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Travellers vacate site following Clearway intervention

Travellers vacate site following Clearway intervention
Travellers vacate site following Clearway intervention


One Monday morning, we received a call from a concerned managing agent in relation to travellers illegally occupying their site. This was the first time the client had experienced illegal trespass and was unsure how to proceed. We were contacted on a previous client’s recommendation, due to our extensive experience in the field of Common Law Eviction.


Clearway Enforcement Agents were on-site within two hours of instruction, a site assessment was carried out and we were able to confirm the presence of over fifteen caravans, multiple vehicles, occupants and animals. Due to the size of the illegal encampment, a large-scale operation was needed to ensure the travellers complied with the eviction. The tenant agreed and a unit consisting of enforcement agents and K9 units was swiftly dispatched.

Within two hours of our arrival, a trespass contact was established and after initial resistance and reasonable negotiations, the travellers prepared to vacate.  To minimise damage, the team coordinated the departure as per the clients request and after four hours the site was cleared.

To mitigate the risk of return, we recommended various industry accredited solutions which the client approved. Clearway ensure a locksmith was swiftly deployed to secure all doors and concrete blocks were delivered to secure entry points.


Our client was delighted with the effective solutions we provided, from the enforcement agents and K9 units to the concrete blocks, all of which fundamentally gave them peace of mind.

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