We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Manned Guarding In London

Clearway’s broad range of manned guarding services are available across Greater London, providing a visible security presence for businesses, public sector organisations, events and facilities. With a recorded 55,000 burglaries in London from 2022 to 2023 and a crime rate that is 141% higher than the UK average, proactive and professional security is an invaluable service to protect your property, assets and people from risk.

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manned guarding services
manned guarding services

Professional London Manned Guarding Teams

As a nationwide provider of advanced security, guarding and technological safeguards, Clearway deploys guards, K9 patrol teams and event security to an array of clients, often dispatching guards with specific areas of expertise.

Every guard within our network is certified by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and carries a formal licence with them. This level of experience and training ensures that manned guards are capable and qualified, with the skills necessary to spot suspicious activity, de-escalate tense situations and take swift action to manage and control threats.

what is manned guarding?

We partner with clients from commercial businesses to retail parks, construction developments, corporate complexes and warehouses, selecting guards with the appropriate knowledge of the environment and risk profile of your premise to provide the highest level of security coverage.

The first step is to assess your requirements, key risks and existing security assets to ensure we make tailored recommendations about the most suitable guarding structure for your specific scenario, building layout or commercial compound.

Services available include:

  • Crowd control guarding
  • Static manned guarding
  • Events stewarding and security
  • Patrol guarding and K9 teams
  • Keyholding services

Manned guards wear high-vis professional uniforms, with identification available or on display, often deterring opportunist criminals and preventing antisocial behaviour or disturbances. Guards attend one-off events, cover periods of heightened risk, or provide guarding on a long-term basis, depending on your requirements, offering flexibility at every stage.

security dog patrols from Clearway

K9 Security and Dog Patrols

Experienced handlers work with trained security dogs in higher-risk scenarios or where a premise is at an elevated risk of break-ins, vandalism, trespass, or theft. K9 patrols cover wide areas of land and can maintain a robust perimeter, with dog patrols able to detect unusual activity, movement or sounds at great distances.

Security dogs are often deployed to London premises where extra protection is necessary or for empty units and vacant properties vulnerable to fly-tipping, criminal intrusions and squatters. We also provide manned guarding with K9 patrols for public areas and event spaces where there is the potential for disturbances to develop.

Our London guarding teams can be equipped with body cams to ensure there is a log of all events, streaming real-time footage to site managers and other members of a security team. This video evidence can be used for risk assessment and quality control processes as well as provided to the authorities in the event of an arrest or criminal activity.

Reception Security

Reception Security for London Businesses

Entry points are a primary focus for static guards, where they operate in a prominent position to control visitors and vehicles accessing the site or verify the credentials of each individual before they are permitted entry.

Reception security can be internal or external, with guarding stations often placed in strategic areas such as gated entrances to private-access units or premises, or as the first point of contact for a commercial property.

Guards can be instructed to follow predefined protocols and entry permission policies, preventing any unauthorised access to sensitive or confidential aspects of the site and keeping detailed visitor logs.

security guards for hire

Why Choose Clearway for Manned Guarding in London?

Clearway has decades of expertise providing custom security services for businesses, private clients and public sector organisations, dealing with high-risk environments and periods of increased risk alongside ongoing security services.

Our guards are highly trained, thoroughly vetted, and SIA licensed, ensuring the service we provide is reliable, efficient and offers excellent value for money. In the event of an urgent security requirement or critical change to your risk profile, we can often deploy guards within 24 hours through our rapid response team.

Manned guarding is available to your schedule, 24/7 and 365 days a year, with flexible hire contracts for short-term or long-term requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Manned guarding provides an extra element of security, and while CCTV cameras can be an excellent deterrent, a professional on-site guard adds additional protection as well as the human element, and can cover areas which are not covered fully by your CCTV surveillance system.

CCTV networks can be proactive or passive. The former is ideal, where advanced camera technology raises the alarm based on your settings, such as alerting guards when movement is detected out of hours and zooming in on activities to verify whether it requires a response.

Having guards present at your premise or event allows them to respond immediately to alerts, diffusing potential problems, deterring criminal trespassers and liaising with the authorities where appropriate.

The significant benefit is that a guard can manage a risk or evolving situation there and then, whereas a CCTV camera cannot actively remove a trespasser from the site or challenge their presence.

Manned guarding means just that – a physical guard is present on your site or property, carrying out duties such as perimeter patrols, ID checks and reviewing cameras and alarms in line with your security protocols.

We structure every contract or event security agreement to your requirements, whether you need a team of guards on hand across an event spanning several days, need an on-site patrol team on a daily basis, or need enhanced security defences for specific parts of the year.

There are multiple types of manned guarding, from stewarding and crowd control to reception security, perimeter patrols and high-level K9 security teams. We can happily make suggestions based on your risk profile and particular concerns.

In many cases, an on-site consultation is ideal, allowing us to spot vulnerabilities or assess how manned guarding can reinforce and supplement the security provided through CCTV surveillance, alarms and other security assets.

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