Year: 2021


How secure is your empty site or vacant property over the festive period?

Over the winter months there are always more security risks to empty sites and vacant properties due to the darker nights and people being on holiday. Coupled with the latest government advice for everyone to work from home where possible, this means more buildings will be left unoccupied, creating more security challenges. Cold mornings, late…

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CCTV Tower Camera options

What are PIR cameras and how do they work?

PIR (Passive Infra-Red) detection is a technology used in security systems to detect movement or intruders by recognising light emitted from nearby objects. PIR is the result of years of product innovation as security companies find new and innovative ways to detect the presence of intruders in commercial and domestic facilities. Over the years, PIR…

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Construction Site Theft

The impact of supply chain ‘shortages’ on UK construction and why we need to protect our assets.

The BBC said it best: “Shortages seem to be the only thing we’re not running out of in the UK in 2021.” Interruptions in the supply chain have negatively affected every industry, from cars and technology to food and fuel.” Unfortunately, the construction industry hasn’t been immune from these shortages. In fact, suggests that “the construction…

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alarm response

How does remote CCTV security work? Inside a cctv monitoring station

If you were to consider the ‘ideal scenario’ when looking at your security options, it would normally involve the 24/7 monitoring of the commercial CCTV footage of your site to ensure any breaches are quickly responded to. We receive many enquiries about remote monitoring that include questions such as: How quickly can a security team…

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Construction Site Theft

Construction Site Theft is at an All-Time High

The ongoing shortage of building materials has pushed construction site theft to an all-time high, forcing a greater need for 24/7 site CCTV security. The Construction Equipment Association recently reported a 50% surge in construction site crime rates last year due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. But now, these figures have been exacerbated further due…

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Illegal traveller occupation of land and golf clubs

Golf Clubs Facing the Threat of Invasion from Travellers

The past few weeks have seen a sudden upsurge in the travelling community trespassing onto the land of several golf clubs in and around the north west of England. Travellers are certainly not there for the golf. The Royal Liverpool Golf Club at Hoylake, which hosted the British Open in 2014 and will again in…

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temp and fixed

The different Types of CCTV Camera explained

There are many options when it comes to choosing suitable CCTV cameras for your premises. Clearway recommends security installations based on site-specific factors, such as: Key entrances and exits. Access points such as loading bays or roof lights. The size and layout of the site. Mains power accessibility. Potential security threats. The situation and style…

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how much does CCTV cost

How to position CCTV Cameras

CCTV is doubtless one of the greatest preventatives to avoid illegal entry, thefts and damage to your property. However, it remains crucial to identify the best positioning to ensure you cover all of the highest risk locations at your premises and have sufficient lines of sight to capture activity in and around your entrances. You…

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knotweed_montage final

Japanese Knotweed is dominating gardens this summer

Japanese Knotweed can wreak havoc on a building’s infrastructure, growing into basements and causing structural damage to buildings, which can devalue properties and lead to the refusal of mortgages. The invasive plant can grow more than 1m in height in three weeks with the complex root system going down 3m and out 7m, spreading so…

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Screenshot 2021-06-11 155825

Vacant Railway Arches – An Open Invitation for Illegal Activity

Network Rail, the owner of Britain’s railway infrastructure, hit the headlines at the end of 2018, when it was announced that Blackstone, an American private equity firm, and Telereal Trillium, a multi-billion pound property management and development company, would be purchasing a 150-year lease on Network Rail’s 5,261 rental spaces for £1.46 billion, becoming the…

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