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Commercial Letterbox Security Services

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ShopShield Retail Security
ShopShield Retail Security
Vacant Retail Property protected by ShopShield

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
All prices +VAT inc retail lock changes.

Letterbox security is a crucial factor in any effective security plan for retail premises in particular, yet is often overlooked. The simple installation of a physical, metal barrier for letterboxes may be a straightforward process, but can mitigate a range of threats to the integrity of a vacant retail building. The main risk to empty retail properties with an unsecured letterbox is wilful arson attacks.

As part of our market-leading ShopShield offering, Clearway works with retail managers and commercial landlords throughout the UK to ensure all ingress routes into their buildings are secure, in addition to securing the letterbox, as well as offering a range of complementary services. Read more about our letterbox security offering below.

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The Value of Letterbox Security in Retail

Having an effective retail security strategy has never been so crucial. With many commercial landlords managing vacant properties or pending new tenants, keeping those premises safe, secure and sound is vital.

Most retail security includes locks on doors, shutters on windows, perhaps alarms and key code entry to ensure opportunist criminals cannot easily gain access. However, minor entrance points are so often disregarded and can be the downfall of an otherwise comprehensive protection system.

Letterboxes present direct access to the interior of a retail unit, with recent incidents at unprotected properties including:

  • Water ingress – causing damage to flooring and warping of doors.
  • Arson – fireworks through letterboxes is a considerable fire hazard.
  • Vandalism – waste materials posted into an empty unit can create hazardous waste, attracting insects and contaminants.
  • Theft – where entrance ways are not secured, criminals may work past locks and doors to gain entry.

Commercial letterboxes can also pose other risks, with customers potentially returning items or marketing mail building up, preventing authorised personnel from entering the building, and exacerbating fire risk.


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