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Year: 2018

trauma and crime scene

What Happens If My Property Ends Up A Crime Scene?

The last thing on the minds of most landlords is the possibility of their property becoming a crime scene. But it can and does happen and not everything will fall within the responsibility of police and emergency services if a serious crime has been committed in your property.   Obviously when it comes to the victims…

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A few Christmas thoughts from Santa…

Ho ho ho!! Greetings one and all… Have you all been busy and diligent property people this year and got your vacant buildings secured against trespassers and the inclement weather coming your way? Of course I know all about inclement weather up in my home at the North Pole so I can tell you what…

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How Long Does It Take to Remove Squatters?

There is an enduring myth that removing squatters is a long painful and expensive process. This isn’t necessarily true and if you use a specialist eviction services company you can outsource the problem rather than have it take a toll on your time and possibly your health too.   The main thing to remember about squatters…

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Weather warning issued: Winter to be the coldest on record for UK

With warnings that the coldest winter on record is approaching, and temperatures are set to plummet as icy winds head over from Scandinavia bringing snow, heavy rain and sleet to the UK, the Met Office, via Twitter, is advising the UK to be “weather ready”. Even occupied buildings need insulated pipes to continue providing heat…

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Are you a member of the construction industry 1 in 5 club?

Even more concerning…. are you one of the 92%?  What are we talking about? Building site theft and vandalism on a shocking scale, even arson. Intimidation and threats to on-site workers. Criminal gang activity with the supply of illegal labour. Drug dealing and drug usage. Illegal land occupation. Anti-social behaviour and graffiti.  Dumping of illegal…

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Abiding by the law, complying with regulations and following the highest professional standards of working practice… and belonging to the accredited trade and professional bodies and associations who expect all this from their members, may sound dull and boring bureaucracy. It may also seem irrelevant to some in today’s entrepreneurial and fast moving business culture…

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Police Chiefs warn that illegal raves are a growing problem

An investigation found that in 2016 there were 628 reports of unlicensed music events across England and Wales. The following year 682 events were reported, an increase of 9%. Many others are very likely to go unreported. Of the reported illegal raves, 133 were from the Metropolitan Police, in London, nearly double the previous year….

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Caught in the act by Clearway inView CCTV Tower

A commercial estate in Oxfordshire was hit by thieves on more than one occasion and a lot of valuable IT equipment was taken. Despite having made previous visits we were confident the intruders would come back again so, rather than just deter the thieves, the owner wanted to catch them in the act. The Clearway…

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Are you invited?

The worst Halloween party of all time might be happening in your empty property, and you’re not invited. If you think an impromptu Halloween rave in an empty property is scary, imagine the damage squatters, vandals and thieves will do! According to Aviva, “Halloween is the worst day of the year for vandalism with claims…

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Gideon Reichental comments on how fly-tipping is costing thousands

Fly-tipping costing security industry thousands in clean up and insurance claims The illegal dumping of waste by criminal gangs is costing the security industry thousands of pounds in fly-tipping removal costs and insurance claims, according to the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). Fly-tipping is a growing issue which can end up costing thousands and in…

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Why Landlords Should Take Care When Communicating With Tenants

If you become a landlord you are effectively running a business and you tenants are your customers. Most business experts will tell you that good communication is important when dealing with any of your customers and the same is true when it comes to tenants but there are certain ways to go about communicating with…

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Securing buildings for public safety

Curious children tend to wander onto derelict building sites unaware of the dangers that could face them. In 2017, there were two very sad cases of children dying as a result of playing in buildings that were left unprotected. The responsibility for protecting the public against the potential risks of a vacant property lies entirely…

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Bespoke security solutions for ex-Toys R Us sites

Toys R Us closed its doors early in 2018 following a challenging period on the high street, leaving a number of large, prominently placed retail units in town and city locations across the UK. With large store footprints including loading bays and extensive car parking, the primary security concern was preventing vandalism, illegal occupation and…

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Protecting vulnerable buildings from metal theft

Over a single night in August, thieves hit an industrial site in Livingston, Scotland, forcing entry and stealing a vast amount of high-value metal equipment, such as I-beams, tower bracing bars and anti-climb equipment, valued at around £300,000. A Detective from Livingston CID said: “We believe whoever was responsible for this theft will look to…

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empty property vs unoccupied property

Anti-social behaviour is on the rise as 18 pubs per week close-down across the UK

Britain has seen 28,000 pubs close since the 1970s, with more closures forecast as business rates rise. Between Jan and June 2018 pubs are still closing at the rate of 18 per week. Anti-social behaviour in the form of squatters and vandals is a major problem in the towns and communities affected by pubs closing…

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Clearway and the Metropolitan Police working together since 2005

