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Commercial Land Eviction Services

Clearway’s experienced commercial land eviction team can ensure a swift, compliant eviction calling on provisions under Common Law and the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.


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eviction services from Clearway
eviction services from Clearway

Swift action against land trespassers

Commercial landowners and businesses affected by unlawful trespassers often find it difficult and costly to remove unauthorised intruders, particularly where large groups of travellers or squatters refuse to comply with instructions to vacate the site.

Open land can be difficult to protect from illegal access. Owners commonly find that the longer the situation continues, the more damage and expense are caused, attracting fly-tipped waste, delaying development work or construction, and even potentially reducing the value of the plot. This is where we can help.

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Our Commercial Land Eviction Services

Clearway’s commercial land eviction team has a strong track record in successfully removing trespassers and in 98% of cases, can secure an eviction within just 48 hours, avoiding the time and cost linked with formal Court Orders.

We can also help you navigate the correct process in the rare instances where a Court Order is necessary, which allows qualified eviction officers to enforce an eviction notice with the full backing of the law.

Our commercial land eviction services cover a wide range of properties, including agricultural, industrial, and commercial sites.

commercial land eviction from Clearway

What Is a Commercial Land Eviction?

This eviction service relates to accessible land, including empty sites, grassland, plots of land in industrial areas, and other properties where the owner cannot use or let the premise due to the presence of unauthorised trespassers.

One of the more prevalent scenarios is where travelling communities arrive, often with numerous vehicles, but can also involve other illegal land occupants, fly traders and opportunist criminals.

Landlords and owners can expose themselves to abusive and aggressive behaviour, legal liabilities and other risks when attempting to evict a non-compliant intruder or group of trespassers and do not have the appropriate licensing, training and warrants to ensure a peaceful eviction.

Our commercial land eviction service provides expert assistance, enforcing your right to remove unwanted trespassers from your commercial land, and is available nationwide with professional advice about the best course of action to achieve an expedited outcome.

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Why Use Clearway for Commercial Land Evictions?

Trying to evict squatters, travellers and trespassers can be highly stressful, especially where there are cost and time pressures that mean a speedy eviction is essential to your business.

From your initial instruction, Clearway moves quickly to implement suitable paperwork, warrants and eviction notices and can direct you to skilled partners where you require specialist legal assistance.

If you are one of our existing clients, you have the support of our Out-of-Hours Control Room and can report trespassers either by telephone or email into the team once set-up on our system.

We take a comprehensive approach, including a risk assessment to identify key problems, serving an eviction notice directly to the intruders, and notifying the police of any possible breach of the peace.

Once your eviction has been completed, we can also provide additional support with repairing damage, removing hazardous waste, installing security safeguards to avoid a recurrence, or recommending other preventative measures such as security patrols, CCTV surveillance, vehicle bollards, or barricades.

All Clearway eviction operatives are capable and trained in de-escalation techniques, giving you peace of mind that your commercial land will be efficiently cleared and restored to good condition.

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Related Services

  • Tenant Eviction Services: commercial tenants in arrears with rental payments who breach the terms of their rental contract or have exceeded the length of their tenancy can be evicted quickly through a forfeiture process. Clearway can advise on the various eviction procedures, from a court-ordered repossession to peaceable re-entry, changing locks and preventing previous tenants from accessing your property without permission.
  • Squatter Eviction Services: squatters often target vacant properties and empty commercial units, draining connected utility supplies, causing damage and deterioration, and preventing landlords or owners from re-letting or refurbishing the site. Our squatter eviction teams protect your rights and ensure a peaceful, legally enforceable eviction.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, illegal trespassers and intruders can be evicted from commercial land, often without necessitating a Court Order, using a Common Law statute called a tort of trespass. Landlords or owners can evict unauthorised tenants or squatters and possibly seek damages to cover repair costs.


The correct procedure may depend on the specific situation, but in most cases, a landowner should issue a notice to inform intruders that they are required to leave. Where this does not happen, they can implement a commercial land eviction process.

We always advise using an experienced eviction team with certified enforcement officers to protect your land, ensure evictions are non-confrontational and mitigate any liability risk.

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