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Year: 2017


Property owners must be extra vigilant this Christmas

Warning to all Property Owners: Your empty property is at risk! Make sure you keep your vacant properties protected over the holidays as Christmas is a prime time for squatters and metal thieves to make their move. As the cost of metal rises so do cases of theft. Typically, burglaries and theft increase by 13% during…

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Three men caught on dash-cam fly-tipping

Three men were caught on camera dumping a fridge, an old ironing board and many other items on the side of a country lane. Ms Gordon, a lady who was driving along the country lane, was forced to stop because a van was blocking her way whilst three men had stopped to remove their waste…

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Clearway CCTV towers keep an eye on Amazon distribution centre

Amazon needed a high-tech deterrent to help prevent potential intrusion and anti-social behaviour in the public road used to access their distribution centre. Clearway’s solution was to install two site CCTV towers with cameras facing the entrance and exit of the multi-story car park where anti-social behaviour is common. Read more about retail CCTV solutions….

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Alternative Options to Recover Rent Arrears if you can’t use CRAR

CRAR is one of the most effective ways to recover commercial property rent arrears, however, strict rules are in place that are not always easy to comply without giving your tenant some wriggle room.   Fortunately there are some alternative ways to recover rent arrears you can use to cover your losses or even gain the…

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One in ten homes in Cornwall is left empty

A new report has revealed that there are almost 30,000 homes left empty in Cornwall. One in ten homes is left vacant, this is 11.2% of the housing stock in the county. This will alarm the thousands of people of who are on housing waiting lists in Cornwall. Anti-social behaviour,  vandalism or neglect often turn…

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Another deep clean and another glowing testimonial

Living alone and with mental health issues, it’s no wonder this tenant’s living conditions were left to deteriorate. The tenant who has lived in the property for 2 years suffers with a lighter fuel addiction which results in temporary loss-of body control and functions. As a result, the property was covered in rubbish, food, faeces…

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Allowing Leaseholders To Pay Service Charges By Instalments

There may be times where a leaseholder is struggling financially and they find themselves unable to continue paying their service charge in full each month. In these cases managing agents or directors will allow those leaseholders to pay by instalments. The question is, is this a good idea?   In some cases, the financial difficulties that…

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Why Commercial Landlords Should Avoid Making Unreasonable Demands

If a landlord makes demands on their commercial tenants then those demands must be reasonable if they need to defend a case in court.   In the commercial property sector, the circumstances of tenants can change a lot over time. If say a business has a lease on a particular unit then they may wish to…

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300 million odour receptors can’t be wrong

A request for us to provide a drug-detection dog unit demonstrates how no two days are the same at Clearway. Our client, a college, requested the sniffer dog to scout-out both the site and pupils in search of illegal substances and, in a single six-hour session, the dog found 15 separate indications of drugs on site….

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Empty hotel burns again

Former Shedden Hall hotel, home to squatters and drug users, burns again. On the 26th September 2017 more than a dozen firefighters were called to battle another blaze at the former Shedden Hall hotel, Torquay. The hotel has been vacant for several years and is now a well-known squat and drug den. An investigation is…

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Clearway Newsletter and the rest of the world

Vacant properties are not confined only to the UK and the many problems associated with them are the same everywhere. Illegal occupation, vandalism, theft and wilful damage occur everywhere the temptation of an empty property exists. As the number of vacant properties continues to grow, so does Clearway and the news of our range of…

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Thousands of pounds worth of Lead stolen from Shrewsbury Church

St Mary’s church, Shrewsbury, was hit by thieves twice in the space of 4 months during 2017. First in July, when 250ft² of lead was stolen from the roof of the church and again in September, 150ft². The historic fabric of the building was damaged and, in both cases, Battlesfield Cafe had to close while…

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Clearway Supports Oasis Academy

Oasis Academy Shirley Park’s Long Lane campus have been appealing for supporters to help raise money for the nursery’s new play area. The old play area left the children bringing muck into the classroom constantly. Clearway kindly lent a hand by sending some operatives to the nursery to assist with the clearance and clean-up of…

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It may be Britain’s Cheapest house … but it still needs securing

Clearway have recently secured the cheapest house in Britain which is available to buy for just £5,000. The two bedroom semi-detached house is based in the north east, in an area that suffers from a very high crime rate and has had its fair share of arson, fly-tipping and anti-social behavior. The property is missing its…

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Clearway helps Calabar Alumni and Friends UK

Clearway bikes finally find a home! The Calabar School in Jamaica is an all boys school, that ensures the best possible outcome for all their students through efficient use of resources. The core of garnering support for the high school is the Calabar Alumni and Friends Association UK, a not-for-profit organisation, set up by ex…

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You may be closer to Japanese Knotweed than you think…

Japanese knotweed is one of the most invasive and destructive plants in the UK. Originally brought over here in the nineteenth century, it was imported to Britain to help hide, or possibly even stabilise, railway embankments. Japanese knotweed can crack tarmac, block drains, undermine foundations and invade homes. It’s presence can cut a property’s value…

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Typical Late Payment Excuses and How To Deal With Them

Late payment excuses, most business owners have had them but should you give your customer the benefit of the doubt or have a strategy in place to deal with them? In our experience it should be the latter which is why we have put together this mini guide to how to deal with the typical…

