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Flammable waste removal for retailers

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ShopShield Retail Security
ShopShield Retail Security
Vacant Retail Property protected by ShopShield

Fixed Price Security for Vacant Retail Shops for £399
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Fire is one of the most severe risks to a vacant retail site – and safeguarding against it is a vital component of any retail security strategy.

The outcomes of even small fires in retail settings can be disastrous. Smoke damage, unstable beams, eroded electrical wires, and ash can render a retail premise uninhabitable, often requiring extensive repairs and clearance operations.

Clearway UK offers a professional flammable waste removal service as part of our ShopShield retail security package. Created with years of experience in dealing with threats to empty properties, our service anticipates and deals with all vulnerabilities in a vacant retail site, from exposure to environmental hazards to security patrols and protecting entranceways from illegal access. Read more about our flammable waste removal services below.

Why Flammable Waste Removal is Crucial for Vacant Retail Premises

Almost every commercial rental unit will have flammable waste left behind when the previous tenant vacates the building.

That can include everyday business items, such as:

  • Old post.
  • Waste paper.
  • Packaging.
  • Cardboard boxes.

Unfortunately, these seemingly harmless materials pose a significant hazard as fires can start for many reasons. It is impossible to guarantee that factors such as heat, outdoor temperatures, fumes, and sparks won’t ignite a potentially critical blaze in a vacant property. For empty retail units, there is also potential for arson or fires caused by squatters or vandals.

Vacant units without retail security solutions in place are a common criminal target. Threats include general trespassing, unlawful tenants and opportunist thieves looking for valuable building materials or items left behind. Fires are typical in many of these scenarios and are either started deliberately or accidentally.

Removing flammable materials firstly reduces the chance of fire starting and secondly, nullifies the potential impact of a fire if there are fewer flammable fuel sources available. Removing all flammable waste from the premises is the only sure-fire way to assure minimal opportunities for a fire to take hold.

Every Clearway ShopShield client receives our commercial flammable waste disposal service included in the package to ensure this hazard is mitigated and the waste removed quickly.

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