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Hard Hat Helmet Mounted Cameras

Hard hat helmet cameras offer a smart way to capture high definition footage and provide additional protection for colleagues working in a variety of environments with a risk of incident, abuse or other issues that could be detrimental to their safety or welfare.


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Clearway inSite helmet camera
Clearway inSite helmet camera

Always-on protection with Clearway Helmet Mounted Cameras

Clearway, a long-established construction and highways security expert, has developed an advanced range of body-worn technology, including highly functional hard hat cameras suitable for use in multiple scenarios.

Addressing road worker abuse has developed into a key priority over recent years, with rising volumes of incidents due to long-running infrastructure improvements. Equipping teams with hard hat helmet cameras can empower your workforce to record incidents, take action against perpetrators, and implement best-practice support and protection.

Previously, a worker needed several devices for various activities and functions. We’ve combined this safety technology from multiple devices into one helmet camera designed to protect what matters the most – your people.


Clearway helmet cam

Helmet Camera Functionality and Features

Our devices use cutting-edge technology to provide unequalled functionality and ultimate protection for your site/highway workers including:

  • Simultaneous audio and video recording
  • On demand or continuous recording modes
  • A flashlight to increase visibility when you are recording or taking a photo in low light
  • 2-metre drop tested for added durability
  • 30 fps@ (720p/ 1080p) – clear and reliable recording definitions
  • 2x 2500 mAh interchangeable batteries
  • 4G device recording for approximately 8 hours
  • A fast charging time of approximately 2 hours
  • IP66 rated (provides excellent protection against high pressure (12.5mm) water jets.
  • 3G and 4G enabled for wireless capability

Download our datasheet to discover the full range of helmet mounted camera benefits.

Clearway body camera usage

Who uses our hard hat helmet cameras?

Helmet mounted cameras are ideal for high-risk or potentially volatile environments to support:

  • Roadwork and highways repair teams
  • Construction and development sites
  • Security teams and guarding personnel
  • Lone workers and those in remote relocations
  • Public-facing positions

These 5 groups are frequently exposed to personal safety risks and occupational hazards.

Road workers

Hard hat cameras are worn by team members to record their work processes, enabling them to review and improve procedures, as well as document any potential safety violations or incidents. Additionally, the footage can serve as valuable evidence in case of disputes or accidents, aiding in liability assessment

Construction Sites Workers

Helmet cameras enhance overall efficiency and safety for workers on construction sites while providing a valuable resource for project documentation and analysis. These cameras are worn to capture on-site activities, allowing workers to review and refine procedures identify potential hazards, and promote adherence to safety protocols.

Security Teams

Security teams are increasingly using helmet cameras to enhance surveillance, monitoring, and incident management. They capture clear footage to review and optimise security procedures, identify security breaches, and provide evidence in the event of criminal activities or disputes. Our cameras also support better coordination among security personnel and can be integrated with central monitoring systems for live streaming, enabling quicker response to security threats.

Lone Workers

Lone workers are able to record all activities in real time, serving as a vital safety net in case of emergencies or accidents. In situations where immediate assistance may be scarce, the footage can be shared with rescue teams or supervisors, enabling a more rapid and informed response. They can also serve as a means of documenting work progress or critical tasks performed in remote locations, enhancing accountability and providing a valuable resource for post-incident analysis or training.

Public Facing Workers

In general public-facing positions, hard hat-mounted cameras provide a valuable tool for improving service quality and accountability. Law enforcement officers, firefighters, or healthcare workers can document interactions and procedures to ensure adherence to protocols and best practices. They also serve as a means of safeguarding against false accusations or disputes by providing an unbiased record of events.

helmet cam

Combining PPE with Security Surveillance

Our helmet mounted cameras combine PPE equipment with security surveillance, and act as an asset for managers or site supervisors who wish to monitor progress or activities, ensure compliance with site protocols or safety standards and provide always-on back-up where required.

Managers can easily supervise workers, respond to alarm activations, refer to high-quality image captures as evidence, or make informed decisions regarding safety provisions and working protocols. Devices can be integrated into helmets and can even be used as a detachable camera, clipping onto different hard hats for ongoing use or use across sites.

Clearway helmet mounted cameras provide a first-person perspective, which allows inspectors, designers, architects or technical consultants to give feedback, directions, or resolutions to any queries or challenges that emerge during the working day.

hard hat mounted camera monitoring

Up-to-the-minute, high-definition live streaming

Our hard hat helmet cams use inSite technology to provide up-to-the-minute, high definition live streaming to efficiently manage sites and projects as well as provide an additional security layer.

They’re equipped with exceptional functionality and top-of-the-range 1080p recording and 720p live streams, with crisp, clear footage that overcomes traditional issues such as blurry, grainy videos or unidentifiable individuals.

Confidential and sensitive information can be redacted from helmet-cam footage through a digital portal, allowing video assets to be stored without disclosing the identity of individuals or featuring number plates.

hard hat mounted camera

Discreet Compact Wearable Hard Hat Helmet Cameras

A helmet cam must be small and lightweight to ensure a hard hat remains effective and wearable for the duration of the workday without becoming heavy, overheated, or restrictive.

Our hard hat cameras are compact yet contain powerful functionality and technology, with footage transmitted to a secure online portal for approved personnel to:

  • Review past footage
  • Watch real-time events
  • Share footage for training exercises
  • Extract captures of incidents
  • Redact identifying features
Clearway helmet cam surveillance

Full Compliance

Videos can be stored with full GDPR compliance using redaction tools to obscure the identity of individuals or vehicles, shared for training purposes, reviewed to evidence the course of actions, or used to verify how an incident unfolded.

Helmet cam footage can be shared with the emergency services and police where there is a case for prosecution.

Managers also use hard hat cameras to monitor staff efficiency and work progress, assess whether procedures comply with health and safety protocols, and monitor signs of fatigue or other potential issues.

hard hat cameras

Always-On Personal Communication Systems

Hard hat helmet cameras operate as communication devices with two-way voice networks and a broadcast feature. Site managers, colleagues or supervisors can circulate warnings, information, instructions, or updates directly to all team members, even where they are spread out across a broad site.

Worker check-ins are facilitated through discreet yet functional communication features, where operatives can check in, report on their location, or provide updates.

Our trained operators can verify with the wearer their position and status, track them via the location tracker function if necessary, provide live updates about help on the way, and store a snippet of helmet cam video in an evidence locker.

Clearway helmet cam monitoring

Around-the-Clock Hard Hat Helmet Camera Monitoring

Clearway is proud to offer 24/7/365 monitoring through our NSI Gold Cat II accredited Alarm Receiving Centre, with a skilled and efficient team of security responders who can liaise with helmet cam wearers, site managers and the authorities as necessary.

For example, if a hard hat camera picks up an altercation or disturbance, the responders can alert the emergency services, communicate with the wearer, and dispatch security personnel as required.

The centre is fully operational 365 days a year. It monitors a wide range of security assets, including alarm systems, body-worn cameras, CCTV surveillance, alert trackers and lone worker alarm devices.

Our licensed facility can respond to any incident, logging helmet cam footage for future reference and maintaining dialogues with the hard hat camera wearer to advise when a response is due to arrive and steering them through the correct actions to safeguard their welfare in the interim.

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