Year: 2018


A few Christmas thoughts from Santa…

Ho ho ho!! Greetings one and all… Have you all been busy and diligent property people this year and got your vacant buildings secured against trespassers and the inclement weather coming your way? Of course I know all about inclement weather up in my home at the North Pole so I can tell you what…

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Weather warning issued: Winter to be the coldest on record for UK

With warnings that the coldest winter on record is approaching, and temperatures are set to plummet as icy winds head over from Scandinavia bringing snow, heavy rain and sleet to the UK, the Met Office, via Twitter, is advising the UK to be “weather ready”. Even occupied buildings need insulated pipes to continue providing heat…

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Are you a member of the construction industry 1 in 5 club?

Even more concerning…. are you one of the 92%?  What are we talking about? Building site theft and vandalism on a shocking scale, even arson. Intimidation and threats to on-site workers. Criminal gang activity with the supply of illegal labour. Drug dealing and drug usage. Illegal land occupation. Anti-social behaviour and graffiti.  Dumping of illegal…

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Abiding by the law, complying with regulations and following the highest professional standards of working practice… and belonging to the accredited trade and professional bodies and associations who expect all this from their members, may sound dull and boring bureaucracy. It may also seem irrelevant to some in today’s entrepreneurial and fast moving business culture…

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Police Chiefs warn that illegal raves are a growing problem

An investigation found that in 2016 there were 628 reports of unlicensed music events across England and Wales. The following year 682 events were reported, an increase of 9%. Many others are very likely to go unreported. Of the reported illegal raves, 133 were from the Metropolitan Police, in London, nearly double the previous year….

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Caught in the act by Clearway inView CCTV Tower

A commercial estate in Oxfordshire was hit by thieves on more than one occasion and a lot of valuable IT equipment was taken. Despite having made previous visits we were confident the intruders would come back again so, rather than just deter the thieves, the owner wanted to catch them in the act. The Clearway…

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Spotted! Clearway’s mobile CCTV unit at Bluewater Christmas Lights & Fireworks display

It’ll be Lights! Camera! Action! Tonight as Clearway works directly with Bluewater Shopping Centre, in Kent this evening for their annual Christmas lights & fireworks display, which is due to attract a large crowd. The Clearway mobile CCTV unit will be in operation from the start of the event at 5pm to help with public…

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Are you invited?

The worst Halloween party of all time might be happening in your empty property, and you’re not invited. If you think an impromptu Halloween rave in an empty property is scary, imagine the damage squatters, vandals and thieves will do! According to Aviva, “Halloween is the worst day of the year for vandalism with claims…

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Gideon Reichental comments on how fly-tipping is costing thousands

Fly-tipping costing security industry thousands in clean up and insurance claims The illegal dumping of waste by criminal gangs is costing the security industry thousands of pounds in fly-tipping removal costs and insurance claims, according to the British Security Industry Association (BSIA). Fly-tipping is a growing issue which can end up costing thousands and in…

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Securing buildings for public safety

Curious children tend to wander onto derelict building sites unaware of the dangers that could face them. In 2017, there were two very sad cases of children dying as a result of playing in buildings that were left unprotected. The responsibility for protecting the public against the potential risks of a vacant property lies entirely…

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