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Gideon Reichental re-elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection

For the third consecutive year, Gideon Reichental, Commercial Sales Manager at Clearway Services, has been elected as BSIA Chairman of Vacant Property Protection. As the landscape of property security has changed so has the need to provide a wider, more sophisticated range of security solutions, tailored to individual properties. The Vacant Property Protection section of…

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A sad case of being unable to cope

When a local authority tenant was found to be living in squalid conditions, Clearway was called in at very short notice to clean an entire house from top to bottom. Extreme cleaning and hazardous waste removal on this scale requires a strong constitution, an unwavering commitment, attention to detail and dedication to carrying-out the absolute…

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Advice On Service Charge Arrears When a Property is Sold

With the explosion in the number of leasehold properties around the country in recent decades, service charge arrears problems has increased. Knowing how and what to do to pursue debts from former owners is crucial for property management companies and fellow leaseholders if the property is part of a block of apartments. In the vast…

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School’s out for Summer!

Summer is finally here and school holidays are upon us but what does that mean for schools? The school will be empty for six to eight weeks It will be vulnerable to unwanted intruders and squatters Unprotected against thieves stealing computer equipment Unguarded from vandals breaking in and covering the school corridors in graffiti This…

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What Does Forfeiture of a Lease Mean?

Most people who buy flats will enter into some form of leasehold agreement with a freeholder of a development which normally includes a requirement to pay service charges, ground rent. In an ideal world all leaseholders in a block of apartments will pay their ground rents and service charges on time, however there will be…

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Clearway HQ can now be seen from space

The Clearway brand has continued to evolve and is recognised as being reliable and trustworthy, with extremely high value placed on both quality and customer service. Having now finally received approval to attach signage to our headquarters building in Dartford, Kent, we have erected a seven-meter triangular sign facing the Dartford Crossing. Apparently the sign…

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Commercial breach of covenants to be aware of

Breach of Covenant to Pay Rent – Points To Be Aware Of

Covenants are terms included within a lease agreement, comprising a contract between the tenant and landlord, whether residential or commercial. While there are complexities between explicit and implied, restrictive and positive covenants, the outcome is that breaching any covenant can result in a lease forfeiture situation. Failure to pay is one of the common covenant…

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Responsibilities When Letting Commercial Properties

You will find that there are several differences between letting commercial and residential properties when you are first starting out as a commercial property landlord. It’s important to be aware of those particular responsibilities you will be taking on to protect you from being caught out when pursuing arrears. The following is a guide to…

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Intruders invade Ocado’s depot in Dartford

Ocado’s £250million depot in Dartford, Kent, was invaded by more than a dozen caravans, helping themselves to showering facilities, towels, food and drink. Using a van, they pulled away a giant boulder that was blocking the warehouse entrance to gain access. The intruders locked themselves in and turned away more than 40 staff members /…

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crime scene clean

Inside the world of Crime and Trauma Scene clean-up

The police often deal with difficult crime and trauma scenes. They can include murder, suicide, undiscovered deaths, accidents and terrorism which usually leave behind: human blood, bodily fluids & tissue, chemicals and infestations from maggots and flies. Dangerous items, such as weapons and drug-related paraphernalia, are frequently left at the scene to clear too. These…

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Japanese knotweed removal – time to act.

Whilst the rumours that Japanese knotweed can grow through solid concrete foundations or break into underground water pipes are untrue, it is an extremely aggressive plant, growing at the rate of 1 meter every three weeks during its growing season. Where the plant finds its way into existing cracks in concrete, pathways and walls or…

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Care Homes are continuing to close

The care home industry is in crisis. Since 2010, more than 380 have been declared insolvent and Care Homes continue to close at a steady rate. According to the Care Quality Commission, five hundred care homes have closed in the capital in the past decade. Almost 2,000 care homes in England have closed over the…

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Tenant In Administration – What Now?

Knowing what to do when your commercial tenant goes into administration requires you to first to understand what administration means if you are not aware already. When a company goes into administration, directors will hand over control of the business to a third party. Any liabilities that company has will also be ringfenced, which means…

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Fly-tipping remains a major issue across the UK

For the 2015 / 2016 year, local authorities dealt with 936 thousand fly-tipping incidents, a 4% increase over 2014 / 2015 and is continuing to rise. Residence could potentially face prosecution after fly tipping outside Northwich recycling centre following the Council’s decision to close the site on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Cheshire West and Chester Council…

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owner of vacant property

Squatters invade a vacant guest house

Terrace Guest House, a former hotel in Royal Terrace, Essex was taken-over by squatters whilst the building was being refurbished. They immediately put up signs within the property claiming they had the right to live there. The squatters were accused of bringing crime and antisocial behaviour to the area before finally being evicted. The first…

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Launch of our new website

In January 2017, we launched our brand new, refreshed website. With a great focus on helping our customers understand how we can help them, our new website now provides the full range of services covering vacant property security, vacant property solutions and temporary CCTV solutions. So what’s new? The new website is now much clearer,…

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Clearway sponsors Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre

Foal Farm is a non-government funded animal sanctuary which rehomes many animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, sheep, pigs and chickens. As part of the main project to refurbish the kennels they redesigned the main dog run to provide a more stimulating environment. Clearway decided to make a donation to Foal Farm and included the…

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