We recognise there is a fundamental need to secure your business critical assets, from vacant land, development sites and compounds, to plant, materials and fuel. As a leading provider of sustainable security, we are perfectly positioned to secure, monitor and protect your valuable assets.

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Construction Site Access Control

Controlling access to your construction site is essential for the security of the property, equipment and personnel working on site. By implementing effective access control, you can keep your workers and the public safe, your site secure and avoid the costs of theft and vandalism.

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Site Access Control
Site Access Control

Clearway's site access control solutions include turnstile cabins, manned guards and biometric and keycard readers to ensure only approved personnel are on site. Find out more about our construction site access control solutions below.

Site Access Control

Construction Site Access Control Services

Our site survey and risk assessment will ensure you have a well-rounded site access solution for your construction site. Still, some of the individual features of our access control solution for our construction sites include:

  • Turnstile cabin – This is placed at the entrance to the construction site and includes a manned security office, with a turnstile operated by a guard. This ensures only approved personnel can enter and leave the site, takes away the responsibility from staff to sign in and out, and is insurance approved.
  • Keycard readers – Unique keycards can also be given to workers to present on entry to the site, with keycard readers used at the staffed turnstile to monitor and track access.
  • Biometric access control – This can also be implemented for heightened security and minimises the risk of stolen or false credentials being shown to gain access to the premises. Biometric access control typically takes the form of fingerprint identification before access is granted to proceed onto the site. Biometric access is linked to Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards, making site reporting easier and simpler.
  • The Clearway site control system can provide a range of MI, including car emission reports, ensuring environmental and compliance matters are being adhered to.

All data that is captured as part of site access control is stored and protected in accordance with GDPR requirements, so you can rest assured your security measures are compliant with European data protection regulations.

We also provide three different types of access control, Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC) and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) systems. You can read more about our access control systems here.

Whatever combination of access control you need, we can work with you to design a solution that is easy for all personnel to understand, effective in securing your construction site and works within your budget.

workers carrying out a construction site risk assessment.

Site Survey and Risk Assessment

Following an initial enquiry we will discuss with you your security needs and arrange a no-obligation site survey and quotation. A risk assessment can also be conducted, and from this initial research, we can understand your security requirements in more detail. This will allow us to recommend a site access control solution that is bespoke to your security needs.

From this risk assessment and initial survey, we may additionally recommend other security solutions to enhance your site security if required. This might include CCTV to ensure images are captured of any attempted breach of the site, and to act as a visual deterrent, or open and lock up services to ensure your site is secured by trained security personnel.

NSI alarm monitoring centre

Our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

If you require alarm monitoring as part of your construction site access control solution, when you choose Clearway you will be supported by our Alarm Receiving Centre. Our ARC has been accredited Gold Standard by the UK’s National Security Inspectorate, meaning you will be receiving the very best in alarm monitoring and response.

Our dedicated team of trained security personnel work 24/7, 365 days a year to help keep our clients secure. All alarms are vetted for false alarms before being escalated when an alarm activation is genuine. This could include dispatching security personnel to the scene and notifying emergency services if required.

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Why Clearway?

Clearway has over 20 years experience specialising in bespoke security solutions for construction sites, commercial buildings and major infrastructure projects.

We have been trusted over decades by organisations to keep their premises, property and people secure, and we pride ourselves in offering tailored solutions to all we work with.

We’re dynamic and flexible and can adapt to your requirements throughout a particular project. From our initial consultation and survey into a full risk assessment, we will provide you with concise, expert guidance to ensure your security needs are met immediately and into the future.

With our Gold Standard ARC, you can rest assured you are receiving the best in alarm monitoring and response to protect your organisation, property and personnel.

Speak to our team today about our construction site access control services, or alternatively browse our bespoke security solutions across CCTV hireCCTV maintenancePhysical SecurityElectronic SecurityVacant Property protection and CCTV Monitoring.

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