Clearway has provided a range of security and specialist services to the Metropolitan Police for over 13 years, and is delighted to announce that we have again won the Crime Scene Cleaning & Security Specialist contract after a competitive tender process run earlier this year. Jon Harwood, National Key Account Manager at Clearway, said; “The continued…

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Fly-tippers caught on CCTV

Illegal fly-tipping remains a major issue for councils and private land-owners across the UK, and those responsible will go to any lengths to avoid paying for waste removal services. They will dispose of their unwanted rubbish and possibly hazardous waste, despite the risk of being caught on CCTV. Recently a CCTV installation company in West…

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Clearway Group Acquires Cerberus Security

Our parent company, The Clearway Group, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cerberus Security. We are delighted to welcome them as the newest member of the group. Monitoring from a former ex MOD secret nuclear bunker, Cerberus Security operates one of the UK’s few NSI Gold Cat ll Alarm Receiving Centres, providing professional 24/7…

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Pensioner fined for fly-tipping – even though he didn’t do it!

High Wycombe Magistrates Court found a pensioner guilty on May 18th for knowing a woman who was filmed illegally dumping waste in Burnham. The pensioner, who stated he was strongly against fly-tipping, said a friend used his car without his permission but refused to identify her after she was filmed fly-tipping. By not revealing the…

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Clearway Sponsors Men of the Match

Willis Towers Watson hosted their annual football match where professionals within the Insolvency and Receivership industry had the opportunity to play on the premier league pitch at Crystal Palace football club. The game was held on the 17th May and kicked off at 12:45pm. With Team Purple being managed by Adam Humphreys and Team White…

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Landlord’s Right To Renovate In Commercial Property Leases

Commercial properties particularly those under heavy use will require their fair share of maintenance and renovation work over a period of time, but what is and what isn’t permissible work when a tenant is occupying the property?   Things can go against the landlord if they are seen to be acting unreasonably by a court while…

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Should You Use Rent Incentives?

On high streets up and down the UK shops are standing empty as are business units in areas where demand is low. So how do you attract new tenants to sign up in a tough market? The answer can be to use incentives to make renting your premises more appealing.   One thing is certain and…

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14 men, 12 hours a day, 5 days, 8 floors up and 171 tons of earth

A block of flats, in south London, required immediate attention when water started leaking from the roof into a tenant’s property. Unusually the property had a roof garden, and when it rained water-laid in soil would sit above the flats and it started to leak through. The original plan was to move the plants and…

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Not all donuts are good

Anti-social behaviour is a common problem for property managers and business owners and takes many forms including the after effects of joy-riders. Empty car parks are frequently occupied by gangs of ‘boy racers’ who will find any available space to prove their prowess and leave their mark with revving engines and screeching tyres. This is…

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Guide To Side Letters

Side letters are often used in commercial property to grant certain concessions to tenants when certain aspects of a lease such as clauses or rent need to be adjusted. Even though the use of a side letter is common in these cases, it may not provide sufficient protection for landlords if a tenant decides to…

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Buying a new property? Be careful of Japanese knotweed

Experts have warned; buyers of new build properties are at risk to Japanese knotweed due to a legal loophole. Property owners wishing to sell their property are required to complete a TA6 property form, which declares whether the property or garden is, or has been, affected by the Japanese knotweed. In 2013, this form was…

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Gideon Reichental features in RICS Property Journal

Many asset owners will already be aware of the devastating effects that vandalism and arson can have on a business as it is expensive and time-consuming to deal with these. Deterring such crimes is difficult, however, as most vandalism, including graffiti and arson, occurs at night and on weekends when sites or properties are vacant….

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Clearway protects Canterbury Archaeological Trust after break-in

Canterbury Archaeological Trust has been left devastated after a series of break-ins occurred in one week at the end of January when around 1,500 items of priceless archaeological artifacts were stolen. The thieves also ransacked the educational loans collection, disturbing 90% of the 200 boxes, stealing replica metal axes, pins, coins and other items including…

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Government crackdown on fly-tipping

Clearway has attended some of the worst areas for fly-tipping whilst working for KCC. Last year, in Kent, there were around 19,938 incidents of fly-tipping, costing the taxpayer a total of £1,308,284 for removal of fly-tipped waste. Medway was noted as being one of the worst areas for fly-tipping in the South East. It had…

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how to protect an empty property

Data shows: Over 11,000 homes have been empty for at least 10 years

According to new research, by a Government organisation, more than 11,000 homes across the country have been lying empty for longer than a decade. This research also includes figures for both five years or more (23,000 empty properties) and again for two years or more (60,000 empty properties).

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how can a lease be terminated?

3 Common Ways Leases Can Be Terminated

Understanding lease terminations, notice periods, and tenancy agreements is important in either residential or commercial property, as unlawful evictions or non-payment of rent could lead to a legal dispute. Particularly in commercial rentals, many businesses assume that they can end the tenancy at any point of their choosing, and a landlord may have a similar…

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