We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Industrial CCTV Camera Installation

Clearway offers a comprehensive range of industrial CCTV services, from initial site risk assessments to installation and system design to ongoing maintenance. Our security consultants can provide bespoke recommendations to protect high-risk industrial sites from a number of common threats on industrial sites.



As one of the few security providers with NSI Gold II Cat accreditation, Clearway can reinforce your industrial CCTV installations with 24/7/365 monitoring from our market-leading Alarm Receiving Centre, initiating a rapid response when an emergency arises.

Our CCTV systems incorporate the latest surveillance technology, with features such as IP infra-red for clear video captures in low light and high-definition footage to help site managers analyse movements and detect security issues.

As a long-established provider of cutting-edge commercial CCTV systems, Clearway can recommend a range of cameras, communication networks, placements and wireless intruder alarms tailored specifically to your site requirements and risks.

Industrial CCTV Security from Clearway

The need for Industrial CCTV Solutions

Industrial sites are commonly at a greater risk of theft, criminal intrusion and perimeter breaches, owing to several factors:

  • High-value machinery, components and raw materials.
  • Heavy duty vehicles, tools and loading equipment.
  • Visible operating hours, with unstaffed sites overnight and at weekends.
  • Multiple vehicle entry requirements for deliveries and dispatches.
  • Broad land areas and complex building layouts.
  • Combinations of visitors, drivers, personnel and site managers.

A busy industrial warehouse, production plant, construction site or metalworking facility often has a unique set of risks with multiple entry points such as main entrances, roller shutter doors, emergency exits, side entrances, loading bays and car park entrances.

When you factor in stairwells, multi-storey buildings, blind spots, storage bays, and pedestrian routes between work sites or facilities, the importance of CCTV surveillance to protect your industrial site becomes vital.

Advanced CCTV systems do so much more than deter criminal activity. Managers can use them to track progress, monitor site footfall, plan logistics and detect unusual or suspicious patterns of behaviour, with options such as AI-enabled facial recognition, automatic number plate detection, automated entry systems and footfall tracking.

CCTV Tower

Industrial CCTV Towers

Surveillance towers are a highly visible deterrent and can be connected to mains electricity or installed with commercial-grade solar-powered batteries. Mast-mounted towers cover expansive areas, such as car parks, perimeters, open land and rear entry routes.

Our industrial CCTV towers are available for short-term hire or long-term usage, with live recording and instant alerts to address unauthorised activity

Wireless Detection Systems

Temporary CCTV Hire

Where industrial units or workplaces are at greater risk, perhaps due to delivery of high-value materials or during complex logistical programmes, temporary CCTV hire can provide a robust security defence.

Locations are often targeted to coincide with periods when particular vehicles, equipment or materials are being stored or delivered to the site. There are substantial economies in pre-empting potential threats with a CCTV camera system.

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Fixed Industrial CCTV Cameras

For always-on surveillance over a longer period, Clearway can recommend hardwired CCTV cameras as a permanent fixture to protect high-level assets and business-critical zones such as data server rooms or control desks.

Networked cameras can be fitted with remote access for managers to tap into their live feed or call up previous footage on demand from any device and location.

Clearway CCTV Maintenance

Industrial CCTV Camera System Features

The right features for your CCTV solutions will depend on a number of important variables – our security consultants can organise a no-obligation system design service or schedule a site survey to conduct a professional risk assessment to help determine the optimal approach.

Features you may require include:

  • Wireless CCTV; ideal for sites or premises without mains power supplies, an intermittent or unreliable supply, where laying cabling is not practical, or where the risk of tampering is high.
  • PTZ cameras provide pan, tilt and zoom functionality and allow operators to manually direct the CCTV to investigate potential problems or determine the cause of an alarm.
  • Dome CCTV cameras are used indoors and out, with a concealed lens so prospective criminals cannot see the way the camera is facing or avoid facial detection scanning.
  • Infrared and night vision cameras are excellent for sites requiring surveillance overnight and use infrared LEDs to illuminate the area of supervision and capture high-quality footage even in zero natural light.
  • Day/night surveillance cameras capture clear images at any time of day or night and can record seamlessly in direct sunlight, omitting glare, backlight or reflections from your video stream.
  • Thermal CCTV cameras pick up heat and can accurately verify the cause of an alarm, identify the presence of unauthorised intruders out of hours, or even detect unusual heat signals from machinery, electrics or components.

All Clearway industrial CCTV installations come with optional maintenance agreements, providing ongoing preventative repairs and updates and 24/7 emergency call-outs to correct any urgent issues.


Related Industrial Security Services

We provide a large range of industrial CCTV cameras, sensors, recording equipment and alarms. We can offer guidance about potential security installations or the best-suited assets to mitigate core business threats, such as:

  • Security Intelligence and AI CCTV: video analysis uses advanced algorithms to determine the nature of a subject and transmit verified alarms with minimal false triggers and high accuracy detection rates.
  • Environmental Monitoring Solutions assess air pollution to map the source of chemicals, allergens, smoke and dust, ensuring that industrial site managers understand where and how to make appropriate changes.
  • Electronic Security Systems comprise several cameras and devices to detect body temperatures, activate wireless detection sensors or manage access control systems.
  • Perimeter Alarm: a well-signed, visible, and alarmed perimeter is an excellent way to deter prospective intruders and mitigate a multitude of potential security risks

Please contact Clearway for more advice about industrial CCTV solutions and any supporting security services available.


What our clients say


In an area of having no experience in the provisions required, Clearway came in to see us, we found them to be professional and highly experienced.  Also the benefit of Clearway having their own in house NSI Monitoring Station was a huge benefit to us as a business.

The commercial CCTV installation was of a high level and completed on time, the engineering team were polite and courteous, and provided full training on the systems.

Having no existing provisions on a large warehouse, we required a full solution for our Security ensuring we had cover for Fire, theft and protection of the building and its contents.

I have worked closely with Clearway over the past 3 years, since Clearway were recommended to us by one of our clients.

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