We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Protecting empty properties in Manchester

Clearway’s Manchester empty property specialists offer comprehensive services, surveillance and physical safeguards to keep sites and properties in the city and across northwest England secure and protected.

By enlisting the services of a reliable security partner to safeguard your empty property through routine inspections and efficient security measures, you can significantly mitigate risks and preserve the value of your asset, ensuring uninterrupted insurance coverage.

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void property security in Manchester
void property security in Manchester

Securing Manchester Void Properties

With almost 20,000 vacant properties recorded in Manchester in the 2021 census, thousands of second homeowners, developers, landlords and inheritors have empty properties or business premises exposed to considerable security risks.

Empty properties can attract unwanted behaviour from illegal entry and theft to squatters and trespassers, devaluing the property, incurring significant costs to repair and restore the building and making it much harder to sell or renovate.

Proactive in Our Approach

Proactive in Our Approach

Reliable in our delivery

Reliable in our delivery

Trusted in our delivery

Trusted in our delivery

Sustainable in our solutions

Sustainable in our solutions

clearway vacant property services

Our Manchester Vacant Property Security Services

As a market-leading nationwide provider of numerous security assets, installations and services, Clearway works with landlords, property investors, public sector organisations, businesses, local councils and private clients to conduct thorough pre-risk site surveys and risk assessments to provide independent recommendations about the best solutions for you.

Regular site visits and inspections reduce the potential for new risks to develop undetected. They can help reduce insurance premiums associated with empty properties while deterring prospective thieves and protecting the value of the asset. Find out more about each of our services below.

Vacant Property Security Doors

Fitting Steel Doors and Security Screens

Steel security doors have impenetrable locks and fixtures, ensuring only authorised visitors and vacant property owners can access an empty Manchester building. Screens fitted around windows and other entry points are perforated and installed with a framing system to preserve the brickwork and frame underneath while creating a physical shield against unwanted intrusions.

We offer short-term steel screen and door hire for elevated periods of risk, where you need to protect a vacant property over a temporary period, or ongoing and long-term hire for empty premises that are likely to remain vacant for some time.

concrete barrier hire from Clearway

Concrete Barrier Hire in Manchester

Concrete blocks are a simple and effective way to prevent vehicles from entering your property, grounds or garden spaces, often fitted with Heras anti-climb and anti-tamper security fencing alongside other assets like telescopic bollards that lower when the owner or approved contractors visit the property.

Blocks can be fitted in any configuration and protect fields, open land, car parks and forecourts from fly-tipping, travellers and other illegal activities while being low-cost and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Clearway inView solar CCTV Tower garden

Solar or Mains-Powered CCTV Towers

CCTV tower surveillance covers large areas of land, perfect for empty properties within remote areas, without mains power supplies or a telephone line, or where gardens, open spaces or woodlands and public footpaths pose a risk that criminals could enter the site undetected.

Clearway provides CCTV towers for temporary and long-term use, with telescopic masts up to six metres high and equipped with weatherproof hi-res cameras capturing digital hi-definition footage transmitted to our dedicated Alarm Receiving Centre for analysis.

temporary alarm Clearway Visually verified camera system

Empty Property Wireless Alarm Systems

In addition to CCTV monitoring or as a standalone safety asset, wireless alarms work with professional battery packs or rechargeable solar batteries, providing the certainty that any break-ins, environmental hazards or forced entry will immediately activate an alarm.

Vacant property alarms can feature anti-jamming technology to prevent the signal from being interrupted and come with routine maintenance and monitoring to ensure any alarm activation is quickly logged, assessed and dealt with.

manned guarding services

Physical Guarding Services in Manchester

Physical guarding is adaptable but can comprise having a guard stationed at a central entry point to your empty property or as a roaming patrol where a certified and uniformed guard provides a visible presence at the property.

All Clearway guards are highly trained and skilled in various security protocols and can be dispatched to business units, corporations, empty warehouses, retail spaces and construction or development sites where high-value tools, equipment and machinery make the area vulnerable to criminal activity overnight.

how are security dogs trained

Manchester K9 Patrols and Dog Units

Security dogs work with accomplished handlers and offer an enhanced level of security for empty properties at elevated risk or where the property sits within a larger plot of land with boundary fencing or unsupervised rear access routes.

K9 patrols are effective and provide a fast diagnosis of suspicious behaviours, where handlers monitor alerts raised by the guarding dog to identify possible issues, investigate, and initiate the appropriate response.

Mobile Patrols

Regular Mobile Patrols for Empty Properties

Mobile patrols are a good alternative to 24/7 physical guarding, where risks increase over the weekends or when the site is unsupervised and unprotected. Security patrol teams follow random patterns to ensure their visits cannot be predicted.

Clearway Property inspections

Void Property Inspection Services

Dealing with a problem at an empty property straight away can mitigate the potential for minor issues such as dampness or an attempted intrusion from spiralling, where qualified inspectors will keep detailed logs and records which vacant property insurers may wish to see.

Inspections include checks on utilities, assessments of the exterior and interior of the property, and reporting on things like security, fly-tipping, build-up of junk mail, water leaks and utility meter readings.

protect vacant property with locks

Open and Lock-Up Services for Vacant Manchester Properties

Open/lock-up services mean that a trained guard will attend your premise as and when you require entrance or to lock the property up correctly behind you. Entering and leaving the building are times of enhanced risk, particularly when criminals may attempt to gain access when security doors have been opened.

Clearway open and lock-up guards can check the property is empty, ensure alarms and CCTV systems have been activated, and act as a backup in the event of an emergency.

what is keyholding services?

Keyholding for Empty Properties

A keyholding service is similar to scheduling a guard to open and lock up a vacant property, with the difference that a guard has access to your site keys and entry codes and can attend on your behalf to investigate an alarm activation.

Clearway inView CCTV Tower and van

Why Choose Clearway for Vacant Property CCTV?

Drawing upon decades of expertise in the management of vacant properties and sites, our consultants possess a wealth of knowledge to provide you with informed decisions about the most suitable CCTV systems, ideal camera placements, and monitoring solutions to effectively safeguard the value of your unoccupied property.

Our dedicated teams extend our support to both private and business clients, including professional landlords and property developers. We offer a comprehensive service from initial guidance through system commissioning and installation, followed by diligent alarm and CCTV monitoring, and regular maintenance.

Should you require any assistance in assessing the most optimal way to protect your site from unlawful entry or unauthorised trespassing, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our team is ready to offer further advice on selecting the CCTV towers that best suit your requirements.

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