. However, there are lots of different recorders on the market. If you haven’t used CCTV before, it can be challenging to determine which type…

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COVID and commercial leases | What you need to know

What landlords and tenants need to know. How does COVID-19 impact commercial lease obligations? Given the potential adverse financial impact on tenants, a common question is whether tenants can refuse to pay rent, pay less rent and/or seek to terminate the lease prematurely. The starting point is to review the terms of the particular lease….

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how long should I store CCTV footage?

How long should I keep CCTV footage for?

CCTV surveillance is a critical security precaution for many businesses, construction sites and private properties throughout the UK. Having signage and visible cameras can be a strong deterrent, and ensure your premises are protected from criminal activity – but how long should CCTV footage be stored for? It’s important to use CCTV responsibly. There are…

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IMG_2561 no logo

The Effects of CCTV on Crime

One of the most common questions answered by the Clearway security team is; how much does CCTV reduce criminal activity? There have been numerous reports and controlled experiments that suggest that CCTV results in a significant decrease in crime, however, CCTV has a higher impact in some settings in comparison to others. We’ve summarised the…

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Government to introduce tougher measures and enforcement rules for quarantined passengers

Tough new enforcement measures – from fixed penalty notices to imprisonment – will come into force on Monday 15th February. Heavy financial penalties and potential jail time for non-compliance All passengers travelling to England to take mandated COVID-19 tests on day 2 and day 8 of quarantine Those who have been to a ‘red list’…

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Forfeiture and Coronavirus – What can Landlords do?

The Coronavirus Act 2020 imposed a suspension on the forfeiture of most business tenancies – those to which Part 2 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 applies even if contracted out of the protection of that Act – on the grounds of non-payment of rent, which is defined as all sums due under a…

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the rules of cctv

The rules for CCTV for businesses in the UK – what are the requirements?

CCTV is a crucial asset in commercial security. It has multiple applications across many different business sectors from deterring break-ins to capturing high definition footage of suspicious activity. However, company managers do have a responsibility to adhere to UK laws around how they use CCTV. There are several essential considerations, from informing staff about live…

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how much does CCTV cost

What are the cost factors involved with CCTV?

CCTV is essential for many businesses, but the costs of installing a commercial surveillance system can vary significantly. Here we’ll explore the primary considerations that will dictate whether you need a simple installation or a more substantial investment for a full-scope CCTV system with the latest technological security applications. For this guide’s purposes, we’re going…

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history of cctv in the uk

CCTV Usage in the UK

CCTV surveillance is a vital security asset for many homes, businesses and public spaces throughout the UK.  It is used to streamline safety checks, protect properties when they are uninhabited, and monitor movements. We often think of CCTV as something you’d see at a bank or a retail park, and used to record potential criminal…

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dome vs bullet cameras

What to look for in construction site CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are a key part of a security strategy for any construction site. Vacant sites will always be a target for criminals, given the value of materials, tools, and commercial vehicles. Surveillance is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to defend a construction site from thefts and vandalism – whether planned or opportunist….

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Rent recovery what commercial landlords can do during COVID restrictions

In the COVID-19 world significant restraints have been placed on landlords’ ability to recover outstanding rents. We look here at what options landlords retain and what factors landlords should take account of as we approach the March quarter day. Current Restrictions include: The restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 crisis on landlords’ remedies for recovery of…

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Traffic Management on Construction Sites – What are your options?

Safely managing the flow of traffic and pedestrian areas on construction sites is vital for many reasons. Sites are typically inhabited by many types of vehicles including loads, cranes, HGV lorries and diggers – all of which have limited visibility, have moving parts and are specialist commercial work vehicles.  Depending on the nature of your…

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Supermarket Shopping During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Supermarkets forced to create COVID-safe environments

As the Government considers the impact supermarket shopping, in particular, is having on the wider community because of the increased risk the environment presents, Ministers are likely to force supermarkets and major retail stores to ensure they have stricter processes in place to operate as COVID-safe environments. Retail stores around the UK will be forced…

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Tough times for property owners after lost ‘golden quarter’

This year, following the national lockdown in November and the strict tiering rules that effectively replicated the lockdown in many parts of the country forcing many retailers and hospitality businesses to close, that was emphatically not the case. On Monday, British Land reported that, for the December payment, it collected less than half the rent…

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