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Retail Key Safe Installation

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ShopShield Retail Security
ShopShield Retail Security
Vacant Retail Property protected by ShopShield

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
All prices +VAT inc retail lock changes.

A key Safe is an essential component in any retail security strategy. Keys, passcodes, electronic fobs – every set issued poses a greater risk that keys can become lost, stolen or used to gain unauthorised access to a vacant retail site.

Commercial retail landlords often find themselves needing to issue multiple sets of keys, for example:

  • Access to letting agents, commercial estate agents or valuers.
  • Sets for security personnel, cleaning teams or waste removal contractors.
  • Keys for personnel, on-site staff, and owners.

As part of our ShopShield offering specifically created for empty retail units, our Key Safe installation service mitigates this critical access risk, enabling all keys to be securely stored, with easy on-site access, but only to approved individuals provided with a valid access code. They’re also crucial for retail security, where you can’t guarantee being on-site quickly if an intrusion, fire, or other hazard is detected.

The Need For Retail Key Safe Installations

There are two primary benefits to having a retail Key Safe on-site:

  • Removing the need to issue multiple sets of keys.
  • Enabling responders to gain immediate access.

A Key Safe is a tamper proof, mechanical lockbox with commercial-grade security, which can’t be hacked, prised open or accessed with anything but the unique security code you have assigned.

One of the hazards of a vacant retail site is the vulnerability to illegal intruders and environmental hazards. In the event of a break in, quick access may be needed in response to a triggered alarm. If there is only one set of keys, held by the retail site manager, and they live a 30-minute drive away, that break in could end up being business-critical in the time it takes to respond to a call out.

We’d never recommend issuing multiple sets of keys due to the access risk explained above. A Key Safe installation is an ideal solution.

Your keys are stored on-site, enabling immediate responders and security teams to gain entry as soon as they arrive. That means you don’t have the inconvenience of needing to respond to a 3 am alarm and that your retail site is better protected in an emergency.


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